Sep 22

flats in tambaram - 7 Home Improvement Tips Every Owner Should Know

7 Home Improvement Tips Every Owner Should Know

If you have owned a home you can’t call your property holder in case of any faults in your home like seepage or leakage in the wall. If you are planning to hire a professional or do it by yourself, before doing that it’s better to have thorough knowledge about home improvement so that you can run the project smoothly. Here I have listed few home improvement tips which I had followed in my apartment in OMR, so I hope that you can also utilize these as a home owner:


Tip #1: Prepare an estimate to spend 15% more than your project cost.

Your project may be big or small but it is always ideal to prepare a budget in excess for future. Just make an inquiry about how much material and labor will cost and then try to add 15%. If you will be opening up walls, you have to prepare an estimate even more in case of any surprises. If you saved that amount, you will be glad that you can utilize it for your next project.


Tip #2: Know how to use your utilities.

To tackle a plumbing project, it is always better to shut off electricity prior to shutting off the water or an electrical project. Remember where your breaker box and shut-off valves are installed, so that you can complete the projects carefully.


Tip #3: To avoid big projects later, spend time on maintenance.

If you spend your time on maintaining it may avoid a few headaches later. It’s wise to spend your money efficiently on actual concerns instead of fixing problems later so, that you can save your money. Maintain a record of your annual & monthly maintenance on when to perform and follow that schedule.


Tip #4: Ensure whether you need a permit before you proceed.

Requirements may vary according to the state and city wise. If you try to avoid getting permission when it is necessary in your area, they might close your home and you will receive hefty fines.


Tip #5: Use a right screw to fasten.

You may have a temptation to use up whatever which is available in your scrap drawer, but using the right kind and size of your nail for your project is important. You should check up with the type of surface are you nailing or screwing into, the weight of the object you hang something heavy, on the type of wall you hit and make sure that the fastener doesn’t get exposed to the elements.


Tip #6: Put on the right safety equipment.

Wear right safety equipment before starting the project. Safety glasses and gloves will keep you safe against any danger, and if you are working on the roof, make sure you are using a safety strap up. Moreover, don’t forget to check equipment like ladders and saws to make sure they work well before using them.


Tip #7: Know when to hire a Pro.

Every so often, it’s better to hire an expert than attempting a project by doing it yourself. While you might be able to complete any type of small do it yourself tasks, for greater home improvement projects, a professional might help you to avoid major problems in future.
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