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Aug 9

Studio Apartment Décor & Designing Tips

Bought a Studio apartment? Do not worry because of its size. You just need to be creative to use your imagination and give your small space a lavishing look.

Studio apartment is also known as bachelor apartment, studio flats or efficiency apartments. The Studio apartments for sale has been increasing its popularity because it is less expensive, perfect for bachelors and Easy to clean. But due to lack of space, people find it difficult to décor it to the fullest, so here I am sharing a few tips to make use of every inch of your flat and keep things light, functional and above all to give it the style it deserve.

1. Use a creative Room Divider to Define Your Space:

A divider can act like a wall and give your studio flat rooms to differentiate its functions.

  • Curtain: The curtain is the easiest way to make a divider in your house. You can put the curtain to separate the bedroom or dining room to the living room.
  • Movable wall: You can use the movable wall to build a separation according to the need.
  • Glass: Use sliding or folding Glass partition or normal glass itself to get a dynamic and flexible space separation.
  • Sliding wooden doors: Make a false wall with sliding PVC, plywood as a room divider.
  • Metal: Metal-mesh panels used as a separation knack for beds or furnitures.
  • Double-Duty Dividers: In a small space room better to choose a multifunctional asset which can work as a divider as well as other functions too such as shelve, furniture etc
  • Bookshelf: As said above, in a single room you cannot afford to have accessories with single functionality, hence use your bookshelf for dividing your room.
  • Furniture: Arranging your furniture to create a division between areas.
  • Rugs: Why dividing only vertically even your floor needs division, divide two rooms with rugs, carpet or paints.
2. Make space for your Closet:

The closet may take some space but it will definitely helpful to clear off the cluttering from the apartment.

  • Build it yourself: It is hard to find space for your normal closet. Create your own open customised fitted closet through the wall. This closet is an open type closet with racks in different levels to keep more clothes
  • Headboard: You can be creative to hang your clothes as a headboard above your bed to give your room a colourful touch.
  • Create a Walk-in Closet: If you have a little more space you can give it for your small closet room by creating a wall to separate it. It all depends upon your style and preferences.
  • Hideaway Closet: You can install a hideaway Closet to hide all of the clutter such as small furniture, to make the space feel more neat and clean.
3. Bed Myth-it takes most of your space:

Bed being the most important furniture of your house takes most of your space and leaves you with adjustment but not anymore; check these tips to change your belief

  • Turn Your Bed into a Daybed: This bed can be use as a couch at day time and bed at night
  • Foldable bed: foldable bed is the amazing way to have a big bed without consuming much space.
  • Suspended bed: Elevate the bed and give yourself more space underneath to keep other essentials
  • Hide the half: You can partially hide the bed in the closed cabinet and use the other half as a couch.
  • Hide it under the floor: Elevate the kitchen floor by making a false floor and hide the bed underneath
  • Drop-leaf tables: To use the table only when needed.
  • Bespoke cabinetry and joinery: A customised wooden joinery and cabinet to use the corner too.
  • Focus on Double-Duty Furniture: Like bed with storage unit, storage bench, Shelf as room divider, dresser as bedside table, Build in desk in bookshelf, a Combo-box of all the furniture in one unit etc
  • Storage: Think more of storage unit to reduce clutters. Such as full wall shelves, hanging shelves, Dual side shelf,
  • Down-sized pieces: Eliminate excess furniture and keep only what is necessary.
  • Movable wall in combination with folding wall bed: Nothing can be more interesting than this to transform the entire apartment. It’s amazing have a foldable bed with a wall with attached shelf to conceal it beautifully
4. Final thought:

I would like to conclude the design solutions for space challenged studio flat with the ideas of other furniture which you can effectively used in your small space.

  • Drop-leaf tables: To use the table only when needed.
  • Bespoke cabinetry and joinery: A customised wooden joinery and cabinet to use the corner too.
  • Focus on Double-Duty Furniture: Like bed with storage unit, storage bench, Shelf as room divider, dresser as bedside table, Build in desk in bookshelf, a Combo-box of all the furniture in one unit etc
  • Storage: Think more of storage unit to reduce clutters. Such as full wall shelves, hanging shelves, Dual side shelf,
  • Down-sized pieces: Eliminate excess furniture and keep only what is necessary.


Flats in chennai - Fun Things To Do when Home Alone and Bored

Aug 4

Fun Things To Do when Home Alone and Bored

Everyone die to be home alone, but once they are, they literally wanna die. In a serious note, even people always want to be home alone, but they never plan what actually want to do at that moment. And as a result, you get bored within hours of being alone in your apartments in Chennai.

There are hundreds of different entertainment options which you can do when you are home alone or getting bored. Let’s discuss a few which can help you in your bore hours.


1. Pamper yourself

When your house is full of people you may do not have got a chance of pampering yourself. You can take the opportunity of being home alone. Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do in your free time.


(a) Try new look:

Got bored of your look? Give an attempt to change it a little bit. Try different hair style you admire whether it is a pony tail, bun, or plaits. Or just a little change in the way you wear your scarf.

Or get a temporary look, say if you always wear salwar try some of your mother’s saree on that day. If you do not know how to drape a saree, nothing will be better than to learn a new thing.

Or copy your favourite stars. Wear clumsy dresses and flaunt yourself. Remember, it is your day and nobody is there to judge you.

(b) Click pictures of yourself

Without any doubts, selfies are mandatory with all those new trials. Share it in social media checks others opinion on your new look.

(c) Little workout

Do a little exercise, aerobic, yoga, meditation anything you like. Check online videos and copy a few of it. It will engage you for some time, but if you liked it you can do it every day.

(d) Try different face mask

Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do. With all those pollution and stressful weekdays you spent outside can be bartered with one day of rest. Give yourself the full attention whenever you are home alone. Detoxify your face with face mask, steaming or apply cream to make it glow.

(e) Shop online:

Give yourself a treat. Buy something online whatever you like. If you do not have anything in particular, then just scroll down some of the pages of e-commerce sites definitely you will end up liking something.

(f) Cook or Bake

This is the time to show your talent in cooking. And if your mother does not prepare anything for you, then take it as an excuse to give it a try. Do not get scared of the failure. If it does not come out well, clean the area like you never had cooked.

(g) Sleep:

If you are being very lazy to do any of these and need just to relax, then go for a long sleep. Sleeping is a very good remedy to get out from all your stress.


2. Entertain yourself:

(a) Try musically:

Musically is trending day by day. If you have never tried it before, then this is the right time to start it. Copy your favourite actors or your favourite songs and become a model of your own social media page.

(b) Watch a movie

This is the most common thing people do whenever they are home alone. Check what is featured in television. Or download some of your favourite old movies to rewind your memory.

(c) Watch funny video online

Laughter not only will help you to divert your mind, but also effective in burning calories. And who does not want to be fit without working hard.

(d) Sing songs

The bathroom singer inside you can work its talent when you are home alone. Sing as loud as you can, full house is yours.

(e) Listen songs

If you do not want to sing, you can play your favourite music and listen whole day.

(f) Throw a party

Now when you already started with the singing, let’s add some dance to create a concert environ in your small residential apartment in Chennai

(g) Play video game

You can spend your whole day playing video game. Better get a game online and play with a person from another corner of the world.

(h) Read a novel

If you are a bookworm, then there is no need to find your happiness anywhere. Just dig yourself in a novel until anybody comes.


3. Do Productive

Being home alone does not mean you should only find the excuses to waste your time. Let’s see how you can utilize it in a productive manner.

(a) Cleaning

Clean your room, do the laundry, organize your room’s cupboard and throw the waste outside. In this way you can give your parents a shock. Obviously, no parents would ever think that there kid can be this productive when left home alone.

(b) Paint

Give a try to paint some basic things. Or maybe your own portray? Colours will bring your thoughts in the white paper.  You will be amazed to see the beautiful outcome of your new talent.

(c) Try some DIY home décor

Make some DIY with the waste product of your house. Like using papers, wood, stick, etc.

(d) Learn something new

You are never too old to learn new things. See some youtube videos. Whether it is about to increase your educational skills or normal day to day activities. Once learnt will be helpful for years.


4. Catch up

Last but not the least; catch up with the friends or relatives with whom you have not talked for long. Have an hour long conversation or plan to meet them someday to tell your life updates


Affordable housing schemes India.jpg

Jul 28

Affordable housing scheme in India

The biggest dream of everyone here in India is to own a house. Owning a home is pride, and for some, it is a need. But still, half of the population is hunting for an own residence. On having the report, the Government proposed a solid Idea – The “Affordable housing scheme” to bring affordable homes for the low-income group in India.
As India has many numbers of low and middle group people, who cannot afford to buy their own home. Under the launch of the Affordable housing  scheme by the government, people are getting the shelter – being the third most important necessity after food and clothes.

Affordable housing schemes in India

1. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY): 2015

PMAY is an NDA government’s flagship Affordable housing scheme implementing in between 2015-2022, aiming for ‘Housing For All’. This scheme is divided into 4 parts


(a) In-situ slum redevelopment (ISSR):

Under this scheme the government uses the land of the slum dweller to make a house for them. The scheme has leveraged by the large number of slum area in India. With the private partnership with the eligible slum dweller, the government can use to develop their slum land to make affordable houses.

(b) Credit-linked subsidy scheme (CLSS): 

Under this scheme, Credit-linked subsidy will be provided to the EWS Economically Weaker Section (EWS) and Low Income Group (LIG) on Home loans. The subsidy is provided on both for buying or constructing of house to the urban poor

  • EWS with the annual Household Income Up to Rs.3 lakh/annum and house sizes upto the carpet area of 30 sq.m. Upto loan amount 6 lakh at 6.5 interest subsidy.
  • LIG with the annual Household Income from 3 lakh to Rs. 6 lakh/annum and house size upto the carpet area of 60 sq.m. Upto loan amount 6 lakh at 6.5 interest subsidy.

(c) Affordable housing in partnership (AHP):

Under this scheme, Affordable house are provided to the EWS groups with financial assistance from with different partnerships by States/UTs/Cities with the private sector. Each EWS house gets Rs. 1.5 Lakh Central Assistance when at least 35% of the total constructed houses are for EWS category.

(d) Subsidy for Beneficiary-led individual house construction/enhancement. 

Under this scheme, a subsidy is provided to EWS category people to construct or renovate their existing houses. Assistance of ₹ 1.5 lakh per family is provided for new construction.


2. Rajiv Awas Yojna: (2011)

Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) is an affordable housing scheme announced in 2009 aiming for a “Slum Free India”.This affordable housing scheme includes:

a. The slum properties are used to make apartments for the slum land owner.
b. Encourages the state and union territories (UT) to bring all illegal constructions within a formal system.
c. Affordable housing in partnership (AHP) with the States & UTs. Each EWS house gets Rs. 75,000 Central Assistance for house sizes upto the carpet area of 21 to 40 sq.m when at least 250 dwelling units of the total construction project.


3. Interest Subsidy for Housing the Urban Poor (ISHUP): 2009

This scheme mandates subsidy of 5% p.a in interest on housing loans upto Rs. 1.00 lakh loan amount to the EWS and LIG as part of credit.

Under this affordable housing scheme, the Minister for Housing and Urban Poverty included the Regional Rural Banks (RRBs), Private & public sector Banks and Self Help Groups (SHGs) for expanding credit flow to the housing sector.

This scheme also encourages the poor sections (EWS & LIG) to avail for housing loan facilities.


4. National Urban Housing & Habitat Policy: (2007)

The core focus of this Policy is supply of “Affordable Housing For All” with special emphasis on low income sections of society such the urban poor, SC/ST, BC and Minorities.

It promotes and accelerates the development of cost-effective & quality approved building by the use of modern technologies. And special Provision given to Women to own a house.


5. Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM): 2005

JNNURM is a city modernisation scheme has two components

  1. Basic Services for Urban poor (BSUP)
  2. Integrated Housing and Slum Development Programme (IHSDP): development of slums by providing affordable houses with basic amenities

There are many real estate company making affordable apartments in Chennai for encouraging the middle class group to buy their own house.

The Central government is coming up with so many affordable housing schemes to balance the demand and supply of the houses. Apart from that, many State Governments like Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat etc are also encouraging EWS, low and middle income groups to afford houses either by loan subsidy, rental benefits or by constructing affordable houses.

apartments in chennai - How to Find a Right Apartment at Affordable Price

Jul 27

How to Find a Right Apartment at Affordable Price

You move to an economically evolved city. You couldn’t find a townhouse for an average price. People shift to cities for job, career and a better life. Once, you adopted the city lifestyle. They plan to get settled in this crowded culture. And our quest for a right apartment at an affordable price.
There will be a hunt for a perfect home under budget. The apartments are likely to be in demand. They come with a full package of facilities and amenities. And, with a 24*7 security gated community. People get drawn in towards it.

Hope you are scrolling the browsers to find a great apartment in your city. You have checked through lots of established builders. The one, who has enrolled as a best among the list. On getting into the assignment, we must think prior. We have to choose our right location, lifestyle, budget etc.

So, to find an apartment with an affordable housing definition. We have a few aspects to consider.

1. Location

Location is a major reason to look for because it’s the base for your home.

  • Your apartment should hold up a value. Today and also especially tomorrow. The extra credit value of the land will drag the location with all the facilities.
  • Peace is what everyone need is. We are not in love with the sounded environment with populated vehicles, crowd and pollution. The place should drive a tranquillity with good environs.
  • Look for the basic needs like transportation, pharmacy and supermarket etc. The locality should fulfil our basic needs before stepping into the luxury.
2. Budget

As the topic says it as affordable housing, It needs to one of the divisors while buying your home in a metro city.

  • You have enough payment procedures abandoned with extra money to pay off. So, plan accordingly before committing to a property.
  • Though you can apply for the loan and the housing scheme, we should pay some money in hand. Your loan approval may get delayed, so contrive an idea to handle it.
  • Personal pocket-friendly, with an affordable price your house is valued for money. And you can have a decent life in an apartment than a rented one.
3. Quality & Facility

Don’t you think these two matters a lot in choosing your right home? These two elements evaluate your home under quality and facility.

  • Quality says it all, try to figure out the other projects by the same builder and get to know the customer feedback. You will get some ideas about it.
  • You should ratify all your clarification with the customer service apartment. It helps immensely to choose the good.
  • Glance through around for the facilities you were accessible and mobile.

Buy a home with no pressure after you start habitat. We should never be pushed with the stress of EMI or huge loans. Live a happy life in your affordable zone.

Live a Happy life in an Affordable Price!


What is affordable housing mean? - Apartments in Chennai

Jul 26

What is affordable housing mean?

In the real estate industry, the affordable housing has become a global concern as it provides an opportunity for those people who find financial difficulties in purchasing their dream home. So the real estate builders are setting up affordable housing plans to develop more affordable housing units in both the developed and developing cities in India. This is a better alternative to the expensive properties for the Lower-Income-Group (LIG) home buyers. However, the “affordability” differs from country to country and also between cities. On the whole, the word “affordable” differs based on the demographics which are now exclusively making the dreams of the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) & (LIG) people come true. So people can now purchase affordable apartments anywhere with the same comfort, security and features like the regular apartments in OMR Chennai and in any other parts of the city.

How important is the affordable housing in India?

The homeownership is not only the prime criteria for developing the affordable homes in order to help the people of certain demographics. There is much more to consider beyond the homeownership here. Also, the affordable housing projects are just not limited to the below the line, or for people who fall under the poverty line. It also includes

• The families earning an annual income of about 1 lakh rupees fall under the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) category.

• Also, the families who earn an annual income of between 1 Lakh to 2 Lakh rupees fall under the Lower-Income-Group (LIG) category.

• These people who come under these two categories are exclusively focused and applicable for the affordable housing scheme.

• The main reason behind this affordable housing development is to lessen the migration of working-class people since their needs are still unfulfilled.

• So this housing initiative provides the strong anchor of home ownership as well as supports a better lifestyle and provides financial security without having to migrate from place to place.

Is the affordable housing only for EWS & LIG’s?

People are confused about whether the affordable housing schemes are limited to only the EWS & LIG categories. But it is not. This is where the real definition of affordability comes into context. The meaning of affordability is wider than you know; it is to create segments of living spaces making homes affordable for a large segment of demographics. It also applies to the residents in the local city who are financially strong to purchase homes than the EWS and LIG.

These people are able to buy these affordable apartments developed in the outskirts of the city which comes with a decent price tag. But, they are counted as unfortunate to buy the regular apartments in the city or any other prime location. In Conclusion, people who are slightly strong financially than the EWS and LIG also come under this demographic.

Another aspect of affordable housing is that though how many affordable homes are under sale in the outskirts but less in the city is considered the city lacking affordable homes. This clearly states the city is deficient of affordable properties in the city areas. So eventually the people who are above the level of EWS & LIG is considered as potential home buyers as they can afford a 20 lakhs worth apartment since no one prefers to reside outskirts in an apartment worth 40 lakhs.

In conclusion, affordable housing is a new opening gate for all those people who dream of owning a home in their life to grab the anchor of “home ownership” and a property of their own. So grab this opportunity and own your property under the affordable housing scheme immediately.

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flats for sale in chennai - kids bedroom design for small spaces

Jul 18

Kids Bedroom Design For Small Spaces

Your child’s room can be the most challenging room for you to design. And even more difficult if you have only a small space in your apartments in Chennai. But, the best thing is – this is the only room, where you can explore your imagination and be very creative to design. So, let’s get started with the kids bedroom design ideas right from the stage of planning.

Basic Decision to make first:

Before you begin with any work first give yourself some time to consider a few things.

1. Your child personality

Whatever you do for your kid room but if your kid does not like it all the things can go to do disaster. Before you start your design think of something which can reflect their personality. Think what your child would like to have in their room or simply ask them.

2. Consider their Age

We should consider this fact, that your kids are going to grow so fast beyond your imagination; that the room you are designing now, need to redesign again after some years, so try and anticipate the future before investing on any furniture and storage.

3. Pick a theme

The best way to pick a theme while your kids bedroom design is to check on their likes and dislike. See what is your kids passionate about, for example, if your kids like singing, you can add some instrumental set ups even a wallpaper would work here. These small things will lead you in the entire designing plan. Lastly, do not forget to add as much colour as you can, which helps to give brightness to the room.

4. Create an outlay

An outline of the design will help you to plan accordingly, such as the placement of their bed, cabinet, desk, storage, etc. Don’t stuff your kid’s room better leave as much as the empty spaces you can as your children need space to be imaginative and creative.

5. Think about safety

Safety of your kids, should remain your prime concern from the planning stage of your kids bedroom design. Get a light weight and round edges furniture to avoid injuries while playing. Cover the easy to reach power sockets. Don’t use heavy wall hangings or if using then, secure it the with preventive measures to avoid falling.

Choose Furnitures:

Consider many things while choosing their furniture such as Safety, Quality, Space occupied, theme based etc. Furniture will be very helpful when it comes to organizing your kids toys.

1. Bed

The Bed is the main equipment and a centre of attraction for your child’s room. A bunk bed can give a playful space to your kid and also it has loads of style and provides multifunctional built-in shelving, staircases and storage units. A foldable drawer bed can also be a good option as it will be useful even when your kid grow up.

2. Cabinet

The storage can be a very big issue in a kid’s room, better you select a cabinet with enough storage to keep all their toys and reduce the mess. You can go for numerous drawers so that you can change the use of it later.

The growing kids just love to scribble and spoil all the painting of the wall, this issue can be solved by using blackboard paint on the closet unit, this will give them a personal space and gives you relaxation.

3. Writing Desk

A small separate area with a desk for doing homework will be very efficient. Choose a chair or desk size based on the space you have. But if you have very limited space, then you can go for foldable one, which can be folded away when not in use.

Add Decor:

Décor will give your kid’s room a finishing touch and will bring the scheme’s design elements together.

You can check the basic checklists for the final touch such as Bed cover, Hanging Shelf, Rugs/carpet, Bean bag, Lightings, etc,. Every small things count on the look of the room

Hope these tips will help you to get an idea of decorating your baby’s room. By following these tips in your kids bedroom design ideas, you can save money, time and can efficiently use your small space in the process.


Apartments in Chennai - ways to spice up your rental kitchen

May 18

4 Effortless ways to spice up your rental kitchen

The most common issue every tenant feels is that they don’t get to revamp their rental spaces as they desire. With the frequent switching of rental spaces limits them from redecorating the place. Moreover, tenants are restricted to revamping or redecorating the rental space in most of the apartments in Chennai and other parts of India. Fortunate are those who buy individual houses of their own and redo as how they want their place to be.

In fact, the most used room of any house is the kitchen. This room is prone to high foot traffic as you cook on an average of three times in a day and expecting the space to be comfortable is an acceptable thought of any tenant. With limits surrounding in the renting life, you can still decorate your kitchen as you want without revamping the structure. Here are a few possible ways to spice up your rental kitchen feel like home by adding some personality.

1. Create your own colour scheme

Creating an organized colour scheme builds the aesthetic beauty of the kitchen naturally. This is one of the easiest way to put all together. Rather than painting the whole kitchen with one single colour, try to match the personal items such that it coordinates with each other. Creating a cohesive colour scheme can make the kitchen feel homey rather than the usual rental one. For instance, match up the colours of the stools to the plates and glassware in the kitchen. If you want a black colour scheme, then try to coordinate the colours of the equipments in the kitchen. This creates a well-organized view effortlessly. Rather, focusing on the small hues and shades and matching up accordingly makes a wonderful colour scheme which is irreplaceable by painting. You can concentrate on tiny parts of the kitchen and match up can create a detailed and finest kitchen interior ever!

2. Attractive furniture is the way

Furniture adds some visual interest to the interior design of the kitchen. You may have to buy a few pieces if you live in the semi or unfurnished rental apartments. Besides the ornamental decoration, including unique and attention-grabbing furniture to the kitchen can really appear appealing. Make a statement with bold and unified colour scheme furniture and create a focal point. If you cannot match the colours to the interiors of the kitchen, then play safe by coordinating shapes. Out the regular geometric shaped furniture, try something interesting pieces with shapely curves and elegant designs. If possible, coordinate at least two hues in the kitchen such that it doesn’t look out of place.

3. Layer the floor with a rug

Adding a rug to a rental kitchen adds an additional protection by layering the floor space. Rather than going through a series of flooring options, try to sketch out the best rug possible for your rental kitchen. However, it is impossible to revamp the floors as you have limits being a tenant. Instead, pick the rug of a proper size and colour that matches the scheme you’ve created with colours and furniture already. This improves the aesthetic view of the kitchen by half. Rugs can improve the appearance of the kitchen which most of the decorative ways fail to do.

4. Match with the wall art

The kitchen is no exception in the list of rooms to include a wall art. Choose a wall art that reflects your personality and taste. Include a wall art in the kitchen that imparts your character and choices to boost the charisma of the kitchen. Try something of a piece that connects with the colour scheme you desire to have. You can either hang or place it in the existing shelve to make a gallery wall art if you are living in spacious apartments.

Rental spaces are the places you pay for; making it homey is completely your personal choice. Hope these ways can help you improve the interiors of your rental kitchen that transforms homier and feel like it’s yours. Add a bit of your own creativity and innovativeness to make the best out of the space and transform your rental space into one of those luxury Gated community villas in OMR you dream of.


Apartments in Chennai - Pros and cons of installing glass doors

Apr 25

Are you installing glass doors for your home? Check this out!

Are you planning to install a glass door to the front of your house? It is unquestionably a great choice for modern homes. Glass doors add a contemporary and urbane look for the exterior of the house. If that is the case, then never forget to know its advantages and disadvantages of glass doors which is a skipping choice for the regular wooden front doors in India.

Ask yourself a few questions before even considering this plan. Such as how well it contributes in offering you the privacy and safety you need. Do they require maintenance frequently? Is this really the favourable option for the front door?

You might have a lot of questions running through your mind while making the best possible decision as a homeowner. So let’s get to know the advantages and disadvantages of glass doors and you can make a sensible decision out of it.

Are they really safe?

The glass is a breakable material and is prone to cracks easily. Low-quality glass doors are not as strong & hard as wood. Burglars can easily break the glass and enter your house. This is the main reason why most Indians don’t prefer glass doors. But this can be solved by installing double-paned glass for the doors.

Another obvious reason is that it lacks to provide privacy. They allow trespassers a great view into your house and make it extremely easy for the robbers to check whether someone is at home or not. This is another significant reason people are still afraid to consider glass doors. It can be solved by fixing curtains to prevent people having a direct view.

The location and neighbourhood keep people from installing glass doors. These days most of the apartments and villas in Chennai OMR, Bangalore and other metro cities in India are developed in gated communities. These communities provide 24/7 security so you don’t have to have the fear of burglars.

Is it wise to install glass doors between living room and balcony in apartments?

Glass doors can save a lot of space and inflows natural light into the rooms. If you are living in high-rise apartments in Chennai those with living rooms leading to a beautiful balcony, then using glass doors as a divider is the best choice. You can enjoy the view sitting on the sofa in the living room.

In case of regular doors, you can often open the door to let in some sunlight. Also, a room without light looks dull and boring. In this circumstance, glass doors are the perfect solution. Don’t know how? For example, the effect of air conditioning is reduced when you open the doors during summer, while the rain ruins your apartment through an open door during winter. You can let in the light unimpeded by fixing glass doors dividing balcony and the living room or bedroom.

Also, remember to use well-insulated glass doors coming with UV protection. This helps in keeping your electricity bill low. The reason is usually the glass doors increase warmth inside the room by letting in sunlight.

Would glass doors make your home spacious and stylish?

People living in small houses may know spaciousness is all about visual illusion. Letting in sunlight in a room makes the room look spacious than it actually is. Wooden doors block the sunlight, whereas the glass doors help in amplifying the brightness of the room making the house look more spacious and airy. Another added advantage is that glass for front doors looks more stylish than any other doors. The amount of light in the room decides the overall ambiance of the room. The higher the natural light, more it enhances the beauty of the interiors in the room.


Apartments for sale in Chennai - Best spots to visit in Chennai this summer!

Apr 11

Best spots to visit in Chennai this summer!

The rich and elegant culture of South India prospers in the city’s capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. It is a stunning mix of nature with current city life, as the wild Bay of Bengal goes through the core of the metropolitan. Be at Chennai to unfurl a brilliant period of India.

1. Marina Beach

Recorded as the second biggest shoreline of the world, Chennai’s biggest mark the Marina beach is the most happening spot of the city. As the wonderful beams of the sun spread over the sands and blue waters of the shoreline, the city changes into a paradise. Other than lounging in the glow of the delicate sands, travelers can appreciate angling at the Marina Beach. The blue sky with windsurfing or invigorate your adrenaline with colourful diversions of shoreline volleyball. Be it, whether you reside in a small-size apartment or in a Luxury apartment in Chennai, you can never miss the peaceful walk in the marina coastline during hot days!

2. Semmozhi Poonga

Built across 20 acres of land sprawling knoll, Semmozhi Poonga is a happening spot located in the midst of the rushing about of the city. Take a few snapshots of isolation at the cool shadows of 500 trees in the recreation center, which are as old as a hundred year and are furnished with therapeutic properties. The crystalline waters of the lake upgrade the magnificence of the recreation center while the see-saws, swings and other play structures draw in the children.

3. National Art Gallery

As you approach the exemplary red sandstone working of the National Art Gallery of Chennai, you appear to move back in time. With its valuable Tanjore works of art, brilliant sketches of Ravi Varma; it displays the rich culture of India. The Rock and Cave Art Gallery of the National Art Gallery is a surprises trucking creation.

4. Theosophical Society

As soon as you get in the paradisaical greenery enclosures of the Theosophical society, you are welcomed by twitters of various flying creatures. The rich greenery of 260 sections of land of the Serene Gardens of Theosophical Society is adored by transitory feathered creatures. Almost With nearly two hundred books, various palms leaved compositions and religious books, the library of the general public is a bank of knowledge and learning. The 450 years of age banyan tree at the core of the garden not exclusively is the homes for the avian life, yet in addition a history in itself, being one of the biggest trees of the world.

5. Pulicat Lake

Situated on the outskirts of Tamil Nadu, this reflected water of Pulicat Lake is perfect for vessel travels. Travellers can appreciate angling and feathered creature viewing from the watercrafts. Close to the lake the famous Nellapattu Bird Sanctuary. From the fish adoring flamingos to the bright kingfishers, from the flawless pelicans to the shrouded ibis, the haven is musical with twitters of various feathered creatures.

7. Travel to Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a union territory which is located 140 km away from Chennai on the East coast road. Pondicherry is the biggest French settlement in India. The city has a long and intriguing history of exchange and war. There is a solid French impact in the city, particularly in the old quarters, with Rues and Boulevards fixed with Mediterranean style houses and bread kitchens, in spite of the fact that the city stays especially Indian. French is as yet comprehended, and the entire city makes for rather a wonderful blend of East and West. It is otherwise called The French Riviera of the East. If you’ve invested some energy in Tamil Nadu and moved toward Pondicherry via arriving, you’ll likely experience gentle culture stun on finding French design and eateries serving steak and great wine.

The road from Chennai to Pondicherry (the East Coast Road, generally called ECR) is a grand expressway and a typical trip would take a maximum of 3 hours. This course goes through Mahabalipuram, Kalpakkam, Pudupattinam, Idaikkazhinadu (Alamparai Fort additionally called Alampara Fort), Mudaliarkuppam (has a cool boat storage), Marakkanam (contains huge regions under salt skillet), Kanagachettikulam/Kalapet and so on before achieving Pondicherry.

There isn’t much to do in Pondicherry. You would comprehend this better once you arrive and comprehend the pace of life. Apart from general sightseeing, there are neighbourhood associations which offer exceptional intrigue visits to see Pondicherry in an alternate point of view. They offer a healthy affair to outside voyagers and to their nation individuals like strolling visits (Tamil quarter and French quarter), Pondicherry rustic experience, food visits, cooking demo of Pondicherry old formulas, weaving workshops, hands-on bamboo, design craftsmanship encounter, melodic trail, encountering the nearby amusement “petanque”, manikin appears, high quality paper visits with workshop and considerably more.

Last yet not the minimum; revive your taste buds with the tart sambar, fresh hot dosas, solid idlis and unique South Indian espresso. Henceforth, there are a total bundle of stimulation, history, workmanship and culture, a diamond to visit in Chennai.


Flats in Chennai - why real estate is the best investment option

Apr 9

5 Unheard reasons why real estate is the best investment option

In an ideal world, each and every individual’s end goal is to settle in life with complete financial stability. It is such security, they long for where they would prefer not to confront any moment poverty stricken throughout everyday life. In the journey of making this dream come true, people search for investment options in the country. In such a case, real estate investment in India is the best investment option so far with low risks involved. Why has real estate become the ideal investment option in India? Here are a few reasons to find out why real estate investment is the best option in India.

1. It is the safest option:

Why is real estate viewed as the safest option? After all years of working hard, people generally seek reward which feels solid in their hands. Regardless of limitless bank balance, the feel of inner security is only attainable if you own a physical asset. It is a human nature that they need to see, touch and feel something. This is the reason people put resources into purchasing real estate properties. It gives such fulfillment from within and also you feel secure in knowing there will be sure price appreciation in the future. This is why the regular professionals owning regular flats in OMR feel more secure than someone who has a boundless bank balance.

2. You not only own a property, you control everything:

When you finally own a property fighting as a long-term tenant, you no longer live under someone’s rules. Owning your own particular property brings you more control. Just you have the expression of control whether to offer, purchase, expanding rents and everything. Another noteworthy reason confirming real estate investment is involved with fewer risks. Regardless of the external factors influences the real estate, at last, you are legitimately in charge of the decisions you make.

3. It is the finest investment with excellent tax benefits:

Even if the property is vacant, the property owners can claim a deduction of up to 2 Lakhs on their home loan interest. On the off chance that you have a rental investment property, then the entire sum you pay for the home loan is termed as a deduction. Remember to take account of all the expenses of the maintenance, rental repairs, utilities, and insurance on the investment property to lessen the taxes.

4. The returns are always in the increasing end:

One significant advantage of real estate investments which you can expect that the value of the properties will never decrease with time. When you buy flats in Chennai, the price of the unit will only get higher and higher over decades and never gets low. Property investments are proven as a stable and best investment option in India. The reason why we invest in properties is that they have never lost their value anytime. There is always a demand for housing units in all the countries. Thus, only properties have greater stability than any other possessions.

5. It serves as the best retirement plan:

Traditionally, owning a property is not only an investment but it is a matter of pride for the most part. It gives the certainty and pride that you are never again reliant on an insecure element. Cases like retirements, individuals who are planning for a safe after-retirement life, real estate never cease to benefit you. It guarantees you an ensured secure future. If you plan and implement with a better knowledge of real estate, it would make the best investment option for a retirement plan for the upcoming years.


Flats in Chennai - Common hints that shows Your Kitchen Needs an Upgrade

Apr 4

Common hints that shows Your Kitchen Needs an Upgrade

No matter whether you own a small size apartment, or a luxurious rooftop Penthouse apartment, the kitchen is always regarded as the most important room in your home; your kitchen fills in as the central meeting place and your family’s most important space. Here are some common indications that your kitchen needs an overhaul:

1. Cramped for Space

One regular indicator that your kitchen isn’t working for your family is that you as often as possible get yourself alone in it. If your family avoids what ought to be the informal family room, the design might be confined and contracting. Consider an open kitchen intend to free up space and support social connections.

2. Cleaning Nightmare

Kitchens ought to be a considerable measure of things, yet messy certainly isn’t one of them. Strategically messy formats, foolish space, and split; peeling surfaces can make kitchens difficult to clean. Put resources into new ledges, present-day machines, and quality deck that can be wiped clean when there’s no other option.

3. An excessive amount of Countertop Clutter

Ledges covered with appliances always make your kitchen as unappealing and useless. If you end up falling back on counter space to store utensils or nourishment, then you have to re-evaluate your capacity choices. Open ledges free of messiness make a vaporous and availing kitchen that empowers fast food arrangement and simple discussion.

4. Frequented House

Does your kitchen look and feel more like a spooky house than a place to cook nourishment? Absent or broken cupboard entryways split tiles, and trashy appliances can influence a kitchen to resemble a relinquished house. Breathe life into it back with a redesign.

5. Capacity Black Hole

While everything appears to be elusive and distant, your kitchen is confronting a capacity issue that may require another design. If a fraction of the time you spend cooking is squandered burrowing through distant cupboards or swimming into dim drawers it may be an ideal opportunity to begin arranging an upgrade.

6. Fate and Gloom

Kitchens should be warm and welcoming, yet nothing ruins your craving like squinting to see your nourishment. Awful lighting can make your kitchen inauspicious and discouraging. Under-cupboard and overhead lighting can change a boring kitchen into a shimmering social center point.

7. Kitchen Bumper Cars

At the point when in excess of one individual is engaged in setting up a dinner, always chancing upon them is in excess of an inconvenience. Ensure that your kitchen can oblige a group by making unmistakable workstations and growing ways of development.

There is a considerable measure of motivations to update your kitchenKitchen redesigns are a speculation that pays you back if you choose to offer an extraordinarily enhances the capacity of your home enabling you to love your space much more!

Villas for sale - Basement design remodelling in 2018: With much trends and styles

Mar 26

Basement design remodeling in 2018: With much trends and styles

Basements are still to a great extent underutilized in numerous homes crosswise in many countries. In countries like India, many householders rebuild the basement to mix with whatever remains of the home and give astounding extra living space to all individuals from the home.

We’ve noticed several trends come and go through the years; however, we needed to discuss a couple of awesome basement design rebuilding patterns that we feel is digging in for the long haul.

1. Open Floor Plan

Properly lighting a basement isn’t generally simple, particularly if you isolate the basement into particular rooms or areas. An open floor design gives you the chance to obtain light from every single other piece of the basement as required. The huge destruction of an open floor design is the way that there is no security if you were reckoning a man buckle or lady give in.

2. Enclosed Home Theatre

A family lives with an extra large flat screen TV is incredible, yet it doesn’t exactly rise to the astounding nature of a home theatre. An appropriately composed home performance centre incorporates stadium seating, comfortable chair seats with container holders, and an astonishing encompass sound framework.

3. In-Law Suite or Apartment

You never know when you might be put into a circumstance in which you’re requesting that your elderly guardians move in with you or in case you’re grown-up youngsters may require a place to live between employments. You could even lease the space out for an additional wage.

4. Walk-out Basement

Every basement is required to have an exit if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis. In any case, that isn’t exactly what we’re discussing here. The exit basement ought to be a dazzling arrangement of French entryways or sliding entryways that prompt a flawless porch.

5. Your Own Sports Bar

You knew we’d arrive, correct? Outline your basement, or a room inside it, with different enormous screens so you can stay aware of what’s happening in different regions while watching the amusement.

6. Home Brewery

A lot of property holders appreciate making speciality lagers to appreciate with loved ones who additionally brew darlings. Set up a bottling works zone in the basement so you can have your own private brew workshop.

7. Multi-Use Rooms

Every individual from the family needs their own space to get away from the hardship of regular day to day life. An individual library, for instance, could serve as a home office. Or on the other hand, a contemplation room could serve as a yoga room. Your own bar could serve as your home bottling works so everything is in that spot in reach.

8. A Place to Simply Relax

Fill your basement with agreeable furniture and delicate light. Include a encompass sound framework or a TV if you wish, yet center basically around unwinding and accept the open door to unplug and loosen up. Not only for basement improvements, even people who reside in individual houses and rooftop Penthouse apartments mostly have a space for relaxation in their home, more like a lounge or a mini leisure corner.

Hope the above-crafted basement design ideas benefit you with a wonderfully functional basement for your villas in Chennai.

Flats in Chennai - kitchen design errors to avoid

Mar 22

Kitchen design errors!!! You should avoid

When designing a kitchen, dwellers usually focus on design and functionality. While a perfectly planned design may seem incredibly appealing, but being functional during cooking, eating, and cleaning is equally important for a flawlessly ideal kitchen. The kitchen is just not a place for making a tasty meal; it is more than just cooking. Although design and functionality are mutually exclusive elements, trying to add a bit of both would make the kitchen a better part of any abode. In spite of where you live, is it Independent villas in OMR or any flats in Chennai, there are certain common kitchen design errors which you should avoid for the most part.

1. Too much of open shelving does not work all the time

Open shelving sounds great for most of the time. But truth to be said, it is not fairly gorgeous looking if you display all your favourite mugs and generic items. Be realistic while planning out the shelf arrangements. Take out all your good looking items front and display it in the center of the shelve. If you have glass shelving storage, then display the expensive items because the glass prevents it from falling and breaking. Also, hide the ugly looking items behind these or the closed-door cabinets.

2. Avoid too much of stainless steel and mix the door types

It is completely natural to purchase stainless chrome finishing pieces of equipment like the fridge, microwave, or dishwasher. But having everything in steel doesn’t look homey. Why do you want to still stick with chrome? Mixing all types can be authentic and highly logical. Having everything in stainless steel looks more planned. So mix it up, mixing doesn’t mean it should be shabby, make it look practical and neat.

3. Not allocating a proper space for the large appliances

An ideal kitchen must be designed in such a way that there is enough space for all benchtop appliances. Ensure you measure up all the large appliances so that the designer plans out the layout to store all the equipment in one place. Moreover, you should take something into account that not everything should be displayed on the top.

4. Give space for fridge doors to swing in and out

Most of the kitchens have fridge right against the wall. The problem with this comes while opening the fridge door. The disadvantage of placing it this way only allows the door to open 90 degrees. The worst case is that you might get the handle hitting the wall every time you open it.

To avoid this, you can keep a tall cabinet between the wall and the fridge. This could be the best solution for placing the fridge practically so far.

5. Failing to have proper lighting

In addition to the common lighting, you’ll need lighting for each work you do so you can see what you are doing without difficulty. Also, consider introducing pendant lights over the island and also underneath the upper cupboards to give your countertops a lot of light. It is not compulsory to have individual lightings for every task you do; you will likewise need the kitchen feel more energetic and vibrant than looking dim and melancholy. This is only recommended only if you are a person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

6. Paying too much attention to only current design trends

It is a good practice to check out the currently trending kitchen ideas to get a few brilliant ideas for making your kitchen stylish. But design is not the only motto here. Doing so can result in a design which would be outdated in a couple of years. Being functional can be logical and useful for longer than you think. Better you think the evergreen ideas in which the design will not be the only element to focus on. Functionality with wonderful design can bring you the really comfortable experience of having an incredible cooking experience. Bring out the best of functional and efficient culinary space in your home.


flats for sale - The pros and cons of rent your new apartment

Mar 14

This happens if you rent your new apartment

There are two different home buyers in the city. (A) The one who wanted to own a house and live in it. (B) One who buys and rents his house while he lives on the rent. Most of the buyers’ dream of living in their dream home for a long time and they achieve after so much effort. Buying a dream home is not only a financial matter, but is an emotional journey as well. On the flip side, there are buyers who prefer to rent their new house and continue living in rental apartments. Let’s dig deep to know the pros and cons of doing so.

In the metro cities, a huge number of people invest in residential properties developed in the suburbs and still they live on rent. Most of these people will put their apartments on rent. Such homeowners let out their properties for rent for various reasons.

(1) Buyers buy compact homes on the outskirts for a reasonable price with all basic amenities and live on rent in the central areas. I have noticed people living in the 2 BHK flats in OMR near to their workplace by letting out their new home for tenants.

(2) They would like to live as a nuclear family in a location where they have better infrastructure and connectivity.

(3) People continue to live on rents as their new flats might not have completely occupied all the units. The homeowners do not generally prefer less inhabited flat.

Besides all these reasons, homeowners should certainly understand the advantages and disadvantages of letting out their new apartments on rent.

Rent your new apartment – Advantages

When you decided to rent your new apartment, the one big advantage which comes to your mind is the additional income. The rental income is actually the main factor attracting so much of homeowners into renting out their newly bought apartments and Individual houses. For the most part, people buy Villas in interior areas and let out as a vacation property for tourists. Particularly, in Chennai, investors buy Apartments and let out for rent for the young career starters who work in the IT companies. They usually save this rental income for the post-retirement expenses after the deduction of tax from the net annual income.

The prices are unstable in the real estate market. There have been situations where prices went right down unexpectedly. However, the price of your property rises over time if you opt for the location where you could expect hikes. Sources say that the rise and fall of the properties are highly common in this real estate industry.

The disadvantages of renting out your new property

Besides the accumulation of additional income you earn through rents, there is yet a risk involved in letting out your apartments on rent. As the tenant continues to live in your apartment for more than 12 months, your property comes under income tax regulations.

How does this taxation work?

This tax implication has a direct financial benefit too. As there is a constant standard deduction means likely to deduct about 30% of your net annual value. This means, the value if the result of annual rent minus tax paid. For example, consider your annual income from the individual house property is worth of Rs.8 Lakhs. Imagine if have paid a municipal tax of worth Rs.2 lakhs on the house. The total annual income will be Rs.6 Lakhs.

Besides the tax, homeowners have to safeguard and maintain their property. This comprises of making sure of your tenants are not causing any problems in the property. Make sure the tenants are not involved in rebelling and illegal activities by doing a proper background check as this might get you in a huge trouble unknowingly.


Apartments in Tambaram chennai - Make-over for a White Themed Unit_

Mar 7

How to Impart a Make-over for a White Themed Unit?

The universal rule book color that goes on most of the walls of an apartment or villas in Chennai unit would be white themed. This is the only color that comes to a mind while we think of painting the walls of the unit. Though white inculcates a bright and vivid environment inside the unit, there is always a void that is created. With the rooms surrounded by just white color without any proper decor materials, their color does overdo in imparting the classy look of the unit. The color will create too much of bright surrounding that it usually steals away the presence of any furnishings of decor article. In order to evade some of the attention, the color would get, practice a few techniques to make the room look heavenly and engaged as well.

1. Shades of White Themed Unit

Instead of just finalizing on one only shade of white, try to incorporate few other tones of this color to show variations on the look. For instance, a room with false ceiling or overlapping walls can be given variations of white shades to give the effect of a 3D look. Other than this, showing these variations also evades the problem of a full white room that occupies most of the attention in spite of any decors. Some of the suggestions that can be used are pale white, rose white, ivory white and even the beige can team up with white beautifully to impart a classy touch.

2. Using Neon colors

In a room filled with white painted walls, the concentration of anyone entering the room would be shifted to the walls unless there is any other factor. For this, make use of color pop outs inside the unit. Placing small decor articles amidst the room would always amp up the look and also shift the attention. Usually, the colors that would work effectively for this purpose would be tones of neon such as yellow, green, pink in their darker tones. Also, be calculative of the number of articles which you place. Use of way too much of these colors can also have an adverse effect on the room. So, use only limited sources.

3. Textured walls

Any color can be crafted to produce a lighter effect on the outlook when it gives a textured look. So, it is always safe to impart walls a textured or even a patterned look instead of opting for a plain color. This could have a subtle tone of the unit and also stays as a creative option. With the regular updates of the designs coming out in the industry every week, there are few paints that offer a beautiful texture of paints to their customers. It is best to go for one such wall paint.

4. Piece of art

There is nothing that can’t be fixed by decors. Decors serve as an ideal game saver in changing the look of any apartments or villas. So, always opt for any art pieces, decor articles, statement pieces or even DIY articles to save the awful ambiance of your unit. As far as white rooms are concerned, always opt for black or any dark colored statement pieces and decor articles to cover up the space that is occupied only with the wall paint. This combination of white with dark colors never fails to impart the exquisite look on your units.

The white color that is a hallmark go-to one for every household usually whips the ambiance of the decor. Ramp-up the look of our unit regular color choice with a few additional techniques to give a complete new make-over for your apartments in Chennai.

Luxury apartment in Chennai - space in small rooms.

Mar 1

Create the Illusion of Space in Small Rooms to present it bigger

Every one of us wish to blessed with big and luxurious apartments, but not all us gets the same. Some of our properties are so little and minimal that there is scarcely space to swing a feline, however, in the meantime when you can’t stand to move to some other place somewhat greater, don’t stress on the grounds, as there are a lot of things you can do to make a deception in the little rooms.

1. Utilize Light to Your Advantage:

The lighter a room is, the more extensive it will feel. Indeed, even vast rooms can feel little in the event that they are embellished with dull severe hues and loaded with huge bits of overwhelming furniture. So if you are honored with a room that is a little on the little side, you have to fill it with however much light as could reasonably be expected. Normal light is ideal, however, in the occasion, the room does not have an extensive window or is thrown into the shadow of a huge tree or building, include some additional light as lights and different sorts of lighting.

2. Impressions of Light:

Mirrors and glass is your companions with regard to improving smaller rooms. Most of the people who reside in Luxury apartments in Chennai, Mumbai, and other metropolitan cities choose glass as the new trend in home decor. Glass lets loads of characteristic light in and mirrors reflect what light is as of now there into the darkest corners. You have to capitalize on what resources you have, so if a little room watches out on to a pretty garden, consider taking the window out and introducing porch entryways or French windows. You can likewise do this in a room, in spite of the fact that it is a smart thought to fabricate some sort of gallery or balustrade in the occasion you coincidentally falter through the entryway late one night and wind up splattered on the yard.

3. Hallucinations of Space in small rooms:

Mirrors don’t simply reflect light again into a dim room—they likewise make the figment of additional space. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes: from current sheets of reflected glass to antique mirrors with overwhelming plated outlines. You can blend and match different types of mirror to your heart’s substance. Hang reflects wherever there is space and the room will right away feel significantly bigger.

4. Reflected Doors:

In the event that you have a little room, a simple method to make a space in the room is to swap plain closet entryways for sliding reflected entryways. Reflected closets fill a double need in the room—they influence the space to feel considerably bigger, in addition to you can utilize the mirrors to look at yourself before taking off for a night. It won’t keep you away from carrying out against mold, but rather, in any event, your room will appear significantly more open in the event that you are sufficiently fortunate to bring home a friend for the night.

Pale Colours Little rooms look best when finished with pale hues. Abstain from utilizing dull hues unless you need to make a feeling of comfortable closeness and stick to whites, creams and some other light shades from the paint palette.

For a light, splendid present-day home, exploit glass and mirrors to make space in small rooms where next to not exist. Glass entryways and mirrors are a simple method to fill your home with light and space, regardless of whether it is no bigger than the normal shoe box.

Also read: How to maximize the space of your small Bedroom

houses for sale in OMR - What everyone should know while sharing a rented house ?

Feb 27

What everyone should know while sharing a rented house?

In a city like Chennai, most students and young career starters rent out apartments together as the apartments feel more spacious than regular hostel accommodations. There are thousands of students who graduate every year and fly over from various cities and settle in Chennai for employment. Particularly, OMR is a well-known IT-expressway of Chennai where a lot of MNC and Non-MNC companies opening gateways for talented young professionals. Due to the establishments of a plethora of companies in and around the locale, most reputed real estate developers have set up small apartments and also there are certain 2 BHK flats in OMR locale those the young professionals can take huge advantage of. Although renting out these apartments might seem economical, but staying together in the house with the roommate is never as easy as it looks. For this, there are a few convincing Do’s and Don’ts for sharing a rented house.

Staying together in a rented house or apartment is a very common practice and gaining popularity lately, whereas there would be two or three people using the number of rooms accessible in the house while living together. Obviously, there are certain advantages in following this course.

The expenditure is reduced extensively

1. One huge advantage of staying together by sharing the rented out houses is that you get to live near to your office which is in the central part of the locale.

2. You get to share equally with the rent, security deposit, and all the essentials such as electricity bills, water bills and so on. This actually means your regular expenditure is reduced dramatically.

3. Sometimes, you can yet open a common bank account to give their corresponding shares on a monthly basis.

4. If a person chooses to leave, then you get to share the rent equally or include a new roommate and return the deposit amount to the person leaving.

All these common things would work really well and goes on a smooth road. Also, the landlords in the cities prefer to rent out their second apartments or individual houses to group accommodation as they get higher rental incomes.

Keep these things in mind while sharing a rented house

As the rents are high in the cities, it is really a wise idea to share a rented house as it reduces regular expenditure and it is safe to live in groups than living alone. For women, it is a wiser option to rent out apartments or individual houses for sale in OMR, Chennai as you can notice landlords live on either ground floors or topmost floor of the property. So this has become an ideal option for most young female professionals in the metro cities. While living in groups, open up with your roommates in case you happen to have any issues, even it is small speak out. Sometimes, talking no more about the issues would solve the problem by itself over time.

The formal procedures and legal agreements for shared accommodations

Most times, on the rental agreements, some homeowners insist on having all the tenants’ names mentioned. Sometimes, other tenants prefer to have one tenant’s name and who is likely to hold responsibility for his flatmates or roommates. But, remember, it is always better and wiser to have all the names of the tenants on the agreement not only yours. Leave it to your homeowner to deal with the monthly rents individually. Or you’d be in trouble each month while paying rent if the agreement has got only your name mentioned. Rules are for everyone and if there has an agreement, it must abide by all the rules and regulations.


Apartments in OMR - No More Mistakes with calculating Carpet Area after RERA

Feb 26

No More Mistakes with calculating Carpet Area after RERA

We all had gone through the experience of seeing one and buying one when it comes to purchasing a property. What we truly get toward the end of the procedure isn’t what we see by any means. Most individuals who buy apartments and individual houses have faced these problems in one or the other way. But now, RERA has come to rescue from all these trust issues faced by so many buyers and investors. RERA which is in act presently things are changing in the real estate market, which is bringing in the positivity and trust between home buyers and the developers. By the new implementation of RERA by the government lately to enhance transparency by promoting the properties such as the apartments, villas, and other row houses with their correct measures for calculating carpet area.

Generally, the area of any property is calculated by three ways

1. Carpet area

2. Built-up area

3. Super built-up area

Calculating Carpet area:

The carpet area is simply the usable area of a house where the area only inside the inner wall is taken into account.

Calculating Built-up area:

The built-up area is the carpet area and the balcony area which also includes the outer walls and the ducts as well.

Calculating Super built-up area:

The super built-up area includes both the carpet area, the built-up area and other common areas like the shares stairs of the building, the lobby area, corridors and also the canopy like roof-top shelter. Usually, the super built-up area is probably 25% more than the carpet area.

As a regular homebuyer might not be aware of these terms like the carpet area, built-up area and the super built-up area, there had a situation where developers might mislead the home buyers when buying the property. Presently, this scenario happened to change as all the developers are ought to promote the property with absolute carpet area uncovered.

The impact of the mandatory disclosing the carpet area

As the investors flocking towards the major investing areas in Chennai to buy Apartments in OMR and Villas for sale in OMR, ECR, Pallavaram, and other cities buyers will now find easy to understand the exact area measurements of the flat and likely to receive what they see.

1. The former practice of including the balcony, canopy, terrace and verandas, the flower beds, the vacant spaces within the carpet area by the unprincipled developers is now coming to an end. This means the developers ought to disclose the real measurements of the carpet area to the buyers.

2. Sometimes, the corner villas or apartments placed might have some advantages and disadvantages in the position where usually to get more or less in calculating the carpet area. There is a difference between these two as well. The apartments having less carpet area are sold with discounts, and the apartments having more carpet area are sold for a premium price. Usually, these data are unclear in the measurements of the super built-up area. These misleading scenarios are rectified by the RERA implementation  lately.

3. Better and well-thought-out plans and designs with efficiency would become a fundamental part of the buying process. Earlier the common space is used more and with different carpet areas. But now, the design with absolute carpet area for reasonable prices has become essential for all home buyers.


apartments in chennai - How to maximize the space of your small Bedroom

Feb 20

How to maximize the space of your small Bedroom

Having a little room in your home doesn’t mean that you can’t maximize its ease of use, while as yet keeping it agreeable and comfortable. There are a lot of little hacks and finishing tips that can trick you and your visitors into suspecting that you have considerably more space than you really do have. In the event that you are endeavoring to consider better approaches to benefit as much as possible from your  small bedroom, these attempted and techniques will give you a decent place to begin.

1. Pick drifting or hanging lights over lights

For example, if you reside in a small size Apartment in Chennai, which is a compact one for your family, don’t surrender those genuinely necessary floor space, or bedside table space with lights and dark shades. A superior arrangement will be to introduce gliding divider lights or free hanging pendant lighting. Pendant lighting has turned out to be more famous this year, as it makes a dazzling point of convergence for a room, while as yet being utilitarian – also authorizes space for other furniture capacity.

2. Include worked in, overhead stockpiling

In the event that you are endeavoring to expand the usefulness of a little room, worked in racking can be an astounding expansion. Not exclusive does it give you additional capacity choices, however ,racking that goes up to the roof can influence the roof to give off an impression of being substantially higher, in this way influencing the space to look more open.

3. Stick to unbiased colour shades

Dull shades should just ever be utilized as a part of bigger rooms as they have the impact of influencing a space to look substantially lesser than it really is which can be tragic for a container room. Stick to light, nonpartisan colours as they will influence the space to appear to be more open, consequently giving the fantasy of the room. The best hues to utilize are ivory, beige, dark, white or beige, despite the fact that you can try different things with light shades of any sort.

4. Make an element divider

Making an element divider is both a simple and minimal effort approach to make a point of convergence inside a room, or to be utilized as an approach to separate excessively with similar shading. The tenets specified above still apply, however; do whatever it takes not to utilize any hues that are excessively dull. In the event that you live in a leased settlement and are confined to what you can do to your dividers, removable backdrop offers you an exceptionally reasonable, also a la mode arrangement.

When they have been connected they can be effectively expelled without abandoning any deposit or harming the dividers. If you don’t care for having a totally extraordinary divider, exploit divider stickers and include a statement, special outline, smooth outline of your most loved pictures. The wonderful thing about these divider decals on the off chance that they are removable so, you can without much of a stretch switch things up at whatever point you need to build up your stylistic layout further.

5. Mirror and reflects on the divider

Mirrors have dependably been very much used extra with regards to making the hallucination room. In the event that you need to outwardly twofold the extent of your room, decide on mirrors traversing from one end to the other and roof to floor.


Property in Chennai - property registration

Feb 19

Property Registration In Tamilnadu Goes Online!

In Tamilnadu, the property registration is made online and it is done to simplify the registration process. Making this process online will save your time and there is no need to wait for a long time. The Vice-president Mr. Sivakumar, Department of Property registration, Madurai announced on Feb 13, 2018 that all the property registrations will be done online in Tamilnadu. This process of online registration was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu on February 12, 2018. As per the regulations, the documents received online will be scrutinized by the Junior Assistant and then it will be sent to the registrar. After that, the registrar will scrutinize the documents again and he will order for the process of registration. After completing all this process, the individuals who want to buy and register their property can able to decide on the date and time of the registration. After they fix this, the registration process will be completed within 10 minutes and they can collect all the registered documents on the same day of this registration process. If you want to change the name of ownership of a particular property, the previous owner will be sent an SMS to his/ her registered number and even if there are any differences in the property assessment, he will be notified with an SMS. As you know, all the records of the registration process will be maintained at the district-level. But, hereafter it will be collected in the central data center, which is located at Chennai. In order to keep the documents very secured, they have made this decision. Even if you want to make a change in ‘Patta’ or ‘Ownership’ deeds, you can send all these applications in online itself and you will be notified by an SMS. The time period for the online encumbrance certificate facility was extended from 30 years to 42 years.

What are benefits involved in making this process online?
  • 8 Property Registrations per hour
  • Time-Saving
  • Secured and safe process

Hope, you got an idea of this online property registration and there is no need of any middleman to get involved in this process. You can just make this process online directly. People are scared to buy and register a property but, hereafter they will not. Don’t get worried about the errors in the documents. Even this process will help you to buy a property at no additional cost. If you’re planning to buy a plot in Chennai, there are many good projects and this is the right time to invest in real estate! You can check out our other blog on Things to know before you register a new property.