Dec 24

Brilliant Christmas Decoration ideas for a great Christmas.

Christmas Celebrations in 2020 would be different from the earlier years owing to the on-going Pandemic. With restrictions on travel, social gatherings, parties, the festival cannot be celebrated as it was earlier. The usual crowd and glitter in the shopping malls, theatres and parks are missing and one cannot indulge in a shopping spree fearing the Pandemic. However, all this does not take away the Sheen of this festive season, if we can bring the Cheer and the festive fever in our homes with little imagination and out of the box thinking. Here are some Christmas decoration ideas for home, simple yet effective ways to bring the Christmas spirit home

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Nov 21

Important Checklist to know before buying a land or plot

Your land is your dream, an investment made by saving little by little over a period of time. So it is important that you check all the required documents at the time of buying your land to ensure that you buy your land with all the necessary approvals in place, with no litigation or legal dispute related to it. Here’s a checklist of the necessary documents
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Jul 27

Gated Community Amenities : How landscaping adds value to your home

Enhance Your Quality of Life, Property Value and Appreciation with good landscaping

Landscaping is a very important and efficient way to increase your property’s value. The first impression counts, especially when it comes to your property; vast stretches of well-planned and maintained lush green lawns, perfectly landscaped avenues, rows of beautiful flowering trees, a beautiful water body or a fountain in the middle of the lawn, greatly improves your property’s curb appeal and its overall value. Be it  apartments in Chennai or gated community villas in chennai, a beautiful landscape architecture completely transforms a property’s demand and appeal, it is an indication of the care the developer has taken to develop the property and is an indication of the beauty that would lie inside. 

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Jun 29

Where Can I Buy Luxury Flats in South Chennai?

Choose Your Luxury flat in South Chennai in the ideal Residential Location Pallavaram

One of the most sprawling localities in South Chennai that is the most preferred to buy luxury flats is, Pallavaram. Well connected to Railway Stations, Bus Stands and Chennai International Airport, luxury apartments in this part of South Chennai makes for the ideal residences offering all the facilities for comfortable living like supermarkets, markets, hospitals, clinics, malls, schools, colleges and universities, banks and ATMs. Pallavaram has been the preferred location over many years, while its established connectivity, infrastructure are some contributing features, its calm, quiet, and serene environment being the others. Investors over the years have always sought this locality as it draws regular rental income and also guarantees a very good appreciation of the asset. Read More


May 13

Alliance, Always Ahead

We at Alliance are happy and proud to share with you that this Lockdown period from 24 March 2020 has only strengthened our bond with our esteemed Clients. Our Customer relations team and Sales team have strived relentlessly to continuously maintain communication with you. They have regularly shared the developments from and details of various lockdown period offers, and so on. This communication channel has earned the faith of our esteemed customers and resulted in 182 new sales during this lockdown period, a testimony of the bond and faith we have developed with you over these years. Read More

Apr 25

Alliance rolls out attractive Lockdown offers for its clients

The present financial instability across the globe has raised serious concerns about the safety and security of the different investment options available. Crashing stock markets, fluctuating gold prices and some banks going bust are giving investors nightmares and fear regarding the safety of their investments. The best investment option during these uncertain times is definitely investing in a REAL ASSET – Real Estate. It is safe, secure and also guarantees good appreciation and higher returns.  Individuals looking for the right investment option and home seekers on the lookout for their dream home have reasons to rejoice as their quest would come to a happy ending during this lockdown period.
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Apr 11

India Battles COVID19

COVID-19 has affected most of the Indian states and current statistics are provided here:


Covid India As On: 11 April 2020, 08:00 GMT+5:30


Active Cases:  6565   Cured/Discharged: 642    Migrated: 1     Deaths: 239

(Statistics as per –


State Total Confirmed Cured/Discharged/Migrated Deaths
Andhra Pradesh 348 6 4
AndamanNicobar 11 0 0
Bihar 39 0 1
Chandigarh 18 7 0
Chhattisgarh 10 9 0
Delhi 720 25 12
Goa 7 0 0
Gujarat 241 26 17
Haryana 169 29 3
Himachal Pradesh 18 2 1
J & K 158 4 4
Karnataka 181 28 5
Kerala 357 96 2
Ladakh 15 10 0
MP 259 0 16
Maharashtra 1364 125 97
Manipur 2 1 0
Mizoram 1 0 0
Odisha 44 2 1
Puducherry 5 1 0
Punjab 101 4 8
Rajasthan 463 21 3
Tamil Nadu 834 21 8
Telangana 442 35 7
Uttarakhand 35 5 0
Uttar Pradesh 410 31 4
West Bengal 116 16 5
Assam 29 0 0
Jharkhand 13 0 1
Arunachal Pradesh 1 0 0
Tripura 1 0 0


Government Measures to counter the Pandemic


Indian Government had directed all the 30 States and UTs to go for a Complete Lockdown till April 14th to stop the wild spread of COVID-19. This has played a large part in containing the community spread of the disease. Many states have opted for an extension of this Lockdown at least till April End. 


Relief Measures rolled out – 


Government of India has earmarked a relief package worth Rs. 1.7 lakh crore to be used for the benefit of the needy during this critical situation. This relief package would aid close to 80 crore people during this lockdown situation.  This includes insurance cover upto Rs 50 lakh for people working in healthcare for the next three months.  Under the Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan Yojana the beneficiaries will receive five kg of rice/wheat for a period of three months.


The Tamil Nadu Government has rolled out many schemes like distribution of free ration (cereals, pulses, sugar, and cooking oil) during the month of April 2020 to all ration card householders, cash payment of Rs. 1,000 for each ration card and many more. Apart from this the Government has identified needy sections of the society like families of Migrant workers, auto rickshaw drivers, construction workers, registered payment hawkers, etc., for receiving Rs 1,000 and also 15 kgs of rice, 1 kg of dal, and free cooking oil. Government has also made arrangements to deliver cooked food to the elderly and the destitute. Amma Canteens in different parts of the city function efficiently to provide quality food to benefit the diners. 


Strict protocols for Hospitals handling COVID19 patients 


Right from the transportation of COVID19 suspects/patients to the hospitals using designated ambulances to their treatment, there are strict protocols that have been imposed by the Government. Only designated ambulances can transport the patients and they are thoroughly disinfected  and isolation wards/rooms are set up for treatment of the patients. All the health care professionals handling the patients wear adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to minimize the risk of infection. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) has laid out specific guidelines for Isolation, Quarantine, treatment and subsequent discharge of patients. 


The Role of a Responsible Citizen


The Success of the Government measures in fighting this pandemic lies in the hands of the nation’s Citizen. As responsible citizens – 

  • One should report to the Government agency in case of Recent International Travel (reached India after Januray2020), and self-quarantine for the specified period.
  • One should Chose to Stay at Home and Stay Safe
  • Wear a Mask & Ensure Social Distancing at times while stepping out of home to acquire essential commodities. 
  • On Experiencing symptoms of Cold one Should 
  • Self-quarantine and stay away from other family members. 
  • Take adequate rest, consume plenty of fluids and keep warm
  • Should seek immediate medical help on experiencing symptoms such as Throat infection, Fever, Body Pain and difficulty in breathing. These symptoms should not be neglected and immediate medical help is mandatory.


The Real Heroes in the time of Disaster – 


The battle against COVI19 has brought the real heroes of the Nation to the fore. Health care professionals like doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers and all hospital support staff provide their service round the clock to ensure quality health care to all the needy.  Bank employees work in shifts and provide the vital service to ensure adequate cash flow exists with people in times of need. Sanitation workers, Delivery executives, essential suppliers like Pharmacists, grocers work braving many odds to ensure people a smooth, safe and secure living in this hour of crisis. Responsible citizens of the nation play a crucial part in this battle as they help contain the spread of this infection by choosing to stay home and play their part.


Sep 21

Alliance Group CMD Awarded the Global Indian of the Year 2018-19 for Real Estate


Mr. Manoj Namburu was honoured with the “Global Indian of the Year 2018-19” on September 16th, 2019. The award function was held in Mumbai at Hotel Taj Lands’ End in the presence of the Who’s Who from across various sectors of industries from 20 GCC Countries.

Alliance Group CMD Real estate award 2018-19

Codename Independence Day

Aug 17

Urbanrise launches Codename Independence Day on 17th, August 2019

Chennai gets Independence from Paying High Rents, Lack of Amenities & Poor Quality Construction

Having successfully launched the first two towers under Codename Million Carats at Padur, Urbanrise now launches the next two towers under the name of Codename Independence Day. The theme of this project launch at Padur is to get the Chennaites Independence from paying high rents, lack of amenities and poor quality homes.

Codename Independence Day is the answer to every aspiring homebuyer to own an apartment whose EMIs are lesser than the rent that they are currently paying.

Independence from the lack of amenities by living in these apartments with plenty of world-class amenities. It includes a 20,000 sq.ft clubhouse, swimming pool, basketball court, gym, multipurpose hall, children’s play area, indoor games and an 11,000-sq.ft retail arcade for all shopping needs. Urbanrise presents the true Independence by providing everything at the doorstep with Codename Independence Day, i.e. apartments with convenience.

Not only the affordable EMIs & plethora of amenities makes the project special but also its quality of construction turns the apartments into a prestigious project to buy in Chennai.

These apartments are constructed using the revolutionary MIVAN technology that stands as an example for durability & quality. Another advantage of MIVAN is its smooth finish and preventing the water seepage gives a damp-free living for lifetime.

“The best of all, is its price, starting from just 17.01 Lacs onwards.”

Urbanrise Codename Independence Day is built on an area covering 12.92 acres of land over 70% open space, awesome landscaping and 24*7 security makes this project a greenery filled secured gated community.

Codename Independence Day comes with easy accessibility and connectivity to IT Parks and Corporate hubs, Educational institutions, Hospitals, Bus stops, Proposed Metro Rail, Shopping Malls and Entertainment Hubs.

The project is popular for its location as it is being  developed at Padur right next to Chettinad Health City and is just 4 KM away from Siruseri SIPCOT, Asia’s largest IT Park and other IT Hubs like TCS, CTS, Polaris, and ETA Tech Park are close by.

Some of the best educational institutes like Chettinad Medical Institute, Hindustan University, Anand Institute, SSN College, and Dr. Ambedkar College are situated within 2 to 15 mins from the project. On the health front , Chettinad Health City, Life Line hospital, Supreme hospital, Madhura hospital and Vision hospital are nearby.

On the whole, this project is a right mix of Awesome Location, International Quality Design & Construction, World-class Amenities, Vaastu Compliant and the Best Pricing.


About Urbanrise

Urbanrise is a subsidiary of Alliance Group which is found by a visionary team of young and passionate experts from the Real Estate Industry. Urbanrise is a promising Real Estate Brand emerging across South India with a vision to develop One Million Homes for the “Aspiring Class” in India. Their aim is to be the Torch Bearer of the ‘Housing for All by 2022’ initiative of the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs with the aspiration to deliver well-planned gated communities with quality homes built with a space-saving design and the MIVAN technology, to suit the needs of the rising Urban Markets.


apartments for sale - Why 2 BHK Is Always Preferable

Oct 3

8 Reasons Why 2 BHK Is Always Preferable

Buying a house is always a dream of everyone. And with the easy availability of home loans the youngsters are buying their dream house the very moment when they get a job. But, for the first time buyer, the dilemma appears when they started thinking how many rooms house would be better -1 BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK.

The well known real estate company like Alliance; answer this question by making more numbers of 2 BHK flats for sale than 1 BHK or 3 BHK. So, you can assume that if the supply is provided more, then it is only because of the high demand.
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Develop A kitchen Garden - Flats for sale

Sep 24

Develop A kitchen Garden – A Step By Step Guide

Thinking of growing a kitchen garden in your residential apartments in Chennai? Great start to make the urban environment a healthier and more productive place to live in. You can grow your own fresh and organic vegetables and fruits. And get rid of all kinds of pesticides and hybrid edibles available in the market.

1. Choose your plant:

It is good to select what plant or at least what type of plant are you going to grow (fruit/vegetable), it will help you in all the steps. Every plant is different from one or the other reason so, once it is selected do a little research and learn about the special care it may need.

2. Choose your pot:

The choice of pots is up to the types of vegetable or fruits you want to grow and also on how much space you have. Do research on the plant you are growing before finalizing anything. There are many different shaped pots and bags which you can use. The bigger the plant size, the bigger would be the pot to give it an appropriate amount of nutrients and have a longer life.

3. Prepare your compost:

Plants growing in pots need a fertile and nutritious soil. You can use readily available pot mix from market or you can prepare it by yourself. The medium for planting is soil + cocopeat + Vermicompost or manure. You need to mix the powdered bricks with soil, gravel, fertilizer and vermicompost. With that you can add hydrogel crystals to absorb excess water.

gated community apartments in Chennai

4. Prepare Seedlings:

First sundry your seed for weeks and then sow it on a seed tray. After the leaves grow in germination transplant it in a separate pot. Some vegetables like melon and squash do not transplant, therefore we should plant it only once.

You can skip this step by directly purchasing a plant from the plant.

apartments for sale

5. Plantation:

Plant it in a moist soil on a cloudy day or evening. And make sure you plant it at the right depth, then firm the plants in and water to settle the soil around the roots.

6. Care for kitchen Vegetable Garden

After planting, you need to nurture the plant.

  • Water the plant in every morning
  • Use fertilizer and organic pesticides
  • Make sure they get good sunlight (5 hrs a day)
  • Get a liquid feed, seaweed solution tonic
  • Your plant leaves should face north
  • Monitor and check your plant to prevent any kind of harm.
  • Are the leaves lustrous and firm or soft, discoloured or crinkled?
  • Are there any swollen parts of the stems?
  • Check the soil for moisture, and do a quick pH test.
  • Are there any signs of deficiencies or pests?
  • Organically Protecting them from pests
7. Ways to protect & get rid of mealy bugs/aphids naturally:
  • Spraying the water with force and sprinkling cinnamon
  • Pluck and throw the spoiled leaves from your kitchen garden.
  • Use Neem oil
  • Keep the plants under the sun.
  • Spray every two weeks with Eco Oil (or a homemade equivalent) to prevent most pests.


apartments for sale in Chennai - Advantages of Vertical Garden

Sep 18

14 Advantages of Vertical Garden- A green trend

Is your love for gardening is fading away due to limited space in your high rise apartment? Do not worry!!! Vertical gardening can be the solution for your problem. Even many companies are investing in vertical garden for its aesthetic, physiological, economical and environmental benefits. This type of gardening is also suitable for multi-storey gated community apartments in Chennai, which is very common in metro cities.

If you are still not convinced with the idea, here are the 14 reasons why you should go for it!

1. Save Your Space:

As already said nowadays most of us do not have outdoor spaces to go for a garden, people are living in an apartment and could give only a limited area of their balcony for gardening, and hence they should be very creative to use it at its maximum.
A vertical garden uses a very limited space for planting, you can have piles of plant vertically arranged one by one or hanging one above the other. You just need to take care that the plants are getting proper sunlight.

2. Keeping your Diversity of plants:

You can even experiment with growing diversity of plants like decorative and vegetable plants row by row to give aesthetic to the garden. Comparatively the vertical garden is easier to grow and maintain as well.

3. Safe way of gardening:

The plants are grown off the ground which minimizes the risk of pest. It also protects the plant from damage due to pets which dig up the outdoor gardens.

You can also check How to Start a Vegetable Garden in your Flat? to start your green day as easily.

4. A Protective Shield:

Everybody knows that plants absorbs pollutants and harmful compounds, so when we grow plants vertically in compact way, it acts as a protective shield and gives you a pure environment to breath in.

5. Insulate your building:

Your green living wall do not only absorbs the air pollutant but also the heat, noise, harsh weather and UV rays. It regulates temperature through transpiration and gives you cooling.

6. Easy to maintain:

Vertically arranged Plants are easy to reach – makes fertilising, watering, pruning and harvesting are also convenient.

7. Gives you privacy:

You can grow your green wall outside windows or a little far from the door but to keep it hidden from the outsider and also it gives you shades from the sunlight out and privacy from the passerby.

8. Living room divider:

You can grow a vertical garden on wheeled container and keep it indoor as a beautiful & attractive room divider. This wheeled container will help you to move the garden to the sunlight as needed.

9. Reuse your wastes:

This type of green architecture can be easily made by the use of recycle materials such as plastic bottles, old shoe organizers, broken ladder, basket, shoe, can etc.,

10. Grow More kinds of Plants:

You can actually increase the varieties of the plant by adding the climbers including cucumbers, tomatoes and melons downside of the garden and the small plant varieties to the top of it.

11. Poor quality soil? Don’t worry:

If you have poor quality soil in your garden there is no need to go for cost wasting treatment to grow your garden, you can always opt for vertical gardening with the use of appropriate good quality soil.

12. A healthy vegetation:

In vertical gardening the plan gets more exposure of sunlight and air circulation as it grows upwards, which results in a healthy garden.

13. Plants reduce stress:

Many studies have found the Physiological effect of Plants in reducing the physical signs of stress and promote access to vegetation for having a greater positive human health impact.

14. Aesthetic Visual appeal:

Vertical gardens are ivy on the wall. You can incredibly transform the wall or any empty space into something aesthetically pleasing and creatively stimulating by vertical gardening. It can be used in making green wall, or gate decoration, or hangings basket or window boxers, whatever it may be it gives a soothing natural beauty and makes a great impact on the visualize. These helps you to turn your apartment into a luxury villas which you always desire for.

Some of the widely grown ornamental plant or houseplant:

Song of India, Sword Fern, Ribbon grass, Wedding Vine, Begonia Peace Lilies, Purple heart, Croton, Spider plant, Asparagus etc.,


Flats for sale in Chennai |Renovate your house to seniors friendly home

Sep 10

Home renovations for seniors

Living with your older parents or grandparents can be a more responsible task than taking care of a baby. They do not just need your attention for all their health related work but also your house need to be a seniors friendly home to avoid unwanted accidents. The older people in the house are fragile and if you do not have a elderly friendly home, then they may need more of your help than normal. Here I am listing out some of the minor renovations and care, which you can do to make a seniors friendly home in your apartment or villas in Chennai.

1. Lights:

# Use an adequate amount of light to prevent the accidents: The elderly people are more prone to lose their eye sight, so, more lights will make them to see better and hence, to prevent any mishaps.

# Avoid direct bright light: The direct lights may irritate the eye of the aged person. So, better use LED lights or any cover the lights with a plastic to diffuse the light.

# Place a lower switch in their room: If the senior person in your house is using wheel chair then, make a lower switch for easy access.

# Install light inside the cabinet

# Keep a bedside lamp for the night for immediate use by them when needed.

2. Grab bar Handles for seniors:

# Install Handles all around the house for support

# Install grab bars in bathroom walkthrough to prevent slipping

# Install handles on both the side of the toilet seat for easy sitting and standing

3. Install western commode:

If you an Indian style toilet, change it to western style commode. As the elderly people may feel difficult to sit down on the ground.

4. Shower seat:

If the seniors in your house are facing difficulty to stand for long while taking a bath, you can install a shower seat for them to avoid straining their leg.

5. Remove obstacles:

Remove all the obstacle, projection or bump or hump protrusions from the path for a free movement. As, any kind of wound would be dangerous for the se.

6. Floor level:

There should not be any variation on floor levelling; it should be plain and uneven to avoid tripping and falling.

7. Non slip floor:

The floor should not be slippery, change the slippery marble floor to Vinyl, linoleum, Bamboo or cork slip resistant flooring.

But if you do not have budget to change the flooring, then you can put some non slip mat or carpet on the slippery floors especially in the bathroom to avoid accidents.

8. Use lever handles:

The elderly people might feel difficult to turn the knob, so it is better to install a lever handle. It is easy to use without giving much effort to open.

These are some of the ideas which you can use to add more care for your elderly people and to turn it into a seniors friendly home. You can use all of these suggestions whether you have a big villa or small flats in Chennai. It will not take much of your time, effort or money; some are just to add a little more care like reducing noise level in the house. Do give your attention to the senior people of your house to mark an example for your children, so that, they can learn and do the same for you in future.

gated community villas in chennai - Ready to Occupy Apartments in Chennai

Sep 5

Why Ready to Occupy Apartments are always in Demand?

Buying a home is a dream in everyone’s life and it is one of the important decision which they take in their life. And buying a home is a long-term investment and people put all their earned money into buying their dream home. When you decide to buy an apartment or a flat in Chennai, you’ve got options like a ready-to-move apartment, under construction apartments and pre-launch apartments. But, only the ready-to-occupy apartments are in demand these days and you will find various benefits and even you can avoid some risks which you find in another type of apartments. Here, let’s discuss a few reasons why there is a demand for ready to occupy apartments and what are the benefits involved in it.

1. Avoid risks

As you know, there are a lot of risks involved in the pre-launch and under-construction apartments, but you can’t find those risks in a ready-to-move apartment and the risk factors are:

  • Disputes
  • Delay in Possession
  • Lack of Amenities
  • Quality of construction
  • Change in the plans etc

But, in the case of a ready to occupy apartments, you will not find all these risks and you can just move immediately after the purchase. You can check out our luxury apartment in Chennai, which offers a scenic view of natural surroundings and it offers a high-quality lifestyle with world-class amenities!

2. Just pay for what you get

If you buy a property which is under construction, you will not know that how the project will look once it is done and you will have some assumptions by just considering the sample flat, but you will not find it similar to what you have seen in the sample flat. Even you will find it challenging to visualize the exact one which they deliver. In the case of the ready to occupy apartments, you can just see your actual home and you can experience each part of the home before you buy it and you can check for the amenities and all other things before you decide and book your home and you will not find any surprises when they deliver the home to you!

3. Tax benefits

You need to be very smart in the home purchasing decisions because some tax benefits are involved in it. And if you’re applying for a home loan for a property which is under-construction, then you are not supposed to pay tax on the annual basis. When your home is delivered, that time you can just claim the interest which you paid to the builder (as per the section 24 b, The Income Tax Act, 1961). And you can avoid these type of taxes when you buy a ready to occupy apartments.

4. No need to wait as it is a ready to occupy apartments

If you buy an under-construction property, you may have to sit for years to get your home and it will be mostly delayed due to certain reasons. But, in the case of a ready to occupy apartments, this problem can be avoided. But, after the RERA The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 the homebuyers feel safe and their properties are delivered on the specific timeframe which they have promised, but still, the ready-to-occupy apartment is the smart choice!

5. No Pre-EMI payments

As you know, you are supposed to pay the Pre-EMI payment, the interest which applies to your home loan even for your property which is under construction. And you will find a lot of pressure in paying Pre-EMI payments and in the ready-to-occupy apartment, you can avoid all these additional payments.

6. Stay away from rental payments

If you are buying an under-construction apartment, you may need to pay pre-EMI charges and the rent of your existing home and you finally end up in financial issues. So, you need to plan accordingly and buy a ready to occupy apartments to avoid this double payment.

So, you are getting ready to buy a ready-to-occupy apartment in Chennai with world-class amenities? And there are many ready-to-move apartments for sale in Chennai which are getting occupied day by day, Book your dream home today!


gated community apartments in Chennai - Consider These Things When Hunting For Rental Apartment For The First Time

Sep 3

8 Things To Consider When Hunting For Rental Apartment For The First Time

Getting good rental apartments in Chennai or any where is not an easy task. And without any experience in it will lead you to make more mistakes. You are not alone everybody tends to leave some of the important things to check out when taking rental apartment. Usually when shifting to a new city, we get no time to check too many criteria and end up with adjusting with the first thing you get. But, here we are sharing some tips which you can check out before confirming any apartment for rent.

1. Ask yourself:

  • Reason of moving into the house
  • The amenities which you need the most
  • Budget you wanna spend
  • The configuration of the house you need. (1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK etc)
  • Time you have to hunt the apartment

2. Ask the Landlord:

  • If any damage occur then you will pay for the repair
  • Is there any security deposit money
  • Is there 24/7 water & electricity supply
  • Duration of contract (mostly it is 1 year in the apartments in Chennai)
  • What is the payment method
  • Who will collect the maintenance charge
  • Guest Policy
  • Any restriction on meals
  • Whether landlords will live in the same apartment.
 3. Budget:

You might be very excited and also the urgency may take you to get the flat. But, still have a particular a range of budget to make a boundary of your limits. This will help you to target your house better, with all the limited option you get.

4. Neighbourhood of the rental apartment:

The neighbourhood will help you to have a peaceful accommodation and also to save the money. Just walk around the area and check all the facilities nearby.

Check the easy accessibility of shops, schools, ATM, and what are the fun things you can do? Like nearby Club house, theatre etc., And check whether the location is safe or not?

5. Go for a Visit:

Even if you have heard a lot of flattering about the apartment, still do go & check it. Check out these checklists:

Water Leakage, proper Ventilation in the house, Wall Cracks, Damaged Socket, Pests like cockroaches or rats, Rust on the door’s joints, hanging open Wires, Guttering of moss & moulds on the kitchen or bathroom floors, Water pressure of the taps etc.,

6. Check the network:

There are places you might have seen where your mobile network are very slow. And obviously you do not want your house to be that place. So, do go to the apartment and check in all the rooms whether you are getting a good network or not.

7. Pet:

If you are a pet lover then this criteria is mandatory for you. Nowadays many flats in Chennai are offering a pet friendly environment but not all of it. So, do check and make your pet also comfortable.

8. Hidden Cost:

Ask about all the hidden charges which they usually do not include when talking about the rent. Like maintenance charge, clubhouse charge, Garage charges, pet fees, insurance, etc.

Remember; do research on the apartment before you finally decided to take it. Hope this list will help to get the best rental apartment for the first time renters.


Apartments for sale - Important things to be consider when taking Home loan

Aug 28

Home Loan Tips for first time Buyer

With the popularity and easy availability of the loan, everybody is bound with that for one thing or the other. The most common loan is a home loan, millennial are just waiting to get a job and the moment they get, they achieve the most longed dream – of getting a luxury villa.

With this excitement, sometimes we forget to look into the details of the things, which can become one of the biggest reasons for loan rejection.I can understand getting a loan is a little confusing with so much of different banks and again hundreds of policy in each bank and then a rejection after that can fuse anybody’s mind.

Hence, here I have listed some of the important things to consider about both banks as well as themselves, when one’s are planning to get a home loan.

>Consider your part:

Taking a home loan is not just a part of the bank, but also you should consider yourself too. Let’s say you research all about the bank to get the loan from but you forgot to keep your eligibility criteria clear, then chances of getting the loan will turn to less.

1. Income:

Banks always prefer a client with a regular income over a self employed man. The reason is the more the stability of income is there, the less risk to the bank regarding returning of money. If you are working in a reputed company then the chances become higher. The bank usually gives loans of 50/60 times of your salary.

2. Down payment:

The bank only gives 80-90% LTV (loan to value ratio) remaining amount you should arrange. So, save the down payment amount before applying for the loan.

3. Existing Loan:

Before giving loan, bank checks all of your expenses. One of it is existing loans. It feels that if you are already paying loans for other things then, you may feel difficult to pay to them.

4. Age:

Banks expect you to have a long tenure to repay the loan, hence your retirement age should not be close. A middle age person is most preferable. As they have a previous job experience, so the job is safe and at the same time they do have a long time to pay the loans.

5. CIBIL Score:

CIBIL, Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited create a report called CIR (Credit Information Report) and based on that they assign score to the people according to their past loan history and credit card repayments. The score is assigned between 300 to 900 and are called the CIBIL Trans Union Score. To get your home loan sanctioned, you need to have around 700 to 750 CIBIL score.

>Check with banks which provide Home Loan:

Now when you are done with the above things, you can shift your concentration to the banks. This is very important that you compare all the banks and policies and read the entire document very carefully before going for any option.

1. Rate of interest:

There are 2 types of Interest Fixed and Floating. Fixed Interest rates will be the same in the entire tenure. But the Floating Interest rates vary with the market rate. So, decide which one you want to go prior to taking any decision.

2. Fees & Charges:

There are many fees and charges involved in home loans, the main are listed below.

  • Processing fee

The processing fee for a home loan is a one time fee taken by the banks for processing the loan. It differs from bank to bank; so, one should check all the bank’s fees on home loans. Usually the fee varies from 0.5% to 1.00% of the total loan amount.

  • Annual Fees

Home loan ongoing fees are charged every year for administering your loan, which is called as annual fees. Do check for all the fees related to the loan.

  • Penal Charges

Penal Charges is the penalty charge which one need to pay if they are failing to pay the EMI on time.

3. Loan Tenure:

The loan tenure is the duration within which one can clear their bank loan debt. The more the tenure time, the more the interest amount one needs to pay. Check how much you can pay in a month and then decide on a most convenient tenure for which you can avail a home loan.

4. Documents required:

There are certain documents which are required by the bank to proceed with the loan. Such documents are KYC documents, income proof, bank statements, etc. One should make every document ready before applying for a housing loan.

5. Your approximate EMIs:

The EMI is the monthly installments, one need to pay to clear the home loan. It is mainly depends on the interest rate, loan amount, tenure duration etc.

6. Easy Foreclosure/prepayment options:

Check what is the procedure and fees involved if you want to clear your debt before the time. The above are the basic things which one should definitely consider, if they are planning to buy Villa or apartments for sale with a loan. So, do go for it with more preparation and 100% assurance for getting the most accurate loan possible.

Affordable Housing Top booming real estate destinations in India

Aug 20

Affordable Housing: Top booming real estate destinations in India

Affordable housing has become the hot discussion in the Indian real estate. Today, real estate developers all across India are in all-action towards developing affordable homes in almost all the cities. The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) scheme acts as an active drive for real estate developers to take this “Housing for All” segment a further momentum.

Most importantly, developers are making sure that these affordable homes are affordable for the Low Income Group (LIG) & Economically Weaker Section (EWS) people. Focusing on these segments makes, these homes affordable for people who never dreamt of owning a home. Similarly, the middle class & upper middle-class people find these homes budget-friendly which aren’t super-expensive. The rapid increase in the affordable housing projects in India is huge because of its exceptionally high demand. That way, this set a beginning for a plethora of affordable properties at an affordable price to come up in the future. Furthermore, cities like Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai and Ahmedabad are expected to launch as many affordable homes in the upcoming years in real estate.

Here are some of the top best booming real estate destinations in India



Hyderabad witnessing so much of betterment in all aspects of real estate market such as the economic and infrastructural growth that increased demand for both residential & commercial property sectors. With a growing workforce and establishments of IT/ITES tech parks around the city gives a thrust for the development of quite a lot of affordable properties in the city. The number of MNC companies constantly rising in this locations building high demand for retail, residential and commercial properties. In addition, several affordable homes in  Kompally, Bachupally, Kukatpally, Miyapur, Sianikpuri, and Manikonda have launched in the recent times.


Similar to Hyderabad city, Bangalore is also one of the metro cities in India that is encountered as the emerging hotspot for commercial spaces which is to increase demand for affordable housing spaces as well. In the same way as all popular cities, Bangalore has witnessed so many IT developments in the past decade which are now happening to drive the residential real estate sector at rapid speed, which is unimaginable. Furthermore, locations like Hoskote, Bengur, Kengeri, and Varthur are proof for one of the most coveted hotspots in India for its affordable residential home options.


Just like Hyderabad and Bangalore cities, Chennai is also a pulsating location that has been thriving successfully in real estate with more infrastructural developments happened and happening in the popular IT Corridor of Chennai, OMR. Chennai isn’t just about the MNC IT/ITES sector; it is an industrially succeeded city of India where numerous chemical industries have established in Porur. It isn’t uncommon why people fly over from various places to the city for their career growth.

Other than this, Chennai focuses on major healthcare centres having built & brought up in all these years of incredible development that has happened so far. Usually, there is a demand for regular apartments & villas in OMR. In addition, come the affordable homes as well. The fast development of transportation and other infrastructural developments bring demand for affordable housing projects in Kelambakkam, Guduvancheri, Urapakkam, Siruseri and so many other locations in Chennai city. The recent metro train transportation launch has set the expectations high and also the upcoming metro is further enhancing the value of real estate in Chennai. The value every sq ft home buyers buy in this city is expected to value high in the future.


Kolkata is renowned for its high-end residential projects and city is constantly emerging with new advancements in the world of housing. It’s no wonder why it is one of the top affordable hotspots of India. Locations like New Town and Sonarpur are now flooded with more affordable apartments. Sonarpur stands high because of its proximity to the Garia metro line. The price in these two locations is expected to be less compared to other areas in Kolkata.

Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai is justifying till this date as a booming real estate hotspot in India as it is driving the industry to unbelievable growth in the future. Since the proposal of International Airport has been a game-changing twist in this region as it will be closest to the new airport in Panvel. Furthermore, the location is expected to at least launch a few thousands of affordable homes in the upcoming years. While it is the new township of the state, it isn’t less in providing the best education in almost all the streams. Having poured its efforts in educations and workforce, Navi Mumbai is never less among the most coveted locations in India when it comes to affordable housing projects.


The growth in better connectivity and rapid infrastructural growth in and out the city with abundant job opportunities states a considerable demand in properties in Ahmedabad. Locations like Gota, Vaishno Devi circle, South Bhopal are offering budget-friendly homes for home buyers. Ahmedabad is now expected to provide the lower-end home buyers with a reason to dream of owning a home by developing best affordable homes without shelling out their pocket.


Apartments in Chennai, Pallavaram Hospitals in Pallavaram

Aug 18

Apartments in Chennai, Pallavaram: Hospitals in Pallavaram

Apartments in Chennai, Pallavaram have its own numerous numbers of perk. As it is outside the city and in a developing stage, you can get an affordable house very easily within one’s budget. The Galleria Residences in one of such project, which is located in the region surround by all the possible need of the residents. One of the most important needs is a hospitals in their neighbourhood.

No one wants to live in a place where the call for an emergency is far from their house. And hence, the hospitals, maternity centers and dental clinics should be present near your house to access it immediately in case of any emergency.

So, here we have listed the hospitals and dental clinics within the 10 min range (by vehicle) from your Galleria Residences apartments in Chennai, Pallavaram.


1. Government Primary Health Center Hospital

Address: P.V. Vaithiyaligam Road, Kamatchi Nagar, Old Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600043 Hours: Open 24 hours

2. 24 Hours Medicals and Hospital

 Address: Rajaji Nagar, Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600043 Hours: Open 24 hours

3. Pallavaram Municipal Hospital

Address: Thiripura Sundari Colony, Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600043

4. Kavitha Ortho & Multispeciality Hospital

Address: 144, Radha Nagar Main Road, Railway Colony, Doctors Colony, Chromepet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600044 Hours: Open 24 hours Phone: 094440 09700

5. Urban Primary Health Centre, Zamin Pallavaram

Address: Station Border Rd, Thiripura Sundari Colony, Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600043 Hours: Open 24 hours Phone: 044 2266 0689

6. Chennai Home Health Care

Address: 2/128, rahavanagar Ch 91, 2nd Main Rd, Madipakkam Phone: 099405 81843


Women & Children Healthcare:

7. PCMC Hospital (Pallavaram Childrens Hospitals)

Address: 3, First St, Mallikka Nagar, Zamin Pallavaram, Bharathi Nagar, Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600043 Hours: Open 24 hours Phone: 044 2266 0707 Others: Bed – 20, Ambulance – 1

8. Sugam Child Care Centre

Address: Latheef Colony Street, 107, Dharga Rd, Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600043 Hours: Open 24 hours Phone: 097909 72841

9. VayuShri Fertility and Women’s Center

Address: 41, Dharga Rd, Chitra Township, Pallavaram, St.Thomas Mount-cum-Pallavaram, Tamil Nadu 600043 Hours: 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM & 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM Phone: 077085 55635

10. BM Silver Jubilee Multispeciality Clinics

Feature: Gynaecology /Obstetrics Clinic Address: 41, Dharga Rd, Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Pallavaram, Tamil Nadu 600043 Hours: Open 24 hours Phone: 044 4355 9539 Others: Ambulance, ICU/general beds, Pharmacy, Canteen

11. Dr.Murthy’s Clinic

Address: 21, Bharathi Nagar 2nd St, Zamin Pallavaram, Bharathi Nagar, Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600043 Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 2PM Phone: 044 2266 0809



1. Getwell Speciality Clinic

Address: 171A, PV Vaithiyalingam Rd, P G Manickam Nagar, Tirumurugan Nagar, Old Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600117 Hours: Open 24 hours Phone: 044 2266 2086 Others: attached with lab and pharmacy

2. Sangeetha Dental Clinic

Address: 63, Bharathi Nagar Main Rd, Mallikka Nagar, Bharathi Nagar, Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600043 Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 1PM ⋅ Reopens 5:30PM Phone: 044 3301 1390

3. Charan Multispeciality Dental Clinic

Address: no.1, 3rd St, Latheef Colony, Dargah Colony, Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600043 Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 1PM ⋅ Reopens 5PM Phone: 098845 52755

4. Clue & Cure Dentistry

Address: No 126/5 , Thiruthani Nagar, Pallava Garden, Zamin Pallavaram, Old Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600117 Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 2PM ⋅ Reopens 5PM Phone: 096772 67085


Address: No 31, Salamon street, Camp road, East tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600045 Phone: 091760 88602

6. Sri Kumaran Dental Clinic

Address: No. 7/2 1st, Raghava Nagar, Madipakkam, Tamil Nadu 600091 Hours: Closes 10PM

7. Sri Venkateshwara Dental Clinic

Address: N 2/139,Trunk road, Iyyappanthangal, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600056 Hours: Closes 9:30PM Phone: 098406 33183


Address: 27, Dharga Rd, Phase I, Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Pallavaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600043 Phone: 094860 80215

gated community apartments in chennai - 8 Step guide of Home Loan Process in India

Aug 16

8 Step guide of Home Loan Process in India

Buying a house is the dream of many people and now it has become very easy to achieve it with the easy availability of home loans. So, the people rather of wasting their money in a rent house, they are investing in EMI and owning their dream luxury apartments in Chennai in the starting period of the career itself.

Here I am providing a Step-by-Step of Home loan process:

Home Loan Process to buy the Apartments For Sale

1. Choose Bank you want to go with:

First, you go for an extensive research on the different types of banks providing the Home Loan. Check its eligibility criteria, different EMI options, compare the interest rates and offers of different banks to get the bank of your choice.

2. Fill the Loan Application Form & Attach The Documents:

After selecting a particular bank, complete the Application form and attach the entire document required for it. Keep the entire legal document related to property ready from your builder.

3. Pay the Processing Fees:

Typically the processing fees are between 0.25 percent and 1.0 percent of the loan amount. This non-refundable fees need to be paid with the loan application to open and maintain the applicant’s loan account.

4. Bank Investigation:

After submission of the application form & processing fees, this is the important step in the home loan process where the bank will investigate whether to approve the loan or not. They will investigate and verify all the personal and property details provided by you.

Then the bank will evaluate your repayment capacity. It is a crucial stage and totally depends on how much the bank is convinced with your capacity of repaying the debt and if they feel that you will be able to return the loan in time, then they will sanction the home loan.

5. Offer Letter:

After all the verification procedure, the bank will sanction your loan against the Property (Flats, Villa or Plots in Chennai) and will send you an offer letter which will include information related to the tentative principal amount, type of interest rate (fixed or floating), the rate of interest applicable, Loan tenure, mode of payment, special Scheme (if any) and other terms and conditions.

You need to sign the acceptance letter, and give a copy of it to the bank for records.

6. Legal and Valuation check:

This is a property valuation, and verification stage in which the bank will technical valuate the property by the original property documents and NOC handed over by you to the bank. Legal checks on the property are also undertaken.

7. Registration and Signing:

Once all the verification process got over the bank will prepare a legal stamp paper loan document by their lawyer. You need to sign and submit the agreement to the bank. A post dated cheque also should be submitted with the agreement letter to the bank.

8. Disbursement:

Finally, you should submit the NOC / Tripartite agreement and demand note from the builder for loan disbursement. After you sign the papers and everything is legally clear the bank will issue DD / Banker’s Cheque for property registration.

The above stated steps are based on the common Home loan process, and it may differ from bank to bank.

Also read: 7 Tips to Determine the Right Home Loan Amount to Borrow

villas in chennai - Pricey Mistakes Made By New Homeowners

Aug 13

7 Pricey Mistakes Made By New Homeowners

At last you are shifting to your new luxury apartments in Chennai; new life is waiting for you. Which may lead you to have lots of dreams with excitement and a little fear, of course; and if you are shifting for the first then the emotional factors will get quite higher. All these things can leads to make mistakes while buying and renovating your house which is quite common. So, here I am listing all the common mistakes made by the first time homeowners for you to avoid it.

1. Being too emotional while buying a new house:

Being emotional when buying a dream house is very common, but forgetting everything can become foolishness of anyone. People choose the luxury villas which they love and don’t see if it fits their budget or not and end up spending more or getting into debt. The homeowners even forget, if they spend all their money to buy that house, then how they are going to satisfy the extra expenses that may come along with it.

2. Too overwhelm that you don’t see your expenses:

The moment you enter your new house for the first time, thousands of ideas came into play to redesign it in your own way which leads to lots of shopping and as a result you happen to buy thousands of items which you actually don’t need. This is the most basic mistake which a new mover makes; they are so overwhelming about their new house that they don’t realize the expenses they are making.

3. Too quick to renovate:

The renovation starts on the very first day itself and the planning is totally based on the emotional choices and previous experience. But you forget that every house is different. Before you start renovating or redecorating the house you first live in that for some time or give a fine look to all the details such as where the sun is hitting, which part of the house is the calmest, what is the behaviour of family like coming from outside where they prefer to rest etc. all this will help you when you make your plans to change things.

4. Want to change everything:

Once we step into our new house we want to change every possible thing, the furniture, the decoration, the doors, the windows, even the walls. Already buying a gated community villas in Chennai will cost you too much and if you renovate it beyond the level it will cost you even more. I can understand buying a house is a very emotional moment in anyone’s life, but if possible plan the renovation according to your need and budget and not according to your emotion.

5. No research:

Research can help you to save lots of money. Do lots of research to find the cost-effective renovation, the best way is to ask your neighbour as they went through the same situation as you are in now. They can guide you and help you save money in a great possible way. They can tell you about their mistakes and what they did to overcome it and they can brief you about the most common issues which occur in that area, if you are planning for marble flooring you can ask their opinion to check whether the floor can uphold the weight of the marble or not, if it does not support then this information will save you the money on wasting in the marble.

And the most important advantage is that they can introduce you with the locality, so that you can find the cheapest item for your renovation.

6. Desperately change everything to modern:

Sometimes the desperation of changing the entire traditional things will lead you to lose some of the lifelong equipment. In olden houses, you can see the attached closet, which is so strong and made with a very good wood that it is not possible to make such a closet with today’s available engineered wood/plywood. If you want the same strength you need to buy costly woods like teakwood or rosewood. So it is better to have that old shelf to give your house a traditional touch than to forfeit the benefit of it just for the sake of modernization.

7. Underestimating costs:

Renovation job can cost you a lot and takes time too, so it is always better to keep some more amount above the anticipated budget to be on a safe side. This will save your extra cost of the work which can empty your saving if not done as shifting and renovating always cost more than it actually seems.