Jan 30

Alliance Group Commits Rs.9500 Cr. (1.34 Billion USD) Investment at Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet 2019

Alliance Group, one of the leading real estate developers in the country has committed itself, to augmenting the phenomenal growth of residential real estate, commercial properties and IT Parks in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and signed an MOU to this effect in the just concluded Tamil Nadu Global Investors Meet 2019 (TNGIM).

The MOU was signed with “Tamil Nadu Industrial Guidance and Promotion Bureau”, for a whopping Rs.9,488 Cr. (1.34 Billion USD) to develop homes for all home buyers, cutting across income groups and generate employment directly and indirectly. In return, the Govt. of Tamil Nadu will offer facilitation to Alliance, in obtaining infrastructure support like power supply, water etc. and also provide expeditious approvals to its projects. This investment would also spur job growth in the various allied industries related to housing development.

Mr. Suneel Bommireddy, Vice-chairman of the Group has inked the MOU with the Honorable Chief Minister Edapadi Palanisamy, making it the largest such deal in Chennai’s history. This is a mile stone event in the annals of Alliance Group and reinforces its commitment to the Chennai market.

“This is a proud moment for the Alliance Group, as the Honorable Chief Minister Edapadi Palanisamy was personally there to sign the MOU with us. Out of eight companies invited to the podium, Alliance Group happens to be the only company from the real estate industry to have been honored with the Chief Minister’s grand gesture” said Mr. Suneel Bommireddy.

Alliance Group over the last 14 years has emerged as a trusted and top provider of housing solutions in Chennai, with over 5000+ happy customers and projects covering all of Chennai (Korattur/Anna nagar, Kelambakkam, Pallavaram, Oragadam, Padur, Siruseri, Thirumazhisai, Guduvanchery). This MOU is seen as evidence of Alliance rededicating itself to the Chennai market directly, and its unfazed belief in contributing to Tamil Nadu governments’ efforts in regaining the top position and glory in the state GDP rankings in the country.

“From the days that East India Company was operating in Madras, the city has shaped into an industrialized city and that has propelled Tamil Nadu into top 3 states of the country in GDP growth, consistently. However, over the last decade, the GDP growth rate has slowed down, and to put the economy back on track and solve the ever-increasing urban demand for housing, such significant investments in the Real Estate industry are essential and Alliance group has taken the lead to invest heavily in Chennai. Investments in Real estate industry will directly spur growth in over 160 industries such as cement, steel, tiles,
doors and paints and would have indirect growth effect on 370 industries including limestone, plastics, clay and pigments. We are committed to Chennai and its growth”, stated Mr. Manoj Sai Namburu, CMD, Alliance.

The specific aim of Alliance projects that is already grounded, is to provide living spaces that fit all sizes, prices without compromising on location, quality and amenities.

First time home eligible buyers also have the option of aspiring for home ownership by leveraging direct benefits under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) and income tax benefits under 80 IBA (Housing for All) clause. The 50,000 aspirational homes planned under Alliance Group’s Urbanrise brand would be a perfect choice for any home buyer as they are deemed to be “fast moving” and “easy to rent” – properties complete with all the modern amenities on par with any luxury home when it comes to the urban life style.

According to Honorable Chief Minister Edapadi Palanisamy “The second edition of the Global Investor meet which was held in Chennai on January 23 and 24 was a huge success, as it witnessed phenomenal investments to the tune of Rs.3.4 Lakh Cr. (47.9 Billion USD) cutting across many sectors. The second edition even surpassed first edition of TNGIM held in 2015.

Here is to a great year ahead for Chennai and its citizens!

apartments for sale - Why 2 BHK Is Always Preferable

Oct 3

8 Reasons Why 2 BHK Is Always Preferable

Buying a house is always a dream of everyone. And with the easy availability of home loans the youngsters are buying their dream house the very moment when they get a job. But, for the first time buyer, the dilemma appears when they started thinking how many rooms house would be better -1 BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK.

The well known real estate company like Alliance; answer this question by making more numbers of 2 BHK flats for sale than 1 BHK or 3 BHK. So, you can assume that if the supply is provided more, then it is only because of the high demand.

Let’s quickly get into the following reasons why in India, most of the people prefer to invest in 2 BHK flat other than 3 BHK.

1. The 2 BHK Flats are Easy to Get:

As said earlier, if you find any multi storey gated community apartments in Chennai, there will be mostly 2 BHK apartments in it. So, the time spend in searching is comparatively lesser when compared with studio apartment or 3/4 BHK apartment. Once you are sure with your location and budget, search for the flats for sale nearby definitely you will get many 2 BHK options to look for.

2. Future Reliable:

Yes, it is true that if you are a bachelor now or even if you are a newlywed couple then a 1BHK flat would be fine for you. But having an extra room can be a security for your future kids. Till then you can use it for other purposes.

3. More resale value:

As the demands are quite high, the resale value is always greater than invested. The percentage of profit is obviously depends upon the location and demand of the area, but getting a profit is for sure.

4. Affordable:

The main reason for going for 1 BHK is the less cost, but trust me that cost spend there, will be more useful than a future regrets. There are many builders who are making affordable houses for the clients to attract them. You can buy these houses or choose from an outskirt area where the houses are cheaper.

The buying a house is a lifetime investment. Usually we do by taking a loan and paying the EMI on a monthly basis. If you are going for a 2 BHK instead of 1 BHK, it won’t affect you much on the monthly installment basis as you are not paying the whole amount at once.

5. Rent:

Even if you do not want to sell your property you can just keep it in rent to get extra income. The opportunity of finding a tenant for a 2 BHK is easy. And the return on investment is also very high.

6. Space:

The size of a 2BHK flat varies from building to building. Even if the size of your 2BHK is equal to the 1 BHK of some other building still, the extra wall in between will do a lot for you. You can use of that space by making it any other room like home office, guest room, study room, etc.

7. Maintenance:

The size of the apartment and the amenities offered defines the maintenance cost of the house. Hence, 2 BHK flat will provide sufficient space for your living with the comparatively lower maintenance cost than 3 BHK.

8. Documentation:

The documentation for a 2 BHK flat is almost similar to 3 BHK or 1 BHK. So, you will not find it very difficult even if you change your mind. But if you already bought a 1 BHK flat, then to buy a 2 BHK flat in order to increase your space will take the same procedure.


Develop A kitchen Garden - Flats for sale

Sep 24

Develop A kitchen Garden – A Step By Step Guide

Thinking of growing a kitchen garden in your residential apartments in Chennai? Great start to make the urban environment a healthier and more productive place to live in. You can grow your own fresh and organic vegetables and fruits. And get rid of all kinds of pesticides and hybrid edibles available in the market.

1. Choose your plant:

It is good to select what plant or at least what type of plant are you going to grow (fruit/vegetable), it will help you in all the steps. Every plant is different from one or the other reason so, once it is selected do a little research and learn about the special care it may need.

2. Choose your pot:

The choice of pots is up to the types of vegetable or fruits you want to grow and also on how much space you have. Do research on the plant you are growing before finalizing anything. There are many different shaped pots and bags which you can use. The bigger the plant size, the bigger would be the pot to give it an appropriate amount of nutrients and have a longer life.

3. Prepare your Post:

Plants growing in pots need a fertile and nutritious soil. You can use readily available pot mix from market or you can prepare it by yourself. The medium for planting is soil + cocopeat + Vermicompost or manure. You need to mix the powdered bricks with soil, gravel, fertilizer and vermicompost. With that you can add hydrogel crystals to absorb excess water.

gated community apartments in Chennai

4. Preparing Seedlings:

First sundry your seed for weeks and then sow it on a seed tray. After the leaves grow in germination transplant it in a separate pot. Some vegetables like melon and squash do not transplant, therefore we should plant it only once.

You can skip this step by directly purchasing a plant from the plant.

apartments for sale

5. Plantation:

Plant it in a moist soil on a cloudy day or evening. And make sure you plant it at the right depth, then firm the plants in and water to settle the soil around the roots.

6. Care for kitchen Vegetable Garden

After planting, you need to nurture the plant.

  • Water the plant in every morning
  • Use fertilizer and organic pesticides
  • Make sure they get good sunlight (5 hrs a day)
  • Get a liquid feed, seaweed solution tonic
  • Your plant leaves should face north
  • Monitor and check your plant to prevent any kind of harm.
  • Are the leaves lustrous and firm or soft, discoloured or crinkled?
  • Are there any swollen parts of the stems?
  • Check the soil for moisture, and do a quick pH test.
  • Are there any signs of deficiencies or pests?
  • Organically Protecting them from pests
7. Ways to protect & get rid of mealy bugs/aphids naturally:
  • Spraying the water with force and sprinkling cinnamon
  • Pluck and throw the spoiled leaves from your kitchen garden.
  • Use Neem oil
  • Keep the plants under the sun.
  • Spray every two weeks with Eco Oil (or a homemade equivalent) to prevent most pests.


apartments for sale in Chennai - Advantages of Vertical Garden

Sep 18

14 Advantages of Vertical Garden- A green trend

Is your love for gardening is fading away due to limited space in your high rise apartment? Do not worry!!! Vertical gardening can be the solution for your problem. Even many companies are investing in vertical garden for its aesthetic, physiological, economical and environmental benefits. This type of gardening is also suitable for multi-storey gated community apartments in Chennai, which is very common in metro cities.

If you are still not convinced with the idea, here are the 14 reasons why you should go for it!

1. Save Your Space:

As already said nowadays most of us do not have outdoor spaces to go for a garden, people are living in an apartment and could give only a limited area of their balcony for gardening, and hence they should be very creative to use it at its maximum.
A vertical garden uses a very limited space for planting, you can have piles of plant vertically arranged one by one or hanging one above the other. You just need to take care that the plants are getting proper sunlight.

2. Keeping your Diversity of plants:

You can even experiment with growing diversity of plants like decorative and vegetable plants row by row to give aesthetic to the garden. Comparatively the vertical garden is easier to grow and maintain as well.

3. Safe way of gardening:

The plants are grown off the ground which minimizes the risk of pest. It also protects the plant from damage due to pets which dig up the outdoor gardens.

You can also check How to Start a Vegetable Garden in your Flat? to start your green day as easily.

4. A Protective Shield:

Everybody knows that plants absorbs pollutants and harmful compounds, so when we grow plants vertically in compact way, it acts as a protective shield and gives you a pure environment to breath in.

5. Insulate your building:

Your green living wall do not only absorbs the air pollutant but also the heat, noise, harsh weather and UV rays. It regulates temperature through transpiration and gives you cooling.

6. Easy to maintain:

Vertically arranged Plants are easy to reach – makes fertilising, watering, pruning and harvesting are also convenient.

7. Gives you privacy:

You can grow your green wall outside windows or a little far from the door but to keep it hidden from the outsider and also it gives you shades from the sunlight out and privacy from the passerby.

8. Living room divider:

You can grow a vertical garden on wheeled container and keep it indoor as a beautiful & attractive room divider. This wheeled container will help you to move the garden to the sunlight as needed.

9. Reuse your wastes:

This type of green architecture can be easily made by the use of recycle materials such as plastic bottles, old shoe organizers, broken ladder, basket, shoe, can etc.,

10. Grow More kinds of Plants:

You can actually increase the varieties of the plant by adding the climbers including cucumbers, tomatoes and melons downside of the garden and the small plant varieties to the top of it.

11. Poor quality soil? Don’t worry:

If you have poor quality soil in your garden there is no need to go for cost wasting treatment to grow your garden, you can always opt for vertical gardening with the use of appropriate good quality soil.

12. A healthy vegetation:

In vertical gardening the plan gets more exposure of sunlight and air circulation as it grows upwards, which results in a healthy garden.

13. Plants reduce stress:

Many studies have found the Physiological effect of Plants in reducing the physical signs of stress and promote access to vegetation for having a greater positive human health impact.

14. Aesthetic Visual appeal:

Vertical gardens are ivy on the wall. You can incredibly transform the wall or any empty space into something aesthetically pleasing and creatively stimulating by vertical gardening. It can be used in making green wall, or gate decoration, or hangings basket or window boxers, whatever it may be it gives a soothing natural beauty and makes a great impact on the visualize. These helps you to turn your apartment into a luxury villas which you always desire for.

Some of the widely grown ornamental plant or houseplant:

Song of India, Sword Fern, Ribbon grass, Wedding Vine, Begonia Peace Lilies, Purple heart, Croton, Spider plant, Asparagus etc.,