Achieving Financial Stability via Real Estate: Savings Roadmap

October 25, 2023

What is the best definition of financial stability? Though this would vary from person to person, a broader perspective would have it this way – “Having resources to meet the regular expenses in a comfortable way that leaves one with a little surplus fund, and also have measures in place to meet the impending future expenses which includes provisions for the expected and emergency situations”. 

Putting it in a straightforward way and in layman’s terms it will be to have funds to meet out the regular monthly expenses of the household and also have resources planned towards future expenses which includes foreseeable situations like the education of children, their travel for higher studies, their marriage and sudden development like medical emergencies for the elders at home, etc. 

Here we would explore on how your investment in real estate gives you the financial stability to handle these short term and long term financial requirements- 

Financial prudence and planning 

Financial prudence is defined as efficient management of one’s financial resources in a way that helps them achieve their long-term financial goal. Hence, the first step would be to have a financial goal, and what better goal than to become a proud homeowner! So, when one has this goal set in their mind, financial planning and prudence starts from there. Right from planning the monthly EMI to mobilizing funds for the down payment, activities streamline in a direction that ensures careful utilization of available funds, expense management and hence both short term benefits and long term financial stability. 

Source of regular income  

Real estate property in thriving locations like the trendy apartments for sale near OMR generate excellent income in the form of rent. The IT corridor is home to innumerable IT hubs and offers employment to lacs of professionals in the city, hence there is continuous demand for quality residential spaces here and an investment in any of the futuristic gated community apartments along this stretch is sure to yield regular rental income. Right from studio apartments which are ideal for young professionals to 2 BHK and 3 BHK homes in OMR which are suitable for families, as this stretch is filled with reputed schools and colleges, there are a wide range of investment opportunities each of which generates steady rental income.


Dependability of a financial investment in the eye of changing and fluctuating global markets is a key factor to consider before investing. Real estate investment creates a tangible asset unlike the intangible assets like stocks and bonds. It is also not influenced by volatile world political scenarios, hostile war-like situations between countries, and the fluctuating oil and gold prices. Real estate has a clear hedge against inflation. If one has to choose a reliable and safe investment option, it would definitely be real estate.

After the pandemic, the need and the desire to own a house of their own has seen tremendous increase amongst all, more so, among the millennials and Gen Z, and real estate has unanimously emerged as their right choice of safe investment.

High appreciation of investment 

While safety of investment is of great importance, the scope for appreciation of the investment is also a crucial factor. And, investments in premium gated community plots in emerging suburbs like Oragadam have proved to be the best choice in this regard. Available at a very nominal and easily accessible price and located in a place that has excellent scope of appreciation owing to the presence of many industries in the belt, these plots yield excellent returns in short tenure. With clear documentation, DTCP approval and an excellent infrastructure they make for a safe and highly yielding investment.


In the process of homebuying one transforms from an individual with no grip on the regular expenses, to a financially prudent individual who is aware, plans and carefully allocates and manages funds to buy their dream home or plot. This financial transformation gives the individual not just good returns in the form of rent, but also excellent Tax savings and guaranteed High ROI. Real estate has time and again proved to be the safest, reliable and highly yielding investment. 

Visit the promising new Real estate projects in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad and choose the home that meets your expectations. It is the safest and the most reliable investment that would secure your & your family’s future. 

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