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flats for sale in chennai - How to Start a Vegetable Garden in your Flat?

How to Start a Vegetable Garden in your Flat?

Are you living in a flat and want to grow your own vegetable garden? Don’t ever think that you don’t have a land, space or money and all you need is a small space in your backyard or balcony. After that, you will see a bounty of fresh vegetables, which will be ready for you to prepare a yummy vegetable curry and it will be fresh, healthy and even it provides a good flavor to your cooking. And this requires only a little time and effort. Let’s discuss a few tips to start your own vegetable garden and many people who live in the flat in Chennai is doing this as their hobby! Follow these tips to get growing every day!

Before you start a vegetable garden you should analyze these things:
  1. Location: Check for the particular location which is ideal to have a garden like a patio or a balcony, walls or backyard etc
  2. Sunlight: Determine the amount of sunlight which you get in that particular location
  3. Deciding on what to grow: In a flat, you can grow only certain veggies in smaller areas
  4. Seeds: The seeds should be planted carefully without any damage to the roots
  5. Soil: It is really important and it should be light and disease-free
  6. Watering: Your plants need moisture and there are certain plants which require daily watering. Even excessive watering is not good.
  7. Fertilizers: Chemical fertilizers are available in the market and even you can use your kitchen waste since it is organic and good for plants
  8. Insects and diseases: Have regular checks on the plants to keep the insects away
What are the veggies which you can grow in your flat?
  • Carrot
  • Potato
  • Beans
  • Cucumbers
  • Beans
  • Mint
  • Coriander
  • Tomato
  • Lettuce
Things you need to know when you have a vegetable garden in your flat:
  • There are some best seasons for each of the plants and it should be planted during that time
  • The more water you pour, the healthier the plant will be
  • Have a pot which is quite deep and it should not have a rockier soil
  • All these plants will require enough sunlight
  • Some vegetables are easy to grow and some are not
  • Make sure that all the stems are in the soil
  • Some plants will grow throughout the year
  • Keep checking  the growth of the plants

Some plants will require the lot of sunlight, warm temperature, and regular watering for its growth and others may require less. So, you need to differentiate plants and maintain them properly based on their needs. Some plants will require less maintenance and are easy to grow.

How to plant a seed?

Take a pot and fill them up with soil. Make a drain hole at the bottom and if possible fill it with gravels. Once you have put the seed, cover it with soil, pour water and make sure that it gets enough sunlight.

Keep in mind that just dumping the seeds into a pot and walking away will never help you. If you need good and healthy vegetables, you should water them regularly and even try to spend some time and effort. Then you will definitely have a healthier harvest and the more you garden, the more you get. Every seed you plant would give you a great harvest for years. Hope, you started planting a seed in your garden! Get growing every day with the Indoor Gardening tips for Urban Living People!