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Flats for sale in Chennai |Renovate your house to seniors friendly home

Sep 10

Home renovations for seniors

Living with your older parents or grandparents can be a more responsible task than taking care of a baby. They do not just need your attention for all their health related work but also your house need to be a seniors friendly home to avoid unwanted accidents. The older people in the house are fragile and if you do not have a elderly friendly home, then they may need more of your help than normal. Here I am listing out some of the minor renovations and care, which you can do to make a seniors friendly home in your apartment or villas in Chennai.

1. Lights:

# Use an adequate amount of light to prevent the accidents: The elderly people are more prone to lose their eye sight, so, more lights will make them to see better and hence, to prevent any mishaps.

# Avoid direct bright light: The direct lights may irritate the eye of the aged person. So, better use LED lights or any cover the lights with a plastic to diffuse the light.

# Place a lower switch in their room: If the senior person in your house is using wheel chair then, make a lower switch for easy access.

# Install light inside the cabinet

# Keep a bedside lamp for the night for immediate use by them when needed.

2. Grab bar Handles for seniors:

# Install Handles all around the house for support

# Install grab bars in bathroom walkthrough to prevent slipping

# Install handles on both the side of the toilet seat for easy sitting and standing

3. Install western commode:

If you an Indian style toilet, change it to western style commode. As the elderly people may feel difficult to sit down on the ground.

4. Shower seat:

If the seniors in your house are facing difficulty to stand for long while taking a bath, you can install a shower seat for them to avoid straining their leg.

5. Remove obstacles:

Remove all the obstacle, projection or bump or hump protrusions from the path for a free movement. As, any kind of wound would be dangerous for the se.

6. Floor level:

There should not be any variation on floor levelling; it should be plain and uneven to avoid tripping and falling.

7. Non slip floor:

The floor should not be slippery, change the slippery marble floor to Vinyl, linoleum, Bamboo or cork slip resistant flooring.

But if you do not have budget to change the flooring, then you can put some non slip mat or carpet on the slippery floors especially in the bathroom to avoid accidents.

8. Use lever handles:

The elderly people might feel difficult to turn the knob, so it is better to install a lever handle. It is easy to use without giving much effort to open.

These are some of the ideas which you can use to add more care for your elderly people and to turn it into a seniors friendly home. You can use all of these suggestions whether you have a big villa or small flats in Chennai. It will not take much of your time, effort or money; some are just to add a little more care like reducing noise level in the house. Do give your attention to the senior people of your house to mark an example for your children, so that, they can learn and do the same for you in future.

flats for sale in chennai - kids bedroom design for small spaces

Jul 18

Kids Bedroom Design For Small Spaces

Your child’s room can be the most challenging room for you to design. And even more difficult if you have only a small space in your apartments in Chennai. But, the best thing is – this is the only room, where you can explore your imagination and be very creative to design. So, let’s get started with the kids bedroom design ideas right from the stage of planning.

Basic Decision to make first:

Before you begin with any work first give yourself some time to consider a few things.

1. Your child personality

Whatever you do for your kid room but if your kid does not like it all the things can go to do disaster. Before you start your design think of something which can reflect their personality. Think what your child would like to have in their room or simply ask them.

2. Consider their Age

We should consider this fact, that your kids are going to grow so fast beyond your imagination; that the room you are designing now, need to redesign again after some years, so try and anticipate the future before investing on any furniture and storage.

3. Pick a theme

The best way to pick a theme while your kids bedroom design is to check on their likes and dislike. See what is your kids passionate about, for example, if your kids like singing, you can add some instrumental set ups even a wallpaper would work here. These small things will lead you in the entire designing plan. Lastly, do not forget to add as much colour as you can, which helps to give brightness to the room.

4. Create an outlay

An outline of the design will help you to plan accordingly, such as the placement of their bed, cabinet, desk, storage, etc. Don’t stuff your kid’s room better leave as much as the empty spaces you can as your children need space to be imaginative and creative.

5. Think about safety

Safety of your kids, should remain your prime concern from the planning stage of your kids bedroom design. Get a light weight and round edges furniture to avoid injuries while playing. Cover the easy to reach power sockets. Don’t use heavy wall hangings or if using then, secure it the with preventive measures to avoid falling.

Choose Furnitures:

Consider many things while choosing their furniture such as Safety, Quality, Space occupied, theme based etc. Furniture will be very helpful when it comes to organizing your kids toys.

1. Bed

The Bed is the main equipment and a centre of attraction for your child’s room. A bunk bed can give a playful space to your kid and also it has loads of style and provides multifunctional built-in shelving, staircases and storage units. A foldable drawer bed can also be a good option as it will be useful even when your kid grow up.

2. Cabinet

The storage can be a very big issue in a kid’s room, better you select a cabinet with enough storage to keep all their toys and reduce the mess. You can go for numerous drawers so that you can change the use of it later.

The growing kids just love to scribble and spoil all the painting of the wall, this issue can be solved by using blackboard paint on the closet unit, this will give them a personal space and gives you relaxation.

3. Writing Desk

A small separate area with a desk for doing homework will be very efficient. Choose a chair or desk size based on the space you have. But if you have very limited space, then you can go for foldable one, which can be folded away when not in use.

Add Decor:

Décor will give your kid’s room a finishing touch and will bring the scheme’s design elements together.

You can check the basic checklists for the final touch such as Bed cover, Hanging Shelf, Rugs/carpet, Bean bag, Lightings, etc,. Every small things count on the look of the room

Hope these tips will help you to get an idea of decorating your baby’s room. By following these tips in your kids bedroom design ideas, you can save money, time and can efficiently use your small space in the process.


Apartments in Chennai - Pros and cons of installing glass doors

Apr 25

Are you installing glass doors for your home? Check this out!

Are you planning to install a glass door to the front of your house? It is unquestionably a great choice for modern homes. Glass doors add a contemporary and urbane look for the exterior of the house. If that is the case, then never forget to know its advantages and disadvantages of glass doors which is a skipping choice for the regular wooden front doors in India.

Ask yourself a few questions before even considering this plan. Such as how well it contributes in offering you the privacy and safety you need. Do they require maintenance frequently? Is this really the favourable option for the front door?

You might have a lot of questions running through your mind while making the best possible decision as a homeowner. So let’s get to know the advantages and disadvantages of glass doors and you can make a sensible decision out of it.

Are they really safe?

The glass is a breakable material and is prone to cracks easily. Low-quality glass doors are not as strong & hard as wood. Burglars can easily break the glass and enter your house. This is the main reason why most Indians don’t prefer glass doors. But this can be solved by installing double-paned glass for the doors.

Another obvious reason is that it lacks to provide privacy. They allow trespassers a great view into your house and make it extremely easy for the robbers to check whether someone is at home or not. This is another significant reason people are still afraid to consider glass doors. It can be solved by fixing curtains to prevent people having a direct view.

The location and neighbourhood keep people from installing glass doors. These days most of the apartments and villas in Chennai OMR, Bangalore and other metro cities in India are developed in gated communities. These communities provide 24/7 security so you don’t have to have the fear of burglars.

Is it wise to install glass doors between living room and balcony in apartments?

Glass doors can save a lot of space and inflows natural light into the rooms. If you are living in high-rise apartments in Chennai those with living rooms leading to a beautiful balcony, then using glass doors as a divider is the best choice. You can enjoy the view sitting on the sofa in the living room.

In case of regular doors, you can often open the door to let in some sunlight. Also, a room without light looks dull and boring. In this circumstance, glass doors are the perfect solution. Don’t know how? For example, the effect of air conditioning is reduced when you open the doors during summer, while the rain ruins your apartment through an open door during winter. You can let in the light unimpeded by fixing glass doors dividing balcony and the living room or bedroom.

Also, remember to use well-insulated glass doors coming with UV protection. This helps in keeping your electricity bill low. The reason is usually the glass doors increase warmth inside the room by letting in sunlight.

Would glass doors make your home spacious and stylish?

People living in small houses may know spaciousness is all about visual illusion. Letting in sunlight in a room makes the room look spacious than it actually is. Wooden doors block the sunlight, whereas the glass doors help in amplifying the brightness of the room making the house look more spacious and airy. Another added advantage is that glass for front doors looks more stylish than any other doors. The amount of light in the room decides the overall ambiance of the room. The higher the natural light, more it enhances the beauty of the interiors in the room.


Flats in Chennai - Common hints that shows Your Kitchen Needs an Upgrade

Apr 4

Common hints that shows Your Kitchen Needs an Upgrade

No matter whether you own a small size apartment, or a luxurious rooftop Penthouse apartment, the kitchen is always regarded as the most important room in your home; your kitchen fills in as the central meeting place and your family’s most important space. Here are some common indications that your kitchen needs an overhaul:

1. Cramped for Space

One regular indicator that your kitchen isn’t working for your family is that you as often as possible get yourself alone in it. If your family avoids what ought to be the informal family room, the design might be confined and contracting. Consider an open kitchen intend to free up space and support social connections.

2. Cleaning Nightmare

Kitchens ought to be a considerable measure of things, yet messy certainly isn’t one of them. Strategically messy formats, foolish space, and split; peeling surfaces can make kitchens difficult to clean. Put resources into new ledges, present-day machines, and quality deck that can be wiped clean when there’s no other option.

3. An excessive amount of Countertop Clutter

Ledges covered with appliances always make your kitchen as unappealing and useless. If you end up falling back on counter space to store utensils or nourishment, then you have to re-evaluate your capacity choices. Open ledges free of messiness make a vaporous and availing kitchen that empowers fast food arrangement and simple discussion.

4. Frequented House

Does your kitchen look and feel more like a spooky house than a place to cook nourishment? Absent or broken cupboard entryways split tiles, and trashy appliances can influence a kitchen to resemble a relinquished house. Breathe life into it back with a redesign.

5. Capacity Black Hole

While everything appears to be elusive and distant, your kitchen is confronting a capacity issue that may require another design. If a fraction of the time you spend cooking is squandered burrowing through distant cupboards or swimming into dim drawers it may be an ideal opportunity to begin arranging an upgrade.

6. Fate and Gloom

Kitchens should be warm and welcoming, yet nothing ruins your craving like squinting to see your nourishment. Awful lighting can make your kitchen inauspicious and discouraging. Under-cupboard and overhead lighting can change a boring kitchen into a shimmering social center point.

7. Kitchen Bumper Cars

At the point when in excess of one individual is engaged in setting up a dinner, always chancing upon them is in excess of an inconvenience. Ensure that your kitchen can oblige a group by making unmistakable workstations and growing ways of development.

There is a considerable measure of motivations to update your kitchenKitchen redesigns are a speculation that pays you back if you choose to offer an extraordinarily enhances the capacity of your home enabling you to love your space much more!