Jun 19

Real Estate in Chennai

Chennai Real Estate Opportunity

The real estate sector is one of the most globally recognized sectors. It is the second largest employer after agriculture. Chennai is one of the many cities where the opportunities for real estate is rising.
Among the thousand various opportunities that are available in Chennai, one can see that there are only very few real estate opportunities that satisfy the customers. Projects in Chennai by the Alliance group has been very successful over time.
Alliance has come with apartments and villas throughout the Chennai city. Apart from their villas in OMR and Porur and apartments in Pallavaram and Annanagar, there are villa plots for sale in Oragadam. These projects in Chennai avail the customers to look into real estate investments in a very different but straightforward manner.
There has never been a clear cut answer to most of the real estate queries that the buyers have. One of the most popular ones being, is it affordable? And my answer to those of you who have decided to invest in an Alliance project, be it a luxury villa or a lake-facing apartment in Chennai, it is affordable and it is definitely worth it.
When looking for an apartment or a villa in Chennai, one always keeps in mind a few important things like, the budget, the location and the amenities. If you look at the luxury villas in OMR and ready to live-in villas in Porur, you already know that they are located in the popular hubs in Chennai. OMR and Porur among other locations are popular because of their close proximity to schools, colleges and shopping malls.
Like mentioned above, apart from villas and apartments in Chennai, villa plots are also available. These villa plots in Oragadam are up for sale and as these plots are located in Oragadam, it is close to the airport and is also close to schools and colleges.
When you talk about amenities, you would say, safety, locality and child friendly. When you are looking into all these aspects, Alliance projects all have these above mentioned amenities. Their villas in OMR have South India’s largest outdoor adventure and gaming arena in a residential enclave, the apartments in Annanagar are lake facing and is a part of a gated community and so there is every measure of safety that is taken into consideration. These are just a few examples out of the many that can be jotted down.
Chennai stands as one among the top five most affordable cities in India to buy a house. And in such a city, where land or houses is affordable, Alliance group of builders has portrayed projects that stand to its peaks of affordability.