apartments for sale - Why 2 BHK Is Always Preferable

Oct 3

8 Reasons Why 2 BHK Is Always Preferable

Buying a house is always a dream of everyone. And with the easy availability of home loans the youngsters are buying their dream house the very moment when they get a job. But, for the first time buyer, the dilemma appears when they started thinking how many rooms house would be better -1 BHK, 2 BHK or 3 BHK.

The well known real estate company like Alliance; answer this question by making more numbers of 2 BHK flats for sale than 1 BHK or 3 BHK. So, you can assume that if the supply is provided more, then it is only because of the high demand.

Let’s quickly get into the following reasons why in India, most of the people prefer to invest in 2 BHK flat other than 3 BHK.

1. The 2 BHK Flats are Easy to Get:

As said earlier, if you find any multi storey gated community apartments in Chennai, there will be mostly 2 BHK apartments in it. So, the time spend in searching is comparatively lesser when compared with studio apartment or 3/4 BHK apartment. Once you are sure with your location and budget, search for the flats for sale nearby definitely you will get many 2 BHK options to look for.

2. Future Reliable:

Yes, it is true that if you are a bachelor now or even if you are a newlywed couple then a 1BHK flat would be fine for you. But having an extra room can be a security for your future kids. Till then you can use it for other purposes.

3. More resale value:

As the demands are quite high, the resale value is always greater than invested. The percentage of profit is obviously depends upon the location and demand of the area, but getting a profit is for sure.

4. Affordable:

The main reason for going for 1 BHK is the less cost, but trust me that cost spend there, will be more useful than a future regrets. There are many builders who are making affordable houses for the clients to attract them. You can buy these houses or choose from an outskirt area where the houses are cheaper.

The buying a house is a lifetime investment. Usually we do by taking a loan and paying the EMI on a monthly basis. If you are going for a 2 BHK instead of 1 BHK, it won’t affect you much on the monthly installment basis as you are not paying the whole amount at once.

5. Rent:

Even if you do not want to sell your property you can just keep it in rent to get extra income. The opportunity of finding a tenant for a 2 BHK is easy. And the return on investment is also very high.

6. Space:

The size of a 2BHK flat varies from building to building. Even if the size of your 2BHK is equal to the 1 BHK of some other building still, the extra wall in between will do a lot for you. You can use of that space by making it any other room like home office, guest room, home office, etc.

7. Maintenance:

The size of the apartment and the amenities offered defines the maintenance cost of the house. Hence, 2 BHK flat will provide sufficient space for your living with the comparatively lower maintenance cost than 3 BHK.

8. Documentation:

The documentation for a 2 BHK flat is almost similar to 3 BHK or 1 BHK. So, you will not find it very difficult even if you change your mind. But if you already bought a 1 BHK flat, then to buy a 2 BHK flat in order to increase your space will take the same procedure.


gated community villas in chennai - Ready to Occupy Apartments in Chennai

Sep 5

Why Ready to Occupy Apartments are always in Demand?

Buying a home is a dream in everyone’s life and it is one of the important decision which they take in their life. And buying a home is a long-term investment and people put all their earned money into buying their dream home. When you decide to buy an apartment or a flat in Chennai, you’ve got options like a ready-to-move apartment, under construction apartments and pre-launch apartments. But, only the ready-to-occupy apartments are in demand these days and you will find various benefits and even you can avoid some risks which you find in another type of apartments. Here, let’s discuss a few reasons why there is a demand for ready to occupy apartments and what are the benefits involved in it.

1. Avoid risks

As you know, there are a lot of risks involved in the pre-launch and under-construction apartments, but you can’t find those risks in a ready-to-move apartment and the risk factors are:

  • Disputes
  • Delay in Possession
  • Lack of Amenities
  • Quality of construction
  • Change in the plans etc

But, in the case of a ready to occupy apartments, you will not find all these risks and you can just move immediately after the purchase. You can check out our luxury apartment in Chennai, which offers a scenic view of natural surroundings and it offers a high-quality lifestyle with world-class amenities!

2. Just pay for what you get

If you buy a property which is under construction, you will not know that how the project will look once it is done and you will have some assumptions by just considering the sample flat, but you will not find it similar to what you have seen in the sample flat. Even you will find it challenging to visualize the exact one which they deliver. In the case of the ready to occupy apartments, you can just see your actual home and you can experience each part of the home before you buy it and you can check for the amenities and all other things before you decide and book your home and you will not find any surprises when they deliver the home to you!

3. Tax benefits

You need to be very smart in the home purchasing decisions because some tax benefits are involved in it. And if you’re applying for a home loan for a property which is under-construction, then you are not supposed to pay tax on the annual basis. When your home is delivered, that time you can just claim the interest which you paid to the builder (as per the section 24 b, The Income Tax Act, 1961). And you can avoid these type of taxes when you buy a ready to occupy apartments.

4. No need to wait as it is a ready to occupy apartments

If you buy an under-construction property, you may have to sit for years to get your home and it will be mostly delayed due to certain reasons. But, in the case of a ready to occupy apartments, this problem can be avoided. But, after the RERA The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 the homebuyers feel safe and their properties are delivered on the specific timeframe which they have promised, but still, the ready-to-occupy apartment is the smart choice!

5. No Pre-EMI payments

As you know, you are supposed to pay the Pre-EMI payment, the interest which applies to your home loan even for your property which is under construction. And you will find a lot of pressure in paying Pre-EMI payments and in the ready-to-occupy apartment, you can avoid all these additional payments.

6. Stay away from rental payments

If you are buying an under-construction apartment, you may need to pay pre-EMI charges and the rent of your existing home and you finally end up in financial issues. So, you need to plan accordingly and buy a ready to occupy apartments to avoid this double payment.

So, you are getting ready to buy a ready-to-occupy apartment in Chennai with world-class amenities? And there are many ready-to-move apartments for sale in Chennai which are getting occupied day by day, Book your dream home today!


Flats in Chennai - why real estate is the best investment option

Apr 9

5 Unheard reasons why real estate is the best investment option

In an ideal world, each and every individual’s end goal is to settle in life with complete financial stability. It is such security, they long for where they would prefer not to confront any moment poverty stricken throughout everyday life. In the journey of making this dream come true, people search for investment options in the country. In such a case, real estate investment in India is the best investment option so far with low risks involved. Why has real estate become the ideal investment option in India? Here are a few reasons to find out why real estate investment is the best option in India.

1. It is the safest option:

Why is real estate viewed as the safest option? After all years of working hard, people generally seek reward which feels solid in their hands. Regardless of limitless bank balance, the feel of inner security is only attainable if you own a physical asset. It is a human nature that they need to see, touch and feel something. This is the reason people put resources into purchasing real estate properties. It gives such fulfillment from within and also you feel secure in knowing there will be sure price appreciation in the future. This is why the regular professionals owning regular flats in OMR feel more secure than someone who has a boundless bank balance.

2. You not only own a property, you control everything:

When you finally own a property fighting as a long-term tenant, you no longer live under someone’s rules. Owning your own particular property brings you more control. Just you have the expression of control whether to offer, purchase, expanding rents and everything. Another noteworthy reason confirming real estate investment is involved with fewer risks. Regardless of the external factors influences the real estate, at last, you are legitimately in charge of the decisions you make.

3. It is the finest investment with excellent tax benefits:

Even if the property is vacant, the property owners can claim a deduction of up to 2 Lakhs on their home loan interest. On the off chance that you have a rental investment property, then the entire sum you pay for the home loan is termed as a deduction. Remember to take account of all the expenses of the maintenance, rental repairs, utilities, and insurance on the investment property to lessen the taxes.

4. The returns are always in the increasing end:

One significant advantage of real estate investments which you can expect that the value of the properties will never decrease with time. When you buy flats in Chennai, the price of the unit will only get higher and higher over decades and never gets low. Property investments are proven as a stable and best investment option in India. The reason why we invest in properties is that they have never lost their value anytime. There is always a demand for housing units in all the countries. Thus, only properties have greater stability than any other possessions.

5. It serves as the best retirement plan:

Traditionally, owning a property is not only an investment but it is a matter of pride for the most part. It gives the certainty and pride that you are never again reliant on an insecure element. Cases like retirements, individuals who are planning for a safe after-retirement life, real estate never cease to benefit you. It guarantees you an ensured secure future. If you plan and implement with a better knowledge of real estate, it would make the best investment option for a retirement plan for the upcoming years.


real estate company - Why it is too good to invest in Chennai Real Estate

Jan 29

Why is it good to invest in Chennai Real Estate?

As you know, the Chennai Real Estate market value is increasing every day. At present, many real estate companies are just investing their money in Chennai since it provides better returns. Here, let’s discuss that why it is too good to invest in the Chennai real estate market.

1. Sub-Urban Areas

In Chennai, you can find many suburban areas and still, all those areas are kept unexplored. But, the demand for housing is very high in Chennai. And the areas like OMR, Sholinganallur, Medavakkam, Siruseri, Oragadam are not explored by many large companies and this resulted in the increase of real estate market value. And now, the potential companies started working on these suburban areas.

2. Demand for housing

The demand for housing is more and it is because of the migration of people from other parts of India. Many people get jobs and they are arriving in Chennai. So, these people are in need of housing and the real estate market is benefited because of this migration process.

3. Infrastructure developments

In the recent times, the Chennai has witnessed amazing infrastructural and even commercial developments. And this kind of developments directly influenced the real estate market and it created a huge demand among the people. Here, you can find a lot of job opportunities and this created an increase in real estate prices and people are just ready to invest in new homes.

4. Interest of people

The people in Chennai and their interest are just scattered and they will have different budget categories. After analyzing this, the real estate companies started creating projects on different budgets for potential customers. Everyone loves to buy a home and there is always a huge demand, but it falls into different categories like budget apartments to luxury apartments.

5. Chennai Real Estate Market:

The Real estate market in Chennai will always a huge demand and the rate of growth has been continuing for many years without any slumps. And the market will never go down in this industry. This is why it is too good to invest in Chennai real estate projects.

This is the right time to invest in a new home. And if you are looking for flat for sale in Chennai, kindly visit alliance group to book your dream home!