Our Construction Sites are Open & Construction Has Started in Full Swing

October 26, 2020

We are happy and proud to share with you that this lockdown period from 24 March 2020 has only strengthened our bond with our esteemed Clients. Our Customer relations team and Sales team have strived relentlessly to continuously maintain communication with you. They have regularly shared the developments from and details of various lockdown period offers, and so on.

This communication channel has earned the faith of our esteemed customers and resulted in 182 new sales during this lockdown period, a testimony of the bond and faith we have developed with you over these years.

On the construction front, our technical & planning teams have analysed, reviewed and planned the activities at our sites to ensure that the loss of construction work during the lockdown period does not have any impact on the project progress and completion. Their efforts are focused on the timely completion of the project and timely delivery. The moment Tamil Nadu Government gave permission to start construction, work at all our project sites has started in full swing from the 6 of May 2020. More than 1,300 labourers/construction workers had reposed faith in our organization and refrained from returning to their home states and stayed back at our camps during the lockdown period.

Our Admin and Project teams had taken all the efforts required to ensure that our labour force that was stationed at all our project sites were well taken care of. This care and concern of the organization reinforced the faith of our construction site workers and they choose to spend the lockdown period in the labour camps and once the orders for resuming the work was provided by the Government they immediately engaged in the construction activities at the sites with full vigour.

We wish to inform that our marketing offices & construction sites will function strictly following the guidelines set by the Government. All the necessary care and monitoring are put in place to ensure that guests, visitors, customers, and workers who are healthy and devoid of any symptoms are only provided admission to our office and construction sites. Regular Monitoring of the employees and site workers’ temperature and general wellbeing, and periodic sanitizing measures, strict enforcement to wear masks, and all other required measures are performed to be 100% sure that the place is completely safe.

We thank you once again for all the support and encouragement, and would like to inform you that:

  • Our construction sites are open & construction has started in full swing
  • Our customer care staff & our sales team’s are available at our marketing offices to have a conversation and to offer all the required help to you.

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