Buying your Dream House in 2022

December 31, 2021

Beginning of a New Year, a new dawn in life, is all about hopes, ambitions and dreams. It is rather  the perfect time to realise the long cherished dream of owning a home. As one makes new resolutions, the best one would be the resolution to give oneself and the family a happy home of their own, as being a proud homeowner in the coming New Year offers many advantages – 

Financial benefits of owning a home – 

The real estate market is presently a buyer’s market, much in favour of property buyers. The prices have mostly been stable in recent years,  home loans are easily available and interest rates are decade low. In Addition to this there is a huge market of real estate properties, new flats in Chennai in thriving locations, to choose from. 

One major advantage for home buyers in the upcoming year is the expected enhancement of Tax sops in the upcoming Union Budget for the year 2022. There are many reliefs expected for the home buyers in the year 2022, like Introduction of Separate deduction for home loan principal repayment, Increment of deduction on home loan interest, revision of the pricing of homes within the affordable housing budget, city wise, and other similar benefits.  

Lifestyle change on owning a house – 

The Pandemic has clearly highlighted the importance of owning a home. When the fear of the virus restricted the movement of people, new flats in Chennai built in integrated townships, and premium gated communities with a plethora of amenities, came to the rescue, offering people a healthy, safe and socially connected living in the face of the pandemic. 

With many amenities like Clubhouse, indoor/outdoor games, swimming pool, departmental stores, Children’s play area, Fitness Gym,  Creche & Day care, and revolutionary facilities like Kid’s Skill development hub, rooftop barbecue & gaming zones and more,  Gated community apartments offer all the luxury within the safe confines of the apartment complex. So, one continues to enjoy a premium lifestyle even in the face of the Pandemic. With hybrid schooling, and work from home becoming the New Normal, gated community homes show the way to happy living in the upcoming year 2022.

A trusted investment for life – 

Recent study published by Knight Frank India, ‘2022 Outlook Report’, has predicted that in the upcoming year the residential market would witness a 5% rise in property value. Post the Pandemic the housing sector has seen a steady demand for residential properties with extra space and more amenities located in the developing suburbs. Due to expanding metro connectivity and hybrid nature of work, there is a growing micro market driven by the availability of new flats in Chennai that exceed expectations in terms of space available, facilities and the price. 

The growth in the IT/ITeS sector, infrastructure development and improved connectivity have led to steady demand in the real estate sector and guarantees great property appreciation in the years to come. Experts indicate that average price hike in the residential market would be around 4.5% in 2022  and about 5.5% in the year 2023. This forward trend makes real estate the most reliable, sustainable and trusted investment for the future.

An Emotional Anchor – 

A roof over your head which you can call your own, walls that give the private space to cherish the precious moments with family and friends; a home of your own is more than bricks and cement, it is a treasure chest that holds memories of a lifetime. The emotional satisfaction of living in a home of your own is something that money cannot measure.

With New Year around the corner, the time is right for the right resolution, the resolve to gift yourself and your family a home of your own.

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