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apartment in chennai - Solutions To Avoid Water Scarcity in your Apartment

Oct 24

Solutions To Avoid Water Scarcity in your Apartment

Water is an essential aspect of life in Chennai. If one is residing in Chennai, they he/she has to know how to manage water well. Water management has to be done at vast level but we have to manage to do our best to save water. Water restrictions are now mandatory for every apartment in Chennai as metro water is made available in limited quantity, but few times not at all. Every apartment complex finds it difficult to meet the needs of occupants as they don’t make alternate arrangements such as bore well tank or rainwater harvesting.

Nowadays the quality of the groundwater is mostly hardened water and are mixed with salt for human survival. As apartment owners are spending on other resources like water tankers because of inadequate water supply. It is a measure that there is an apartment complex which comprises of 300 flats in which they need some lakhs per month to buy water. It is equally shared between the occupants as this adds up to the few amount per square feet. A healthy apartment can give the healthy living you desire.

Here are a few thoughts for flat occupants to avoid water scarcity and stay away from a water emergency:


1. Put off the tap after your personal use.

Fill water in a mug and use to flush out your mouth subsequent to brushing teeth, or for washing face so that as you wash, the water from the tap should not continue streaming without purpose, into the canal.


2. Affix your tap leaks

A little dribble may seem to cause an unnecessary misuse of water yet after some time it turns out to be somewhat critical. In the event that your tap has a little trickle and dribbles 5 times each moment then, an aggregate of around 2 and a half liters of water is squandered in a day. Everything includes!


3. Re-utilize your rice washing fluid without simply depleting

Water which is used for cooking can be reused for watering plants, making curries and for washing utensils. The rice water is even said to expel foul smell from stinking holders to let them remain for thirty minutes.


4. Pick low-stream water fixtures

Because of the present enhanced highly innovative technology, low stream water installations help give a superior cleaning (utilizing far less water) than older, less proficient fixtures.


5. Use less water for flushing

By sinking a half gallon container of water in the latrine tank one can significantly lessen the measure of water released in each flush. Obviously, two-chamber flush tanks are accessible today that gives you the choice to pick a more prominent water release and a lesser water release.


6. Water open-air plants at a young hour in the morning

As less water dissipates at very few hours for water plants in the morning. Less water is expected to address the issues of your garden when the day has not turned to warm.


7. Fix water meters

Frequently there is debate among flat complex occupants over water utilization. Some faithful occupants who make a huge effort to moderate water in their homes may have a grievance with different inhabitants who are inefficient with water. To stay away from such issues may apartments in Anna Nagar have water meters for independent homes that screen the amount of water utilized per family unit. In an investigation led, the establishment of water meters brought water utilization in a flat complex around 85% and there was no wastage of water by any stretch of the imagination.

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land for sale in chennai -Few Conditions for NRI to buy a Residential Property in Chennai

Oct 6

Few Conditions for NRI to buy a Residential Property in Chennai

As you know, the real estate has become a good investment option for Non-resident Indian (NRI) and they have the huge interest to get settled in India, especially in Chennai. Here, let’s discuss few things which help NRI to buy a residential property in Chennai:

Nowadays, the non-resident Indians- NRI to buy a residential property has become very easy and if you have a passport, then you can just invest in a property in some days. But, make sure that the buying property is not an agricultural land. If you are willing to invest in a property in India, then you have known all these things which are mentioned below:

Regulatory Act for NRI to buy a Residential Property 

You don’t require a special permission to buy a property, but you should have an Indian passport.  The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has made these rules to attract the foreign investors to make their investment in India. And all the real estate transactions are governed by rules which comes under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA).

Properties which you can invest

Actually, there is no restriction in the case of the number of properties. You can buy both commercial and residential properties as much as you wish. But, when it comes to agricultural land, these properties are not allowed to purchase but it can be gifted or inherited in question.

Funding and Transactions

In India, if you are going to make a property investment, then all the transactions should be made in Indian currency and it should be done only through the Indian banks. Even the NRI can able to get funding if they have a clean and proper paperwork and there are many loan schemes available for NRI in India. But, make sure that you invest 20% of the value of the property from your own sources and you can get funding for the remaining 80% of the value of the property.

Before you approach the bank for funding, make sure that you have a clean paperwork and even get it verified by the lawyer. When buying a property, you should get a no-dues certificate from the seller and there should be no pending bills with any authorities.

Power of attorney(POA)

If you are going to buy a property which is under construction, then you’re supposed to give power of attorney to your builder. Just do all this process with the guidance of your lawyer. So that, there will be no chance of forgery. Even this will make your investment very secured.

Tax benefits

There are so many tax benefits available for NRI. After the purchase, if you sell the property within three years, then it is considered as short-term capital gain and the earnings are considered as taxable. After the purchase, if you sell the property after three years, then you can reduce the long-term capital gains tax, by just investing in another property.

You can find different investment options in various exhibitions which is organized by “The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) and even offer loans from top banks on the spot. You as an NRI can find many options for investment and reduction in down payment. And these are the things which you need to check before you invest in real estate in Chennai.

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