Finding Affordable Apartments in Chennai: Tips for First Time Home Buyers

August 31, 2023

The ardent desire to own a house tops the wish list of everyone. Why not! The experience of living in a house you can call your own is unparalleled, the emotional and financial security it gives is something that cannot be described but must be experienced firsthand. For all the aspiring home buyers who are yearning to experience this joy, here are few tips to make this dream come true.    

When it comes to home buying, fixing a budget and finding the right home for that budget is the most challenging and most important factor, the pointer here will offer you some help in this – 

Choose the right locality

TCS, Siruseri - Premiums Apartments for Sale in OMR

The choice of locality is very important in home buying process for more than one reason, it should be a place which offers wide choice of homes in your budget, it should possess good scope for growth and development due to which the asset would experience good appreciation over time, it should be located close to the employment hubs due to which there will be steady demand for rental properties and the house would yield steady rental income, it should possess a good social infrastructure which would guarantee good quality of life to the residents. 

Evaluating on the basis of all these factors upcoming promising localities in the city like Siruseri, Padur and its neighbourhood in OMR, and thriving locality of Thirumazhisai near Porur are highly recommended as the former is close to the numerous IT hubs in the city and is experiencing tremendous growth and the later is emerging as the first choice of all the IT professionals employed in the numerous hubs in Porur and the metro expansion is changing the face of both these localities. An investment in a property in these places is sure to guarantee a life of convenience and also asset appreciation in a short period of time.

Check the quality of construction

Siruseri - Apartment for Sale in OMR

Paying attention to the quality of construction is extremely important, for your dream home should guarantee you safety, comfort and also stand the test of time with durability and strength. Houses built with cutting edge technology like MIVAN technology are far more superior in terms of quality as preset aluminum formwork is used to cast walls and slabs.  There is no chance of rusting as only high-quality aluminum is used and the maintenance  is also very less as there are fewer joints. The building structure is strong, and durable with great appearance, and smooth finish, and retains the strength for decades. Investing in apartments built with MIVAN construction guarantees safety, peace of mind and good returns on resale of the house. This technology also guarantees on time project completion which relieves the buyer of the time delay in possession. So, ensure to visit the project site, enquire about the construction technology, inspect the quality of construction, the materials used and make sure of the building strength and durability.

Go for amenity full apartments 

Amenity full apartments - Luxury Flats in OMR

Your life in your own house should extend beyond the four enclosed walls and offer you an emotionally and socially enriching experience. What would be the right choice of house for this? The obvious answer is premium gated community apartments in upcoming localities of the city like OMR, Thirumazhisai, etc. Owing to the availability of large parcels of land in these localities, new-gen gated community homes are developed here in a sprawling green environment and are equipped with a world of premium lifestyle amenities like kids play areas, outdoor game courts, swimming pool, club house with party hall, indoor game provisions in the club house, amphitheater, co-working spaces, and much more. 

As an aspiring home buyer one should look out for these amenities in the community without the apprehension of having to spend a bomb on them, for trendy apartments in Siruseri, Padur and upcoming projects in proximity to Porur, come in buyer-friendly budget with a world of new-gen amenities which make living a bliss for the buyer. As a first time buyer, home buying can be exciting at the same time as a challenging process. However, Keeping an eye on the above mentioned points while evaluating exciting projects in the city  will help you choose the right home for you and your family, well within your investment range.

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