Sep 3

gated community apartments in Chennai - Consider These Things When Hunting For Rental Apartment For The First Time

8 Things To Consider When Hunting For Rental Apartment For The First Time

Getting good rental apartments in Chennai or any where is not an easy task. And without any experience in it will lead you to make more mistakes. You are not alone everybody tends to leave some of the important things to check out when taking rental apartment. Usually when shifting to a new city, we get no time to check too many criteria and end up with adjusting with the first thing you get. But, here we are sharing some tips which you can check out before confirming any apartment for rent.

1. Ask yourself:

  • Reason of moving into the house
  • The amenities which you need the most
  • Budget you wanna spend
  • The configuration of the house you need. (1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK etc)
  • Time you have to hunt the apartment

2. Ask the Landlord:

  • If any damage occur then you will pay for the repair
  • Is there any security deposit money
  • Is there 24/7 water & electricity supply
  • Duration of contract (mostly it is 1 year in the apartments in Chennai)
  • What is the payment method
  • Who will collect the maintenance charge
  • Guest Policy
  • Any restriction on meals
  • Whether landlords will live in the same apartment.
 3. Budget:

You might be very excited and also the urgency may take you to get the flat. But, still have a particular a range of budget to make a boundary of your limits. This will help you to target your house better, with all the limited option you get.

4. Neighbourhood of the rental apartment:

The neighbourhood will help you to have a peaceful accommodation and also to save the money. Just walk around the area and check all the facilities nearby.

Check the easy accessibility of shops, schools, ATM, and what are the fun things you can do? Like nearby Club house, theatre etc., And check whether the location is safe or not?

5. Go for a Visit:

Even if you have heard a lot of flattering about the apartment, still do go & check it. Check out these checklists:

Water Leakage, proper Ventilation in the house, Wall Cracks, Damaged Socket, Pests like cockroaches or rats, Rust on the door’s joints, hanging open Wires, Guttering of moss & moulds on the kitchen or bathroom floors, Water pressure of the taps etc.,

6. Check the network:

There are places you might have seen where your mobile network are very slow. And obviously you do not want your house to be that place. So, do go to the apartment and check in all the rooms whether you are getting a good network or not.

7. Pet:

If you are a pet lover then this criteria is mandatory for you. Nowadays many flats in Chennai are offering a pet friendly environment but not all of it. So, do check and make your pet also comfortable.

8. Hidden Cost:

Ask about all the hidden charges which they usually do not include when talking about the rent. Like maintenance charge, clubhouse charge, Garage charges, pet fees, insurance, etc.

Remember; do research on the apartment before you finally decided to take it. Hope this list will help to get the best rental apartment for the first time renters.