10 Tips to upgrade your house to a monsoon friendly

October 26, 2020

Monsoon is an exciting season for sure, the rustic smell of the soil before the rain, the cool breeze of air, or the sight of the tiny droplets of rain that pour down, when enjoyed from the balcony sipping a cup of hot tea is a pleasurable experience. However there are some challenges that monsoon throws at us. Be it the leaking walls or the unchecked drains that clog or the electrical wires in the damp walls that short circuit, features that can be well avoided with some careful planning and execution before the onset of monsoon.

Plan a Pre-monsoon examination of your house and ensure that you address these points


perform a thorough examination of the roof, terrace (if you reside in the topmost floor of your apartment complex or own a villa), locate all the leakages, apply sealant and provide a waterproof coating for all. Sometimes water from the leaks in the roof and terrace can seep into the walls and make them moist and the paint would peel off, hence it is essential that you fix the leakages thoroughly before the monsoon and ensure that the waterproof coating dries before it. If budget permits waterproof coating of the entire terrace/roof is definitely preferred.

Drainage system:

Ensure that the drainage system at home is clear of blockages, a regular de-clog routine every week is essential for this. Ensure that the drains in the terrace are cleaned to avoid dirt, garbage and dried leaves in case u have a terrace garden. Clogged drains in the terrace will result in rain water accumulating in the roof which can seep in through the finest of leaks in the roof. If necessary you can get a plumber inspect the drains at home to detect and fix leaks.

Electric Connections & Fittings:

inspect all the electrical connections at home to ensure there are no loose/exposed wired or damaged/rusted fittings. When you find one or have the slightest of doubts, get a qualified electrician to inspect and fix it immediately. Cover all the electrical fittings that are outside, example those in the balcony or terrace, and that can be exposed to water, exposed ones can explode when water falls on them, a potentially dangerous situation.


It is best to plan all your painting activities of the house well before the monsoon. It is advised to paint the exterior and interior of the house once every 5-6 years, so that the building is maintained well and is protected from wearing out due to weather. A waterproof coating is preferred for the exterior, i.e. the roof and the outer walls, as it acts as a protective layer and prevents rain water from seeping through the walls

Doors & Windows:

Wooden doors and windows will absorb moisture and swell up during monsoon. So remember to paint them or provide a sheet of protective sheet to prevent this. Remember to repaint your balcony grills, for unpainted ones rust and become weak, due to atmospheric moisture during this season.

Pre-emptive Pest Control:

Insects breed during this moist season and is of serious health concerns. Perform a complete pest control activity to stop the breeding of mosquitos, flies and also the potentially highly harmful termites. Termites when untreated can completely erode the walls, wooden fixtures and damage the very foundation of the house.

Furniture care:

A proper coat of varnish and other appropriate furniture care routine will ensure that the furniture at home stay fine during this season. Dampness at home can result in growth of fungus. A property treatment will prevent this and ensure the sheen of the furniture at home.

Ventilation & Sunlight:

Ensure that there is ample ventilation at home and adequate exposure to Sunlight. It would be a better idea to have an additional set of curtains that are little light and also less expensive. Light curtains would allow sunlight to come in and also be easy to maintain during this season. Moist houses would have an unpleasant odour and also have a bad odour.


Remember to place a few camphor balls or any other insect repellent in your wardrobe to keep silverfishes and other insects at bay. Your expensive clothes in your wardrobe should be put out in sunlight before monsoon to keep them clean and shiny

Tending to Garden

Remember to mow your lawn, prune your plants before the onset of garden. Keep your indoor plants outside each morning, so that they get enough sunlight and also some showers and bring them in during night.

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