Oct 24

apartments for sale in chennai - How to throw a birthday party in a flat?

How to throw a birthday party in a flat?

As you know, everyone wishes to spend their children’s birthday with their friends and relatives in their flats. But, many of them think that they require a huge space if they want to have a party at their flat. Even children will expect from their parents to make their birthday a memorable one with delicious cakes, balloons, gifts, crackers, decorations and much more. It’s your responsibility to make your child’s birthday memorable and you need to plan it accordingly to make their wishes come true!

This is one part. And there are many flats in Chennai where you can’t celebrate a birthday and it has been restricted over there. There are many residential apartments in Chennai where you can celebrate these occasions, but it will end up with a tragedy. Even I have come across few birthday celebrations that turned tragic in a flat, it happened due to the explosion of a bunch of helium balloons. Actually, those balloons are filled up with highly flammable hydrogen. Helium is costlier when compared to Hydrogen. And this is the reason why the explosion has happened in the flat.

Here, we’ll discuss some tricks to transform your small space into a bigger one and what are the smart ways to celebrate a rocking birthday! Even we’ll discuss few precautions to make this occasion to take place in a smooth way!

Have a proper Event Manager

If you plan for a birthday, you need to make a few arrangements before you organize. Because, during the occasion, you need to provide cake, refreshments and collect gifts. Even you need to organize some games to entertain the guests. To do all this, you will require an event manager to organize everything.

Find a good Catering Service

Serving food for the guests is really important on an occasion, it is your responsibility to order a good food from the approved caterers. There should not be any compromises in the case of food!

Discuss with your circle

You are supposed to discuss with your friends, relatives, and neighbors to find out their experience. So that, you will get an idea and you can share some creative ideas and the ways to do it, even you can avoid some issues which they experienced before.

Make room for fun

As you know, there should be enough space to organize a birthday party in your flat. And it’s your responsibility to maximize the space  by making some small changes in your flat like moving furniture or removing it temporarily or use the guest bedroom. Making some rearrangements will help you to get some space. Try to utilize the space which is available to you.

Be creative in your ideas & arrangements

Being in a small flat, you need to be very creative with your space. Implement all your ideas and make this occasion memorable by making it very special. Use some fancy fabric and keep things visually interesting with your touch in it!

Avoid cooking during the party

Make sure that, the food has to be ready before the guest arrived, there should not be cooked after the party starts. Because it will create few problems and it will make the guests feel uncomfortable with the smoke and smell.

Safety Precautions which you need to follow:

1. Avoid danger

As we know, no child can imagine a birthday party without the balloons, but you need to check whether the balloon is filled with helium or hydrogen. If it is filled with helium, it’s fine. If not, use ordinary balloons.

2. Make your place safe

Many birthday parties will be arranged with live cooking because people love barbeques and grills. Make sure that the cooking area is safe and keep away the children and pets from that place.

3. Be careful with the candles

I have seen many birthday parties which are decorated using beautiful candles but it is not safe. Kindly avoid using multiple candles and use just one candle as a formality. Even never keep the balloons close to the candles and it will reduce the possibility of an accident.

4. Secure your entire home

Ensure the places like the kitchen, swimming pool, Pooja room in your flat is accessed only by authorized persons and not by everyone. Some people may misuse this chance, and take something from your home. Even organize the party away from the pool area.

As a parent, you need to take utmost care to make your child’s birthday party a memorable one and avoid accidents and it is better to be safe all the time. Hope, you got some smart ideas to throw a party in your apartment in Chennai and there are many luxury apartments in Chennai where you can find a party all to celebrate all your occasions, just book one flat today and enjoy living!