Plan Your Diwali Dhamaka at Home with Ease – Tips for a Memorable Celebration

November 8, 2023

It’s Diwali time, the time of the year we all wait to bask in festivities. It is the time when we take a break from our never-ending professional commitments and spend time with family and friends creating memories that last a lifetime. The occasion is special for everyone, especially for new homeowners in the city who are to ring in the celebration in their beautiful new house. As you prepare to welcome the special occasion and celebrate it in your home with your dear ones, here are some tips that can make this task easy and enjoyable – 

Planning is the key

Diwali Decorations - Gated Community Apartments in Chennai

While the onset of the festive season brings great joy and excitement, it brings with it a lot of chores too. Be it shopping for garments, accessories, the sweets & savouries or the supplies to make them if you are planning to don the chef’s hat, the decoration of the house, the invite for the guests, the arrangements for the Diwali eve party, the list seems endless. However things can be handled better when the planning starts earlier, remember last minute rush to the shop for the matching shoes or the favourite sweet will only cause stress and steal the fun out of the festival. So make the list well ahead, ask all the family  members to make theirs, review them, finalize what is mandatory and what can be eliminated, then start the shopping well ahead. 

Remember with all the traffic jams that come during the festive season, driving to even the nearest shop will consume a whole lot of time. Even when the shopping is online, keep a buffer of 5-6 days for exchanges in case of fitting, colour or any other issues. Send your friends the diwali party invite a week ahead, so that they don’t have last minute surprises that upset their plans. Remember to invite your neighbours in the community, Diwali is the right occasion to make new friends in gated community apartments. So plan well ahead and welcome the festival with a smile and not stress. 

Time to bond

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As festivals involve planning, shopping, and organizing it can become stressful when you try to handle it yourself. So, Involve all the family members, make it an occasion to bond, let the creative inputs come from all of them, right from the tiny tots at home to the senior members. This will make them feel wanted, respected and you will be surprised to see their involvement, and things get executed faster and easier. Remember, perfection is not the prime factor, having fun and creating memories should be your focus. 

The decoration may not be exactly the way you had imagined, the sweets may not taste exactly the way you wanted it to be, but imperfections are the way of life. If you share your vision for the festivities, sure with some cajoling you will have all the members of your party contributing to it, however, be ready to embrace the shortcomings also, for no one is perfect. When your friends arrive home on the festive occasion, remember to highlight and credit everyone at home for their contribution, they will surely appreciate the effort that has been put into the show and not just the results.

Safety comes first 

Safe Diwali - Gated Community Apartments for Sale in Chennai

A safe Diwali is a happy Diwali. Make elaborate safety planning with a foresight of every possible mishap. A green Diwali is the best choice, decorate the house with beautiful clay diyas, you can choose to shop at the nearest kirana shop or at any of many NGOs and organizations that sell products made by destitutes, differently abled, kids with down’ syndrome, etc. Care should be taken to avoid contact of clothes with the diyas and lamps, always keep handy a thick bedsheet, or a bucket of water that can be reached quickly. Stock creams and medicines to treat burns and accidents.

Many of the premium gated community apartments in Chennai have fire extinguishers and fire sprinkler system  in every floor, a very useful provision during these times. Instruct the kids to keep a safe distance from fire crackers, adult supervision is essential while they ignite it and also while they enjoy it. Similar to the kids, the elders at home would also have to be given the safety instructions, with age their response becomes slow and reaction time higher. 

Enjoy a safe and happy Diwali with friends and family in your new home with these simple tips. For all those aspiring to own their dream home, the auspicious occasion of “Dhanteras” is ideal to make the move. Visit the promising new real estate projects coming up in the city, equipped with amazing amenities and located in the most promising localities they make for the best abode to reside and a highly rewarding investment for the future. 

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