Oct 5

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Chennai Apartments – How to say if that apartment is worth buying?

Best deals, best buys, best picks who doesn’t want them’ However, many of us, many a time, have no clue of the determining factors that should be taken to compare with between options. Haven’t you come across such situations Home buying, you’d agree, falls in this category. So, let me show you how it works if you are planning to buy an apartment in Chennai, for instance. Wish it helps you take a quality call on purchasing a quality home in Chennai, in particular. Raghavendra, an NRI Electronics Engineer from Tamil Nadu, followed these criteria to his advantage. He asked the following million dollar questions, satisfied himself with the right answers before he took that plunge. FACTOR 1 Where exactly? In other words, how great is the location That’s an eternally all-important question, isn’t it To speak of Raghavendra, he would have loved an independent house or an apartment in Anna Nagar, if he could afford it. But the apartments in Anna Nagar with basic amenities or no amenities were beyond his budget, let alone independent houses. However, Alliance Orchid Springss in Padi, just 5 minutes from Thirumangalam Circle, Anna Nagar West extension, came as a pleasant surprise to him. It is not only well-connected to the city, but is also, he discovered, the best lakefront apartment in Chennai. And that too luxury apartments priced comparatively lesser than mediocre apartments in Anna Nagar. It is built overlooking the 600 acre Korattur Lake. He was impressed with the whole locality. What a fantastic location! He gave a 100/100 to the location at the first sight itself.   FACTOR 2 Who exactly? Well, that’s another vital important question. A lot rides on the reputation of the Builder-Developer of the apartment you plan to purchase. Raghavendra scoured and parsed the credentials of Alliance Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, the real estate company, to make sure he is dealing with someone credible. Alliance has been in the forefront of Chennai’s real estate domain for over a decade. They have a reputation, he found out, for building large, premium projects at competitive prices. Orchid Springss is one of the most prestigious, award-winning luxury apartments from Alliance Group. He found their fundamentals strong and track-record really commendable. Now, when you search for information about a person or company, you should know to search the right place for the right information. Because, there will always be some misinformation that competitors and vested interests plant, which are intended to misguide you. Never bite that bait. Meet people who have dealt with the builder-developer. They have first-hand knowledge. Also talk to those who have been repeatedly investing in Alliance apartments. They are the right people that can give you the right information.   FACTOR 3 How exactly? This is a two-pronged question. Firstly, it is a set of questions that come together, such as, how good is the architecture How good is the quality of construction How soon can you expect it to be delivered How good are the amenities offered Secondly, how is it priced Raghavendra found Orchid Springss the best buy for his hard-earned money. He opted for a 3-BHK luxury apartment on the 15th Floor. The lake-view from his apartment home was simply breathtaking. Well-ventilated, spacious rooms, he was convinced, was designed according to Vaastu principles. Plenty of air and natural light flowed through every room. The rooms are furnished with AC, modular kitchen and wardrobe. What’s more, each apartment worked as an independent house since they shared no common walls between them. To top it all, Orchid Springss comes with a complete array of world-class amenities, round-the-clock securities so on and so forth. All of it at a competitive price for the satisfaction of Raghavendra.   FACTOR 4 How legal? Do the Chennai apartments you plan to purchase comes with all necessary approvals That’s another important question you should ask before you sign on that dotted line. For example, Raghavendra checked the legal credentials of Orchid Springss. It is Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) approved project. It’s approved by reputed financial institutions as well. So he decided to go ahead with his purchase. To sum up, the above criteria can be taken as a broad guideline for a real-estate deal, be it an apartment or a villa. My friend Raghavendra bought the best lakefront apartment in Chennai today. He applied these criteria in his decision-making process to determine if the apartment he bought was worth buying. He landed an excellent deal. By the way, Orchid Springss in Chennai still has a few more apartments up for sale. Check it out at www.orchidsprings.in before others grab them.