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Apartments in Tambaram chennai - Make-over for a White Themed Unit_

How to Impart a Make-over for a White Themed Unit?

The universal rule book color that goes on most of the walls of an apartment or villas in Chennai unit would be white themed. This is the only color that comes to a mind while we think of painting the walls of the unit. Though white inculcates a bright and vivid environment inside the unit, there is always a void that is created. With the rooms surrounded by just white color without any proper decor materials, their color does overdo in imparting the classy look of the unit. The color will create too much of bright surrounding that it usually steals away the presence of any furnishings of decor article. In order to evade some of the attention, the color would get, practice a few techniques to make the room look heavenly and engaged as well.

1. Shades of White Themed Unit

Instead of just finalizing on one only shade of white, try to incorporate few other tones of this color to show variations on the look. For instance, a room with false ceiling or overlapping walls can be given variations of white shades to give the effect of a 3D look. Other than this, showing these variations also evades the problem of a full white room that occupies most of the attention in spite of any decors. Some of the suggestions that can be used are pale white, rose white, ivory white and even the beige can team up with white beautifully to impart a classy touch.

2. Using Neon colors

In a room filled with white painted walls, the concentration of anyone entering the room would be shifted to the walls unless there is any other factor. For this, make use of color pop outs inside the unit. Placing small decor articles amidst the room would always amp up the look and also shift the attention. Usually, the colors that would work effectively for this purpose would be tones of neon such as yellow, green, pink in their darker tones. Also, be calculative of the number of articles which you place. Use of way too much of these colors can also have an adverse effect on the room. So, use only limited sources.

3. Textured walls

Any color can be crafted to produce a lighter effect on the outlook when it gives a textured look. So, it is always safe to impart walls a textured or even a patterned look instead of opting for a plain color. This could have a subtle tone of the unit and also stays as a creative option. With the regular updates of the designs coming out in the industry every week, there are few paints that offer a beautiful texture of paints to their customers. It is best to go for one such wall paint.

4. Piece of art

There is nothing that can’t be fixed by decors. Decors serve as an ideal game saver in changing the look of any apartments or villas. So, always opt for any art pieces, decor articles, statement pieces or even DIY articles to save the awful ambiance of your unit. As far as white rooms are concerned, always opt for black or any dark colored statement pieces and decor articles to cover up the space that is occupied only with the wall paint. This combination of white with dark colors never fails to impart the exquisite look on your units.

The white color that is a hallmark go-to one for every household usually whips the ambiance of the decor. Ramp-up the look of our unit regular color choice with a few additional techniques to give a complete new make-over for your apartments in Chennai.

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