Dec 13

residential apartments in chennai - Home Maintenance Skills

5 Easy Home Maintenance Skills That We All Should Know

To keep a home safe and convenient for dwelling, it has to undergo regular maintenance from time to time. These maintenance jobs might be major in a few cases which require the hands of an expert, but at times it can also be fixed effortlessly by us without the need of a professional.

To ensure that these problems are fixed instantly without spending money, we have to possess certain skill sets which are easy to practice and get a hold of. Here are some of those home maintenance skills which ought to be mastered for someone to take care of minor maintenance requirements:

1. Dealing with leakages:

In the happening of a leakage at home, we should, first of all, know where the water supply to the leaking conduits is. After identifying the same, it is quite easy to shun the water supply to the pipe at fault. It is important to know where the main water supply valve is present in the home. Here are the 5 causes of roof leaks to check on. This supply should be turned off before undertaking any minor plumbing works. Flagging this turned off valve is also of importance, because sometimes we forget which one we turned off for initiating the repair.

2. Minor plumbing:

It is better to learn some minor plumbing repair works so as to attend them at times of emergency and unexpected hindrance. We need not go all out and learn everything about plumbing. For example, something like a clogged drain in the home can be taken care of quite easily with chemicals that are available in hardware stores. The Loose connection between various conduits and minor leakages can also be attended by us at home.

3. Air conditioner maintenance:

Air conditioners require regular light maintenance works which need not require the hands of a professional. We don’t have to handle the wiring and the machinery part, but we can easily clear the accumulated dirt on the filter mesh of the appliance. Detaching this filter is quite easy and the dirt can be cleared by washing or using a brush. If the filter is washed, it should be dried properly before attaching back to the appliance. Cleaning this is one of the important maintenance actions for air conditioners and I do it by myself all the time for the air conditioners in my apartments in Pallavaram Radial Road.

4. Drilling nails for hanging:

Nailing on the walls to hang framed pictures or paintings is another easy job that needs no carpentry skills. Drilling and nailing walls take two minutes and it can be done effortlessly with steady hands. The only thing that we require would be the right tools to do the job. Optimum level for inserting the nail into the wall should be identified before starting the job. There are even apps on the internet to guide us through these minor processes.

5. Handling circuit trips:

With the growing fluctuation in power discharge into the homes and overuse of the electricity, circuit trips happen most often in our homes. These circuit trips can be taken care of easily with nothing but a flashlight for visibility. At first, heavy power-sucking appliances should be turned off for safety. A Circuit board that regulates the power supply to the home should be identified and opened. Commonly, we would see that one of the switches on the board would be in the “off” position. The power can be brought back on with a simple flip of that switch. If it is hard to identify which ones are on and which ones are off, we could switch off all the circuits and turn them back again one by one.