Jul 27

Gated Community Amenities : How landscaping adds value to your home

Enhance Your Quality of Life, Property Value and Appreciation with good landscaping

Landscaping is a very important and efficient way to increase your property’s value. The first impression counts, especially when it comes to your property; vast stretches of well-planned and maintained lush green lawns, perfectly landscaped avenues, rows of beautiful flowering trees, a beautiful water body or a fountain in the middle of the lawn, greatly improves your property’s curb appeal and its overall value. Be it  apartments in Chennai or gated community villas in chennai, a beautiful landscape architecture completely transforms a property’s demand and appeal, it is an indication of the care the developer has taken to develop the property and is an indication of the beauty that would lie inside. 

In today’s modern times when life is replete with stress, people prefer to reside in an environment that can help alleviate stress.  Be it property seekers looking out for flats in Chennai  or individuals looking out to move into apartments in chennai on rent, preference is for properties that are aesthetically pleasing, planned with landscaping, green lawns, trees for shade, and sitting areas. Besides bringing in greenery and serenity into the hectic city life, the landscape architecture has a positive impact on a property’s curb appeal and overall value. People prefer to live in houses that are situated in a complex that has ample open spaces and gardens, rather than live in confined spaces where buildings are crammed together. Well-landscaped community villas in chennai have a significant price advantage compared to homes with no landscaping.

A landscaped home Improves quality of Life

Studies indicate that Landscaping can improve quality of life, memory, attention span, and even lower your stress levels. In cities where people experience the physical and psychological impact of the fast-paced lifestyle, a house in a landscaped property improves the quality of life. Taking a stroll through the pathway with greenery on both sides, sites of beautiful flowering trees and shrubs, sounds of birds perched on the trees helps relieve stress and gives a feeling of residing in a happy haven. A Happy body needs a happy mind, a stress-free green living environment helps lower healthcare costs.  When the right kind of  trees are planted they significantly absorb sounds waves to a large extend and reduce noise pollution.  They offer shade and keep the surrounding cool even on hot days.  The imposing effect of a multi-story building is lessened by the huge open landscape spaces, trees, and shrubs. Coupled with a place to sit, gather and chat, residents get a beautiful environment to unwind, relax and rejuvenate.  

Currently Homes have become the new office and Researches indicate that outside view of greenery or a beautiful garden with flowers from the house gives individual working a positive frame of mind for better performance and stress management. They reported reduced ailments and decreased levels of fear and anger. It is an accepted fact that everyone loves to come home to an environment that is welcoming,  appealing and safe.  It makes them mentally happy and healthy. Bright manicured lawn, beautiful flowers, and lush greenery, offer a greener environment with more oxygen, nourish residents from the inside, reduces stress and improves the quality of life