Gated Community Apartments Ideal Pick for Home-alone Senior Citizens

May 19, 2021

Mr. Sundar was up as usual, and slipping his feet into his new jogging shoes with a smile, he joined his friends for his morning walk, while Mrs. Sundar was busy cooking her dish for the Potluck party she had planned with her friends. The days of these 60+ young hearts are filled with life, hope and fun in their beautiful Gated Community apartment.

NewGen Gated Community apartments are not just the ideal pick of the young, they are just perfect and more often the best home for senior citizens. With their Children either working abroad or in another city, parents in their sixties more often only have each other for company and Gated Community apartments make the ideal Home for them for many reasons –

A Safe & Secure Environment

New age Gated Community apartments emphasise the importance of safety, and also ensure that with many exhaustive features – Security guards at the Gates 24*7, CCTV for capturing, monitoring and reporting the entry and exit of personnel to the community, Strict screening of visitors to the complex facilitated by Visitor management system, Id cards and valid pass issued for Domestic help, cook, drivers to ensure access to only approved personnel. These measures offer senior citizens a safe haven for living and also the positive reinforcement gives them peace of mind.

Comfortable Living with a Plethora of amenities –

NewGen Gated Community apartments come with Top Notch amenities that make life a celebration for senior citizens. Beautiful Manicured lawns and walking trail, Yoga Studio, Outdoor exercise area, Outdoor game courts, Indoor games like Carrom, billiards in the Club house, Senior citizen hang out area, Ladies Kitty corner, and more. Life of the Senior citizens no longer has to be spent watching the never- ending Television serials at home, they can enjoy a very socially connected, active life with friends and other community members. The departmental stores, Shopping complexes in the community address the everyday needs and they can happily shop in the safe confines of the community and need not rush to stores far away. Especially in uncertain times like the Pandemic, this is a major saviour for them.

Relive the Younger Days

The Gated Community apartments bring people of different age groups together. Right from toddlers, Teens to the Senior Titans, all come together in the community. Be it the cultural events or the Sports events during community celebrations, Senior citizens get the opportunity to participate, contribute and very often win the adulation of all, this not only helps them relive their younger days but also gives them a sense of importance and self-esteem. Many senior citizens put their talent to best use in these apartments and tutor children of the community by taking Music classes, Dance Classes, Arts Classes or Cooking classes. They derive a feeling of fulfilment and achievement through this.

Help is always a ‘ask away’ –

Many of these NewGen Communities have active WhatsApp groups where Senior residents can be a part of and seek help. These groups bring together Senior members and young volunteers who are ready to help them at times of need. These volunteers may be doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, and others who come from varied backgrounds and provide help in situations like – A Senior citizen experiencing a severe health condition at home and need immediate assistance or some judicial advice, etc. With the presence of help just a ‘ask away’ in the group, they lead a much stress-free and serene living.
Home is where one enjoys maximum safety, security, Comfort and peace, and when it comes to the senior citizens, NewGen Gated Community apartments offer them all of this under one roof.

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