Flats for sale in Chennai |Renovate your house to seniors friendly home

Sep 10

Home renovations for seniors

Living with your older parents or grandparents can be a more responsible task than taking care of a baby. They do not just need your attention for all their health related work but also your house need to be a seniors friendly home to avoid unwanted accidents. The older people in the house are fragile and if you do not have a elderly friendly home, then they may need more of your help than normal. Here I am listing out some of the minor renovations and care, which you can do to make a seniors friendly home in your apartment or villas in Chennai.

1. Lights:

# Use an adequate amount of light to prevent the accidents: The elderly people are more prone to lose their eye sight, so, more lights will make them to see better and hence, to prevent any mishaps.

# Avoid direct bright light: The direct lights may irritate the eye of the aged person. So, better use LED lights or any cover the lights with a plastic to diffuse the light.

# Place a lower switch in their room: If the senior person in your house is using wheel chair then, make a lower switch for easy access.

# Install light inside the cabinet

# Keep a bedside lamp for the night for immediate use by them when needed.

2. Grab bar Handles for seniors:

# Install Handles all around the house for support

# Install grab bars in bathroom walkthrough to prevent slipping

# Install handles on both the side of the toilet seat for easy sitting and standing

3. Install western commode:

If you an Indian style toilet, change it to western style commode. As the elderly people may feel difficult to sit down on the ground.

4. Shower seat:

If the seniors in your house are facing difficulty to stand for long while taking a bath, you can install a shower seat for them to avoid straining their leg.

5. Remove obstacles:

Remove all the obstacle, projection or bump or hump protrusions from the path for a free movement. As, any kind of wound would be dangerous for the se.

6. Floor level:

There should not be any variation on floor levelling; it should be plain and uneven to avoid tripping and falling.

7. Non slip floor:

The floor should not be slippery, change the slippery marble floor to Vinyl, linoleum, Bamboo or cork slip resistant flooring.

But if you do not have budget to change the flooring, then you can put some non slip mat or carpet on the slippery floors especially in the bathroom to avoid accidents.

8. Use lever handles:

The elderly people might feel difficult to turn the knob, so it is better to install a lever handle. It is easy to use without giving much effort to open.

These are some of the ideas which you can use to add more care for your elderly people and to turn it into a seniors friendly home. You can use all of these suggestions whether you have a big villa or small flats in Chennai. It will not take much of your time, effort or money; some are just to add a little more care like reducing noise level in the house. Do give your attention to the senior people of your house to mark an example for your children, so that, they can learn and do the same for you in future.

gated community villas in chennai - Ready to Occupy Apartments in Chennai

Sep 5

Why Ready to Occupy Apartments are always in Demand?

Buying a home is a dream in everyone’s life and it is one of the important decision which they take in their life. And buying a home is a long-term investment and people put all their earned money into buying their dream home. When you decide to buy an apartment or a flat in Chennai, you’ve got options like a ready-to-move apartment, under construction apartments and pre-launch apartments. But, only the ready-to-occupy apartments are in demand these days and you will find various benefits and even you can avoid some risks which you find in another type of apartments. Here, let’s discuss a few reasons why there is a demand for ready to occupy apartments and what are the benefits involved in it.

1. Avoid risks

As you know, there are a lot of risks involved in the pre-launch and under-construction apartments, but you can’t find those risks in a ready-to-move apartment and the risk factors are:

  • Disputes
  • Delay in Possession
  • Lack of Amenities
  • Quality of construction
  • Change in the plans etc

But, in the case of a ready to occupy apartments, you will not find all these risks and you can just move immediately after the purchase. You can check out our luxury apartment in Chennai, which offers a scenic view of natural surroundings and it offers a high-quality lifestyle with world-class amenities!

2. Just pay for what you get

If you buy a property which is under construction, you will not know that how the project will look once it is done and you will have some assumptions by just considering the sample flat, but you will not find it similar to what you have seen in the sample flat. Even you will find it challenging to visualize the exact one which they deliver. In the case of the ready to occupy apartments, you can just see your actual home and you can experience each part of the home before you buy it and you can check for the amenities and all other things before you decide and book your home and you will not find any surprises when they deliver the home to you!

3. Tax benefits

You need to be very smart in the home purchasing decisions because some tax benefits are involved in it. And if you’re applying for a home loan for a property which is under-construction, then you are not supposed to pay tax on the annual basis. When your home is delivered, that time you can just claim the interest which you paid to the builder (as per the section 24 b, The Income Tax Act, 1961). And you can avoid these type of taxes when you buy a ready to occupy apartments.

4. No need to wait as it is a ready to occupy apartments

If you buy an under-construction property, you may have to sit for years to get your home and it will be mostly delayed due to certain reasons. But, in the case of a ready to occupy apartments, this problem can be avoided. But, after the RERA The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 the homebuyers feel safe and their properties are delivered on the specific timeframe which they have promised, but still, the ready-to-occupy apartment is the smart choice!

5. No Pre-EMI payments

As you know, you are supposed to pay the Pre-EMI payment, the interest which applies to your home loan even for your property which is under construction. And you will find a lot of pressure in paying Pre-EMI payments and in the ready-to-occupy apartment, you can avoid all these additional payments.

6. Stay away from rental payments

If you are buying an under-construction apartment, you may need to pay pre-EMI charges and the rent of your existing home and you finally end up in financial issues. So, you need to plan accordingly and buy a ready to occupy apartments to avoid this double payment.

So, you are getting ready to buy a ready-to-occupy apartment in Chennai with world-class amenities? And there are many ready-to-move apartments for sale in Chennai which are getting occupied day by day, Book your dream home today!


gated community apartments in Chennai - Consider These Things When Hunting For Rental Apartment For The First Time

Sep 3

8 Things To Consider When Hunting For Rental Apartment For The First Time

Getting good rental apartments in Chennai or any where is not an easy task. And without any experience in it will lead you to make more mistakes. You are not alone everybody tends to leave some of the important things to check out when taking rental apartment. Usually when shifting to a new city, we get no time to check too many criteria and end up with adjusting with the first thing you get. But, here we are sharing some tips which you can check out before confirming any apartment for rent.

1. Ask yourself:

  • Reason of moving into the house
  • The amenities which you need the most
  • Budget you wanna spend
  • The configuration of the house you need. (1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK etc)
  • Time you have to hunt the apartment

2. Ask the Landlord:

  • If any damage occur then you will pay for the repair
  • Is there any security deposit money
  • Is there 24/7 water & electricity supply
  • Duration of contract (mostly it is 1 year in the apartments in Chennai)
  • What is the payment method
  • Who will collect the maintenance charge
  • Guest Policy
  • Any restriction on meals
  • Whether landlords will live in the same apartment.
 3. Budget:

You might be very excited and also the urgency may take you to get the flat. But, still have a particular a range of budget to make a boundary of your limits. This will help you to target your house better, with all the limited option you get.

4. Neighbourhood of the rental apartment:

The neighbourhood will help you to have a peaceful accommodation and also to save the money. Just walk around the area and check all the facilities nearby.

Check the easy accessibility of shops, schools, ATM, and what are the fun things you can do? Like nearby Club house, theatre etc., And check whether the location is safe or not?

5. Go for a Visit:

Even if you have heard a lot of flattering about the apartment, still do go & check it. Check out these checklists:

Water Leakage, proper Ventilation in the house, Wall Cracks, Damaged Socket, Pests like cockroaches or rats, Rust on the door’s joints, hanging open Wires, Guttering of moss & moulds on the kitchen or bathroom floors, Water pressure of the taps etc.,

6. Check the network:

There are places you might have seen where your mobile network are very slow. And obviously you do not want your house to be that place. So, do go to the apartment and check in all the rooms whether you are getting a good network or not.

7. Pet:

If you are a pet lover then this criteria is mandatory for you. Nowadays many flats in Chennai are offering a pet friendly environment but not all of it. So, do check and make your pet also comfortable.

8. Hidden Cost:

Ask about all the hidden charges which they usually do not include when talking about the rent. Like maintenance charge, clubhouse charge, Garage charges, pet fees, insurance, etc.

Remember; do research on the apartment before you finally decided to take it. Hope this list will help to get the best rental apartment for the first time renters.


Apartments for sale - Important things to be consider when taking Home loan

Aug 28

Home Loan Tips for first time Buyer

With the popularity and easy availability of the loan, everybody is bound with that for one thing or the other. The most common loan is a home loan, millennial are just waiting to get a job and the moment they get, they achieve the most longed dream – of getting a luxury villa.

With this excitement, sometimes we forget to look into the details of the things, which can become one of the biggest reasons for loan rejection.I can understand getting a loan is a little confusing with so much of different banks and again hundreds of policy in each bank and then a rejection after that can fuse anybody’s mind.

Hence, here I have listed some of the important things to consider about both banks as well as themselves, when one’s are planning to get a home loan.

>Consider your part:

Taking a home loan is not just a part of the bank, but also you should consider yourself too. Let’s say you research all about the bank to get the loan from but you forgot to keep your eligibility criteria clear, then chances of getting the loan will turn to less.

1. Income:

Banks always prefer a client with a regular income over a self employed man. The reason is the more the stability of income is there, the less risk to the bank regarding returning of money. If you are working in a reputed company then the chances become higher. The bank usually gives loans of 50/60 times of your salary.

2. Down payment:

The bank only gives 80-90% LTV (loan to value ratio) remaining amount you should arrange. So, save the down payment amount before applying for the loan.

3. Existing Loan:

Before giving loan, bank checks all of your expenses. One of it is existing loans. It feels that if you are already paying loans for other things then, you may feel difficult to pay to them.

4. Age:

Banks expect you to have a long tenure to repay the loan, hence your retirement age should not be close. A middle age person is most preferable. As they have a previous job experience, so the job is safe and at the same time they do have a long time to pay the loans.

5. CIBIL Score:

CIBIL, Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited create a report called CIR (Credit Information Report) and based on that they assign score to the people according to their past loan history and credit card repayments. The score is assigned between 300 to 900 and are called the CIBIL Trans Union Score. To get your home loan sanctioned, you need to have around 700 to 750 CIBIL score.

>Check with banks which provide Home Loan:

Now when you are done with the above things, you can shift your concentration to the banks. This is very important that you compare all the banks and policies and read the entire document very carefully before going for any option.

1. Rate of interest:

There are 2 types of Interest Fixed and Floating. Fixed Interest rates will be the same in the entire tenure. But the Floating Interest rates vary with the market rate. So, decide which one you want to go prior to taking any decision.

2. Fees & Charges:

There are many fees and charges involved in home loans, the main are listed below.

  • Processing fee

The processing fee for a home loan is a one time fee taken by the banks for processing the loan. It differs from bank to bank; so, one should check all the bank’s fees on home loans. Usually the fee varies from 0.5% to 1.00% of the total loan amount.

  • Annual Fees

Home loan ongoing fees are charged every year for administering your loan, which is called as annual fees. Do check for all the fees related to the loan.

  • Penal Charges

Penal Charges is the penalty charge which one need to pay if they are failing to pay the EMI on time.

3. Loan Tenure:

The loan tenure is the duration within which one can clear their bank loan debt. The more the tenure time, the more the interest amount one needs to pay. Check how much you can pay in a month and then decide on a most convenient tenure for which you can avail a home loan.

4. Documents required:

There are certain documents which are required by the bank to proceed with the loan. Such documents are KYC documents, income proof, bank statements, etc. One should make every document ready before applying for a housing loan.

5. Your approximate EMIs:

The EMI is the monthly installments, one need to pay to clear the home loan. It is mainly depends on the interest rate, loan amount, tenure duration etc.

6. Easy Foreclosure/prepayment options:

Check what is the procedure and fees involved if you want to clear your debt before the time. The above are the basic things which one should definitely consider, if they are planning to buy Villa or apartments for sale with a loan. So, do go for it with more preparation and 100% assurance for getting the most accurate loan possible.