Dec 24

Brilliant Christmas Decoration ideas for a great Christmas.

Christmas Celebrations in 2020 would be different from the earlier years owing to the on-going Pandemic. With restrictions on travel, social gatherings, parties, the festival cannot be celebrated as it was earlier. The usual crowd and glitter in the shopping malls, theatres and parks are missing and one cannot indulge in a shopping spree fearing the Pandemic. However, all this does not take away the Sheen of this festive season, if we can bring the Cheer and the festive fever in our homes with little imagination and out of the box thinking. Here are some Christmas decoration ideas for home, simple yet effective ways to bring the Christmas spirit home

Christmas Tree – The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Christmas celebration is a beautiful Christmas tree. Be it the real one or a faux tree, the right size Christmas tree in the living room, with colourful lights, glittering balls, snow flakes and small gifts hung on it, completely transforms the feel at home and ushers the right cheerful holiday spirit for the season. For small apartments and houses where space is a constraint one can choose from any of these Christmas trees – Tiny bottle brush Christmas trees, mini Christmas trees in planters or in pitcher, or a hand-drawn tree on wall with ornaments hung at the right spot for the 3 D effect. These are some of the novel ways of conserving space yet have a Christmas tree for the festival.

Christmas Star – You can go for a bright red big traditional star and hang it from the ceiling, or select a combination of multi-coloured stars. With some lights fixed inside, the beautiful glowing star hung in your balcony or veranda accentuates the look of the house and gives the right festive feel and look

Lights Decor – Here are some tips for Christmas decoration that effectively uses beautiful lights to lighten the festival moments – Hang a few Colourful light strands outside your house, go for string lights that can be wound around stairways or railings at home, a light curtain is a great way to make a style statement, fix strands of string lights on to a curtain rod and create a waterfall of light, run a string of lights on the wall in a zig zag pattern and use cloth clips to attach photos of the family to it, this creates a beautiful lighted display of family pictures.

Snowman – Being in a tropical climate adding a snowman to your Christmas décor at home is not feasible, however one can always create the same effect with one made from thermocoal or cardboard. With many DIY tutorials available on line, kids will find this to be interesting endeavour.

Door wreaths – These come in different sizes and design and give the perfect Christmas feel to your décor. You can go for the traditional classic green circular one or unconventional one like square wreaths, ornament wreath, forest theme wreath, or snowball wreath.

Dining table decoration – Christmas during the Covid times will not see a huge get together at the dining table, but you can spice up the celebration at home with a theme party decoration. Place some cards, festive napkins, colourful candles & lights, flowers, fruit platter, and special dinnerware to create the special effect for the special Christmas celebrations.

Though not the usual extended celebration, Christmas can be enjoyed with family and neighbours adhering to all the necessary safety protocols. A simple Christmas celebration with DIY decorative articles, home baked cakes and cookies, dining at home with family, and a video conference with the extended family and friends who are missed at the celebration, with all this Christmas would be jubilant even when different. Christmas is all about caring and sharing, contributing financially for an orphanage/ home for the desolate, sending them gifts or home baked cake, helps spread the real message and meaning of Christmas.