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Develop A kitchen Garden - Flats for sale

Develop A kitchen Garden – A Step By Step Guide

Thinking of growing a kitchen garden in your residential apartments in Chennai? Great start to make the urban environment a healthier and more productive place to live in. You can grow your own fresh and organic vegetables and fruits. And get rid of all kinds of pesticides and hybrid edibles available in the market.

1. Choose your plant:

It is good to select what plant or at least what type of plant are you going to grow (fruit/vegetable), it will help you in all the steps. Every plant is different from one or the other reason so, once it is selected do a little research and learn about the special care it may need.

2. Choose your pot:

The choice of pots is up to the types of vegetable or fruits you want to grow and also on how much space you have. Do research on the plant you are growing before finalizing anything. There are many different shaped pots and bags which you can use. The bigger the plant size, the bigger would be the pot to give it an appropriate amount of nutrients and have a longer life.

3. Prepare your compost:

Plants growing in pots need a fertile and nutritious soil. You can use readily available pot mix from market or you can prepare it by yourself. The medium for planting is soil + cocopeat + Vermicompost or manure. You need to mix the powdered bricks with soil, gravel, fertilizer and vermicompost. With that you can add hydrogel crystals to absorb excess water.

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4. Prepare Seedlings:

First sundry your seed for weeks and then sow it on a seed tray. After the leaves grow in germination transplant it in a separate pot. Some vegetables like melon and squash do not transplant, therefore we should plant it only once.

You can skip this step by directly purchasing a plant from the plant.

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5. Plantation:

Plant it in a moist soil on a cloudy day or evening. And make sure you plant it at the right depth, then firm the plants in and water to settle the soil around the roots.

6. Care for kitchen Vegetable Garden

After planting, you need to nurture the plant.

  • Water the plant in every morning
  • Use fertilizer and organic pesticides
  • Make sure they get good sunlight (5 hrs a day)
  • Get a liquid feed, seaweed solution tonic
  • Your plant leaves should face north
  • Monitor and check your plant to prevent any kind of harm.
  • Are the leaves lustrous and firm or soft, discoloured or crinkled?
  • Are there any swollen parts of the stems?
  • Check the soil for moisture, and do a quick pH test.
  • Are there any signs of deficiencies or pests?
  • Organically Protecting them from pests
7. Ways to protect & get rid of mealy bugs/aphids naturally:
  • Spraying the water with force and sprinkling cinnamon
  • Pluck and throw the spoiled leaves from your kitchen garden.
  • Use Neem oil
  • Keep the plants under the sun.
  • Spray every two weeks with Eco Oil (or a homemade equivalent) to prevent most pests.