Christmas Home Decoration Ideas for the Perfect Holiday

December 23, 2021

Christmas is around the corner and it is time to give your home the perfect holiday makeover. Keeping in mind the constraints of space of modern day urban living and also the time available at hand for all the working couples, here are a few innovative Space saving Christmas Decoration tips to get your sweet home ready for the holiday season and bring in more cheer, warmth and fun – 

  • Christmas Tree – The focal point of your christmas decoration is definitely the brilliantly done Christmas tree adorned with glittering gifts, shiny balls, vibrant starts and more. A big bold christmas tree would occupy space, however there are other space saving alternatives available like a wall-mounted christmas tree, or a  Self-adhesive Vinyl Sticker which you can Just peel and stick at the desired spot and easily remove after the celebrations. You can add  charm to it by sticking some presents, glittering balls, candy canes and stars with adhesive tapes.
  • Christmas vibes in your kitchen –  Bring in the christmas spirit to your kitchen too, you can tie bright satin ribbons to cute little wreaths or  ornaments, and tie/ stick them to your kitchen cabinets. With little planning you can ensure that this doesn’t interfere with opening/closing those cabinets. The same mode of styling can be used to give your bathroom the festive feel. 
  • A Veil of LIGHTS – Be it the Warm white lights or bright golden ones, lights are always an integral part of christmas decoration. Hang a few strings of the desired light over the curtains in the living room and  bedrooms to give the uber stylish look to your home.
  • A Colourful Winter Bouquet –  Have a small winter bouquet in the living room or foyer, decked up with colorful ornaments, bright vibrant flowers and candy canes. Add a little warmth and colour to your festive mood with this space friendly decor. 
  • Let it Snow, let it Snow – Though it isn’t happening naturally in most parts of India, you can always make it up for it with your imagination. Hang a few fancy snowflakes, the light decorative pieces in shining silver colour will bring home the feel of winter, the feel of festival.

Get your home festive ready with these simple space saving decoration tips and welcome your friends and relatives to a beautiful home full of warmth and festive vibes.

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