villas in chennai - Pricey Mistakes Made By New Homeowners

Aug 13

7 Pricey Mistakes Made By New Homeowners

At last you are shifting to your new luxury apartments in Chennai; new life is waiting for you. Which may lead you to have lots of dreams with excitement and a little fear, of course; and if you are shifting for the first then the emotional factors will get quite higher. All these things can leads to make mistakes while buying and renovating your house which is quite common. So, here I am listing all the common mistakes made by the first time homeowners for you to avoid it.

1. Being too emotional while buying a new house:

Being emotional when buying a dream house is very common, but forgetting everything can become foolishness of anyone. People choose the luxury villas which they love and don’t see if it fits their budget or not and end up spending more or getting into debt. The homeowners even forget, if they spend all their money to buy that house, then how they are going to satisfy the extra expenses that may come along with it.

2. Too overwhelm that you don’t see your expenses:

The moment you enter your new house for the first time, thousands of ideas came into play to redesign it in your own way which leads to lots of shopping and as a result you happen to buy thousands of items which you actually don’t need. This is the most basic mistake which a new mover makes; they are so overwhelming about their new house that they don’t realize the expenses they are making.

3. Too quick to renovate:

The renovation starts on the very first day itself and the planning is totally based on the emotional choices and previous experience. But you forget that every house is different. Before you start renovating or redecorating the house you first live in that for some time or give a fine look to all the details such as where the sun is hitting, which part of the house is the calmest, what is the behaviour of family like coming from outside where they prefer to rest etc. all this will help you when you make your plans to change things.

4. Want to change everything:

Once we step into our new house we want to change every possible thing, the furniture, the decoration, the doors, the windows, even the walls. Already buying a gated community villas in Chennai will cost you too much and if you renovate it beyond the level it will cost you even more. I can understand buying a house is a very emotional moment in anyone’s life, but if possible plan the renovation according to your need and budget and not according to your emotion.

5. No research:

Research can help you to save lots of money. Do lots of research to find the cost-effective renovation, the best way is to ask your neighbour as they went through the same situation as you are in now. They can guide you and help you save money in a great possible way. They can tell you about their mistakes and what they did to overcome it and they can brief you about the most common issues which occur in that area, if you are planning for marble flooring you can ask their opinion to check whether the floor can uphold the weight of the marble or not, if it does not support then this information will save you the money on wasting in the marble.

And the most important advantage is that they can introduce you with the locality, so that you can find the cheapest item for your renovation.

6. Desperately change everything to modern:

Sometimes the desperation of changing the entire traditional things will lead you to lose some of the lifelong equipment. In olden houses, you can see the attached closet, which is so strong and made with a very good wood that it is not possible to make such a closet with today’s available engineered wood/plywood. If you want the same strength you need to buy costly woods like teakwood or rosewood. So it is better to have that old shelf to give your house a traditional touch than to forfeit the benefit of it just for the sake of modernization.

7. Underestimating costs:

Renovation job can cost you a lot and takes time too, so it is always better to keep some more amount above the anticipated budget to be on a safe side. This will save your extra cost of the work which can empty your saving if not done as shifting and renovating always cost more than it actually seems.


Flats in chennai - Fun Things To Do when Home Alone and Bored

Aug 4

Fun Things To Do when Home Alone and Bored

Everyone die to be home alone, but once they are, they literally wanna die. In a serious note, even people always want to be home alone, but they never plan what actually want to do at that moment. And as a result, you get bored within hours of being alone in your apartments in Chennai.

There are hundreds of different entertainment options which you can do when you are home alone or getting bored. Let’s discuss a few which can help you in your bore hours.


1. Pamper yourself

When your house is full of people you may do not have got a chance of pampering yourself. You can take the opportunity of being home alone. Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do in your free time.


(a) Try new look:

Got bored of your look? Give an attempt to change it a little bit. Try different hair style you admire whether it is a pony tail, bun, or plaits. Or just a little change in the way you wear your scarf.

Or get a temporary look, say if you always wear salwar try some of your mother’s saree on that day. If you do not know how to drape a saree, nothing will be better than to learn a new thing.

Or copy your favourite stars. Wear clumsy dresses and flaunt yourself. Remember, it is your day and nobody is there to judge you.

(b) Click pictures of yourself

Without any doubts, selfies are mandatory with all those new trials. Share it in social media checks others opinion on your new look.

(c) Little workout

Do a little exercise, aerobic, yoga, meditation anything you like. Check online videos and copy a few of it. It will engage you for some time, but if you liked it you can do it every day.

(d) Try different face mask

Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do. With all those pollution and stressful weekdays you spent outside can be bartered with one day of rest. Give yourself the full attention whenever you are home alone. Detoxify your face with face mask, steaming or apply cream to make it glow.

(e) Shop online:

Give yourself a treat. Buy something online whatever you like. If you do not have anything in particular, then just scroll down some of the pages of e-commerce sites definitely you will end up liking something.

(f) Cook or Bake

This is the time to show your talent in cooking. And if your mother does not prepare anything for you, then take it as an excuse to give it a try. Do not get scared of the failure. If it does not come out well, clean the area like you never had cooked.

(g) Sleep:

If you are being very lazy to do any of these and need just to relax, then go for a long sleep. Sleeping is a very good remedy to get out from all your stress.


2. Entertain yourself:

(a) Try musically:

Musically is trending day by day. If you have never tried it before, then this is the right time to start it. Copy your favourite actors or your favourite songs and become a model of your own social media page.

(b) Watch a movie

This is the most common thing people do whenever they are home alone. Check what is featured in television. Or download some of your favourite old movies to rewind your memory.

(c) Watch funny video online

Laughter not only will help you to divert your mind, but also effective in burning calories. And who does not want to be fit without working hard.

(d) Sing songs

The bathroom singer inside you can work its talent when you are home alone. Sing as loud as you can, full house is yours.

(e) Listen songs

If you do not want to sing, you can play your favourite music and listen whole day.

(f) Throw a party

Now when you already started with the singing, let’s add some dance to create a concert environ in your small residential apartment in Chennai

(g) Play video game

You can spend your whole day playing video game. Better get a game online and play with a person from another corner of the world.

(h) Read a novel

If you are a bookworm, then there is no need to find your happiness anywhere. Just dig yourself in a novel until anybody comes.


3. Do Productive

Being home alone does not mean you should only find the excuses to waste your time. Let’s see how you can utilize it in a productive manner.

(a) Cleaning

Clean your room, do the laundry, organize your room’s cupboard and throw the waste outside. In this way you can give your parents a shock. Obviously, no parents would ever think that there kid can be this productive when left home alone.

(b) Paint

Give a try to paint some basic things. Or maybe your own portray? Colours will bring your thoughts in the white paper.  You will be amazed to see the beautiful outcome of your new talent.

(c) Try some DIY home décor

Make some DIY with the waste product of your house. Like using papers, wood, stick, etc.

(d) Learn something new

You are never too old to learn new things. See some youtube videos. Whether it is about to increase your educational skills or normal day to day activities. Once learnt will be helpful for years.


4. Catch up

Last but not the least; catch up with the friends or relatives with whom you have not talked for long. Have an hour long conversation or plan to meet them someday to tell your life updates


Apartments for sale in Chennai - Best spots to visit in Chennai this summer!

Apr 11

Best spots to visit in Chennai this summer!

The rich and elegant culture of South India prospers in the city’s capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. It is a stunning mix of nature with current city life, as the wild Bay of Bengal goes through the core of the metropolitan. Be at Chennai to unfurl a brilliant period of India.

1. Marina Beach

Recorded as the second biggest shoreline of the world, Chennai’s biggest mark the Marina beach is the most happening spot of the city. As the wonderful beams of the sun spread over the sands and blue waters of the shoreline, the city changes into a paradise. Other than lounging in the glow of the delicate sands, travelers can appreciate angling at the Marina Beach. The blue sky with windsurfing or invigorate your adrenaline with colourful diversions of shoreline volleyball. Be it, whether you reside in a small-size apartment or in a Luxury apartment in Chennai, you can never miss the peaceful walk in the marina coastline during hot days!

2. Semmozhi Poonga

Built across 20 acres of land sprawling knoll, Semmozhi Poonga is a happening spot located in the midst of the rushing about of the city. Take a few snapshots of isolation at the cool shadows of 500 trees in the recreation center, which are as old as a hundred year and are furnished with therapeutic properties. The crystalline waters of the lake upgrade the magnificence of the recreation center while the see-saws, swings and other play structures draw in the children.

3. National Art Gallery

As you approach the exemplary red sandstone working of the National Art Gallery of Chennai, you appear to move back in time. With its valuable Tanjore works of art, brilliant sketches of Ravi Varma; it displays the rich culture of India. The Rock and Cave Art Gallery of the National Art Gallery is a surprises trucking creation.

4. Theosophical Society

As soon as you get in the paradisaical greenery enclosures of the Theosophical society, you are welcomed by twitters of various flying creatures. The rich greenery of 260 sections of land of the Serene Gardens of Theosophical Society is adored by transitory feathered creatures. Almost With nearly two hundred books, various palms leaved compositions and religious books, the library of the general public is a bank of knowledge and learning. The 450 years of age banyan tree at the core of the garden not exclusively is the homes for the avian life, yet in addition a history in itself, being one of the biggest trees of the world.

5. Pulicat Lake

Situated on the outskirts of Tamil Nadu, this reflected water of Pulicat Lake is perfect for vessel travels. Travellers can appreciate angling and feathered creature viewing from the watercrafts. Close to the lake the famous Nellapattu Bird Sanctuary. From the fish adoring flamingos to the bright kingfishers, from the flawless pelicans to the shrouded ibis, the haven is musical with twitters of various feathered creatures.

7. Travel to Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a union territory which is located 140 km away from Chennai on the East coast road. Pondicherry is the biggest French settlement in India. The city has a long and intriguing history of exchange and war. There is a solid French impact in the city, particularly in the old quarters, with Rues and Boulevards fixed with Mediterranean style houses and bread kitchens, in spite of the fact that the city stays especially Indian. French is as yet comprehended, and the entire city makes for rather a wonderful blend of East and West. It is otherwise called The French Riviera of the East. If you’ve invested some energy in Tamil Nadu and moved toward Pondicherry via arriving, you’ll likely experience gentle culture stun on finding French design and eateries serving steak and great wine.

The road from Chennai to Pondicherry (the East Coast Road, generally called ECR) is a grand expressway and a typical trip would take a maximum of 3 hours. This course goes through Mahabalipuram, Kalpakkam, Pudupattinam, Idaikkazhinadu (Alamparai Fort additionally called Alampara Fort), Mudaliarkuppam (has a cool boat storage), Marakkanam (contains huge regions under salt skillet), Kanagachettikulam/Kalapet and so on before achieving Pondicherry.

There isn’t much to do in Pondicherry. You would comprehend this better once you arrive and comprehend the pace of life. Apart from general sightseeing, there are neighbourhood associations which offer exceptional intrigue visits to see Pondicherry in an alternate point of view. They offer a healthy affair to outside voyagers and to their nation individuals like strolling visits (Tamil quarter and French quarter), Pondicherry rustic experience, food visits, cooking demo of Pondicherry old formulas, weaving workshops, hands-on bamboo, design craftsmanship encounter, melodic trail, encountering the nearby amusement “petanque”, manikin appears, high quality paper visits with workshop and considerably more.

Last yet not the minimum; revive your taste buds with the tart sambar, fresh hot dosas, solid idlis and unique South Indian espresso. Henceforth, there are a total bundle of stimulation, history, workmanship and culture, a diamond to visit in Chennai.


villas for sale in chennai - Moving to your new House

Dec 22

Moving to your new House: How to coordinate effectively

House moving is a standout amongst the most focusing on an encounter that individual’s experience. This is on the grounds that you are deserting an enormous piece of you, for instance, your companions, neighbors and your relatives also. You additionally need to pack up your assets discover a vehicle to enable you to move, and we can’t overlook the action of finding a lovely home in your new town. Despite the fact that this is an ordeal a large portion of us would not have any desire to experience. Here are a few hints to remember and help you on the best way to manage moving to your new house if at one time you will require doing as such.

1. Make a visit to your new house:

This is a fundamental guide for those with kids. Before moving to your new house, pack from your more seasoned house, take your children to the new home and show them around the house that they will settle in soon. You can likewise convey them to an adjacent shopping center situated in the town you are moving to, to check whether they will like it or not. This readies the children to go separate ways with the present home encounters and furthermore causes them to modify once they move to the new home since they had seen it beforehand. You may see that the children like the new home progressively if the territory has alluring highlights.

2. Get acquainted with your new region:

Before you leave your present home, assemble enough data about your new home to have a thought of what’s in store. In the event that you have children, you can likewise inquire about on the best adjacent schools that you can select them in. Record what you want to do possibly on the end of the week and research to check whether your new main residence has the offices that offer or will provide food for your necessities. This will make it simple for you to find such administrations once you move there.

3. Contract a solid expulsion vehicle:

Don’t simply enlist any expulsion auto that you discover on the web or you are alluding to. Concentrate on searching for an organization that will make the procedure simple and quicker with the end goal that you don’t wind up depleting all your vitality and feelings endeavoring to arrange the workers. In the event that you select to look into online on the best organizations to enlist for expulsion purposes, pick the organization that has enough understanding and great client benefit.

4. Do it all for yourself:

Moving to your new house is unpleasant and would a lender be able to you to overlooking yourself and well-being, particularly for the situation where unavoidable conditions are compelling you to move. In any case, you require a great deal of vitality amid the moving day and arranging your new flat in Chennai so take great care of yourself and eat solid suppers. Tolerating the move will likewise make things simple and less upsetting for you.

5. Include your children all the while:

Influence your children to some portion of this procedure since it makes the whole procedure to be simple and smooth as well. You can ask for them to help you in pressing their garments, toys and denoting the stuffed boxes. The children can likewise aid the new home by arranging their storerooms.

In a country like India, individuals don’t frequently change their homes as adaptation is something which a large portion of the general population is not happy with. Individuals who live in Apartments in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai and other metropolitan communities, as a rule, make utilization of these packers and movers who utilize labors to migrate their resources to their new home. This may lessen the feeling of anxiety of an individual, however, including you while moving is constantly better as individuals may not know about the estimation of any asset which you consider as worth full.

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