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Apartments in Chennai - ways to spice up your rental kitchen

4 Effortless ways to spice up your rental kitchen

The most common issue every tenant feels is that they don’t get to revamp their rental spaces as they desire. With the frequent switching of rental spaces limits them from redecorating the place. Moreover, tenants are restricted to revamping or redecorating the rental space in most of the apartments in Chennai and other parts of India. Fortunate are those who buy individual houses of their own and redo as how they want their place to be.

In fact, the most used room of any house is the kitchen. This room is prone to high foot traffic as you cook on an average of three times in a day and expecting the space to be comfortable is an acceptable thought of any tenant. With limits surrounding in the renting life, you can still decorate your kitchen as you want without revamping the structure. Here are a few possible ways to spice up your rental kitchen feel like home by adding some personality.

1. Create your own colour scheme

Creating an organized colour scheme builds the aesthetic beauty of the kitchen naturally. This is one of the easiest way to put all together. Rather than painting the whole kitchen with one single colour, try to match the personal items such that it coordinates with each other. Creating a cohesive colour scheme can make the kitchen feel homey rather than the usual rental one. For instance, match up the colours of the stools to the plates and glassware in the kitchen. If you want a black colour scheme, then try to coordinate the colours of the equipments in the kitchen. This creates a well-organized view effortlessly. Rather, focusing on the small hues and shades and matching up accordingly makes a wonderful colour scheme which is irreplaceable by painting. You can concentrate on tiny parts of the kitchen and match up can create a detailed and finest kitchen interior ever!

2. Attractive furniture is the way

Furniture adds some visual interest to the interior design of the kitchen. You may have to buy a few pieces if you live in the semi or unfurnished rental apartments. Besides the ornamental decoration, including unique and attention-grabbing furniture to the kitchen can really appear appealing. Make a statement with bold and unified colour scheme furniture and create a focal point. If you cannot match the colours to the interiors of the kitchen, then play safe by coordinating shapes. Out the regular geometric shaped furniture, try something interesting pieces with shapely curves and elegant designs. If possible, coordinate at least two hues in the kitchen such that it doesn’t look out of place.

3. Layer the floor with a rug

Adding a rug to a rental kitchen adds an additional protection by layering the floor space. Rather than going through a series of flooring options, try to sketch out the best rug possible for your rental kitchen. However, it is impossible to revamp the floors as you have limits being a tenant. Instead, pick the rug of a proper size and colour that matches the scheme you’ve created with colours and furniture already. This improves the aesthetic view of the kitchen by half. Rugs can improve the appearance of the kitchen which most of the decorative ways fail to do.

4. Match with the wall art

The kitchen is no exception in the list of rooms to include a wall art. Choose a wall art that reflects your personality and taste. Include a wall art in the kitchen that imparts your character and choices to boost the charisma of the kitchen. Try something of a piece that connects with the colour scheme you desire to have. You can either hang or place it in the existing shelve to make a gallery wall art if you are living in spacious apartments.

Rental spaces are the places you pay for; making it homey is completely your personal choice. Hope these ways can help you improve the interiors of your rental kitchen that transforms homier and feel like it’s yours. Add a bit of your own creativity and innovativeness to make the best out of the space and transform your rental space into one of those luxury Gated community villas in OMR you dream of.


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