Feb 21

Stellar Investment Opportunity of 2019 – Codename Independence Day

Why Padur is the ideal spot for your investment?

Codename Independence Day, the latest state-of-the-art apartments in OMR is presented by Urbanrise (a group company of Alliance Infrastructure) is all set to launch at Padur, OMR. Compared to the already peaked property prices along the OMR road, Codename Independence Day offers Gated community flats for sale in OMR at unheard and unmatched benefits making it an ideal investment opportunity for everyone.

OMR stretch has now become one of the fastest growing regions of Chennai in the recent years.  With over 3+ lakh jobs in the IT and allied sectors already it is poised to double in the next 3 years. There are over 150+ top companies operating in the OMR stretch. Compared to the other areas, Padur is one of the most promising localities of OMR where the possibilities of finding a dream home with better rental returns are always present.

Besides that, the real estate investment in this area is said to have better appreciation value both in the long and short run as it attracts more home-buyers due to the following reasons:

1, The Potential for Property Appreciation

Padur being one of the valuable localities of Chennai is surrounded by IT parks and business hubs, which makes it an ideal residential destination for the direct and indirect employee base. Besides, the current property prices are also economical which makes it a perfect investment option for those wanting to gain maximum price appreciation as this region is slowly developing into a full-fledged hub.

2. Income Tax Benefits

When you buy an apartment in OMR, you not only enjoy the benefits of gaining passive income from your property but also get to save a lot in the form of Income Tax Benefits under the sections like 24B and 80EE, which ensures that you optimize on the pre-tax deductions.

3. Ticket Cost

Padur (The perfect destination for your dream OMR property) is one such location where property value is priced at lower rates compared to the homes at other places on OMR. With the advent of aspirational homes under the Urbanrise brand, homes are nowhere near the 70+ lakhs that typical homes are priced on most parts of OMR. Instead, buyers are choosing multiple units – one for their use and a few more for investment and renting. Given the rental rates are high because of growing demand, their asset base is self-sustaining as well as easier to dispose of for resale whenever the need arises.

4. Recognized Residential Hub

Padur, where Codename Independence Day is located at, used to be a growing industrial hub earlier. Now it has transformed into a residential hub. offering the following benefits like:

  • Unparalleled connectivity to Siruseri SIPCOT IT Park ensures that you have a perfect work-life balance.
  • Presence of wholesome recreational activities along with entertainment and leisure ventures like movie theatres and shopping malls for a perfect getaway experience.
  • Quick and seamless connectivity to Mahabalipuram, Muttukadu lake and Pondicherry.

5. NRI Investment

If you are an NRI and want a perfect investment option in real estate, then Padur is your ideal destination. Take a deep look at the below points, to know how rewarding your investment can be:

  • Great Price: Spacious homes with the lowest price within a radius of 15 km, makes Codename Independence Day the first and only aspirational homes in the vicinity
  • Great Returns: A great investment opportunity to earn 7-8% rental returns which are higher than the current Chennai Market
  • Great appreciation Value: Most numbers of Apartments in Padur is sure to have 100 % increased land and capital appreciation in 4-6 years

6. Great Location

Excellent connectivity and Social Infrastructure is making Padur the next emerging giant residential hub of OMR belts and a well established IT corridor.

7. Relatively Low Maintenance Cost

Apartments in Padur are well known for its low maintenance cost without compromising much on space and convenience. Overall, your monthly maintenance costs are 30% less compared to the similarly sized project in this area.

8. A Great Gift

If you are a person who wants to gift for personal or tax reasons, either to parents or for your children,  gifting them a home at Padur which can redefine their lives in the future.

9. Rent vs. EMI

No matter how big your home loan is or your EMI payments are, the returns you get in the form of rents will compensate all your spend on your home.  If you end up living in this investment, you will save on paying high rents and invest in EMI instead. After a few years, your monthly payments will get converted into equity, whereas rent just goes down the drain.

10. A Destination for Career Growth

Imagine owning a home right at the start of your career. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Yes, you can make it happen by investing in Padur and direct your earnings in the form of EMI and get richly rewarded in the form of rentals or own home within a short period of time.

11. A Valuable Second Home

If you are considering a second home that will benefit you in all aspects, invest in a property at Padur that is sure to bestow you with high returns on investment and property value appreciation.

Now that we have shared the secret, try investing in Padur and see how well the investment can redefine your life!