Oct 9

luxury apartments in chennai - ensure children’s safety in your Apartment

How to ensure children’s safety in your Apartment

In recent times, I have noticed many people who are working and they don’t find time to spend or take care of their children properly. And the parents are scared about leaving their children at home, but it helps the children to stay strong by providing a confidence and it eliminates the fear of being alone in the home. Anyway, ensuring children’s safety is the major responsibility of the parents.

As you know, in foreign countries like the United States, there is a rule that only the children between the age group 8-10 have to be left alone in the home and the children of other age should not be left alone in the home. But, in our country, it just depends on the children and the parents. Age isn’t a deciding factor and depending on the age, you can’t decide whether a child can be left alone at home.

And there are some other qualities which you need to look at the child:
  • Level of maturity
  • An interest to follow your words
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Knowledge of first aid
  • Ability to make good decisions

Ensuring children’s safety before leaving at home

1. The Setup of your home

The arrangement of your house is also important and you should consider it when you leave your children alone in the home. If it is an apartment, it is safe and fine. But, if it is an independent home, it involves some risk. Making your child take care of himself is not difficult when you’re in an apartment but you need to ensure few things before you leave the children at home. And here is the list of things you must follow:

2. Be connected with your child

Make sure that you’re connected to the child all the time. You can do this, either with landlines or mobile phone. This is a must thing when you leave your child alone at home. If there is an emergency, the child should contact you immediately and they should be capable of making calls in emergency situations. And these days, kids are aware of the internet and the mobile devices. And they can access all these things to get connected with the parents and making a phone call is just a small thing for them.

3. Childproof your home

Make sure that your home is childproof and all the harmful objects are stored away. And here is the list of items which you need to check for:

  • Drugs
  • Harmful objects
  • Gas cylinders
  • Sharp objects
  • Toxic chemicals

Before you leave your child alone at home, it’s really necessary to sit with your child and explain them and make them understand all the things which you want them to be aware of. But, it’s not sure that they will stick to it because they are kids. Anyway, it’s always better if you keep them informed about the dangers which are involved.

4. Have an eye

Have a friendly neighbor and ask them to have an eye on your kid when you leave them alone in your apartment. Just ask them as a favor and request them to help your child in case if they want any assistance. Even I have seen kids who lock themselves out without a knowledge and it happens most of the time.

5. Install security cameras

This is actually a good option for parents. Even they can avoid crime if this is installed and if they leave the child with a maid. It would be great to monitor both the kid and the maid. Even if something happens, you can just refer immediately and take necessary action.

6. Arrange a good company

It’s good to have some company. If you have more than one child in your home, one can help the other. But, sometimes this will be a trouble. As they fight with each other without enough understanding.

7. Stick some notes for your child

Children wish to have some sticky notes in a home to see on the walls. So, it’s better to write down a  few important things:

  • Lock your home before you leave outside
  • Don’t open the door if a stranger wants to come inside
  • Give a call when you don’t know what to do
Are you a kid?

This question has a meaning in it. This is true that kids are not aware of many things and it is really difficult to manage them.But, this is your responsibility to take care of them even when you are busy. And even there are some smart kids who play well but still they fail at some point.

Always think of an alternative when you leave your child alone at home. It’s better to arrange a maid to take care of your child or else ask their grandparents to take care of them. Leave them alone at home will have more impact and it’s not good also. At least make them have a good hobby or interest instead of spending their time at home. Just do the best for your children as a parent. If you follow all these, we’re sure that your child has a bright future. Always ensure the safety of your in your apartment and there are a lot of residential apartments in Chennai with gated community. Choose the right one for ensuring your children’s safety and have a happy and safe living!