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Villas for sale in Chennai - Community Garden: A Villa Neighborhood Bonus!

Sep 20

Are you going to construct villas in OMR? Do contribute these add-ons

OMR- (The Old Mahabalipuram Road), Which takes a parallel road through the East Coast Road elevated its pride to a better grade. Though we found a little outer from the city, we could inhale the fresh and peaceful life over there. So, you might dream about making a habitat in OMR. This article guides you in contributing the best add-ons of today’s life needs.

As the whole OMR stretch occupies an, IT express highway, in which resting the best IT sector seam. To be mentioned, the TIDEL and IT SEZ are the top technological colossal shell representing it. The IT employees are widespread around, start to hunt owning property near to their workstation. It is easy to own a residential villas in OMR or apartment, but you have to propose elements to add-ons to the constructions. One wise application helps to travel with the time shift.


What are the new add-ons can reform your survival in your new home?

Build-In Technology

The new catchword people are relying on is “Go wireless”. Yes, we need a wireless integral form of electrical setup in our home. Try to propose your ideas to the builders and make a consideration. These architecture specifications clarifies the plan as recommended. Now, in today’s scenario, a must built-in technology is necessary to go with the current technological scene. The automatic the face or fingerprint recognition door lock, voice detecting switch control, embedded mobile control, HDTV and DTH distribution and the Wifi connection. Make a whole configured the system with built-in technology for your home.

Eco-Friendly Design

Whatever technology, we install to our home environment. We need to take up nature’s side too. It needs to play some part in our day-to-day life to lead a happy and healthy life from end to end out. There are lots of natural options in the replacement of technology. Why don’t we hire some nature in the construction, building and living? The way we choose our paint, the flooring, the wood materials for our villas in Chennai. Mostly, stick on to the Eco-friendly objects to fill your room.

Built-In Storage

Storage is like a lunge for the pure air. You can have the built-in storage system for your new home. The imperative tactics are when you introduce more of it in your home, it gives an organised and feels tidy look. Your home may give a spacious appearance, but if it lacks closets, then you could find difficult to manage the kinds of stuff around. So, having closets, shelves to have a proper arrangement.

Electrical Vehicle Outlet

It can be the feature going to be available in the near future. Having a vehicle outlet with the electrical support could help to secure your vehicle. As the growing population of the city increases, we know that the safety of the vehicles is not guaranteed. It is better to have an electric vehicle outlet to update your home settings prior.

Radiant Heat

Your feet should feel the warmth, that is going to give a healthy boost. Installing a radiant heat is a good choice. It does not cost high, you can easily affordable along with your construction budget. It is also an eco-friendly way of living your life. You can also have other options of installing after the completion of the construction of your villas in OMR, but it cost high than the former version.

Features For Your Pet

If you have a pet, it needs a secure environment to grow up. It needs a separate room, carpets, doors, to accord them with a complete home. It is wise to keep up small construction work for them, instead of struggling for spaces in the future.

Central Vaccum

Why do you want to strain to move around your home, carrying the mobile vacuum device? The central vacuum device will be instantly ready to obey your order to clean your villas in OMR. The centralised motor functioning will do wonders for your room. Hope you are getting one for your home too.

Personalize your home with a prior notion. Getting fully-furnished and organized homes to reduce the cost of spending on later days. Obtain technological installation in your home during the construction process that would help you. Have a happy home engaged with immaculate lifestyle.


Villas for sale in Chennai - Community Garden: A Villa Neighborhood Bonus!

Sep 16

Community Garden: A Villa Neighborhood Bonus!

Many villa or apartment dwellers don’t get a chance to take care and maintain a plush green space. If people don’t have a farm house of their own, they need a garden or a park nearby to help fill that gap. Lots of cities are now coming up with an idea of constructing and maintaining community parks or gardens which are helpful for gardening hobbyists and enthusiasts. Here are 5 advantages of having a individual villas in Chennai with community garden near you:

1) Fresh food near you

If you are maintaining a garden in your community then you are working together to plant all varieties of plant species. If you plant many vegetables in your garden, it will produce plentiful results. You will get some fresh food to eat and share it with your neighbours in your community. If the yield is extremely huge, then you can donate it to orphanages or non profit, government organizations on behalf of your community.

2) Best Opportunity to socialize with your neighbors

Community gardens are about working together and sharing the benefits of the garden. So, they encourage communication with your fellow neighbors. Many local organizations organize events to discuss the operational aspects and plan on collectively investing in the garden. If the yield is good, some even work together with farmer’s markets to sell plants and vegetables.

3) Great bustle for kids

There will be many kids living in your apartment community. Working in a garden will be an awesome chance for them to learn. A garden is a great chance for them to sharpen their work ethic and show their sense of responsibility.. Kids generally love to keep their hands in the mud by planting trees and picking vegetables and the same affinity is put to use in a good way here.

4) Beautifies your surroundings

Community gardens entirely change the visual look of your surroundings, turning a dull lot into a joyful green space that is appealing to look at. Obviously, the sense of community and teamwork is showcased in a community garden.

5) Can create a center of attention to wealthy neighbors

Residents in a high-income bracket get attracted to the areas which have community gardens surrounded nearby. It may be young bachelors or empty nesters, garden enthusiasts are looking to be a part of their community with gardens to stay healthy. If your nearby residents are from a high-income bracket then it will not be difficult for them to contribute to maintaining a community garden. There will be a plenty of benefits of being a part of a community garden. If you’re looking for a chance to be a part of a community or trying to learn how to plant a garden, apartments and villas with community gardens will surely give you plenty of opportunities. One such community in Chennai, which I saw recently was Alliance Humming Gardens villa in OMR which comes with awesome amenities such as hydroponic gardens which is a major highlight of that community.    


Villas in OMR Chennai - Best Schools Near Your Villa in OMR

Sep 16

Best Schools for an excellent educational system in OMR, Chennai

The growing buds need a good knowledge for leading a gratified life in the future. Chennai is a big metro city that we would find difficult in making navigation even on the maps. Therefore, how could we find the best educational institutes in Chennai, and travel long to learn exhaustedly? Most of the schools in Chennai are grasping the exploration and delivering an excellent knowledge on eight hours of routine.

Catch up with the OMR, the rapidly expanding suburban in Chennai. Moreover, the colossal hub for many industrials developing companies worldwide. If you have your habitat there and are you searching for an excellent school in OMR Chennai? We have browsed to list out the great educational system in your nearest localities.

These well-established cataloged best schools staged and gained popularity by cultivating an improved educational phenomenon in the educational system near to the Humming Gardens Villas in OMR.

1. SANGFORD SCHOOLS – (Innovation In Education)

Address: 27, 5th Main Road, CBI Colony, Kandanchavadi, CHENNAI – 600096.

Phone: 9840639084, 9940629727

Email: sangfordschools.pgi@gmail.com, sangfordschools@gmail.com

Sangford is a highly reputed school with unique teaching formulas. They focus on building up the extraordinary skills, knowledge and attitude. They are well versed in ranking the pupil to score positive grades in examinations. The main motto behind the whole team’s attempt is to practice, preparation, extension and creative. The school outlined a unique teaching technique planned by the NAEYC, USA (National Association for the Education of Young Children).


Address: OMR Campus, DLF Garden City, Thazhambur, (off OMR), Chennai – 600130

Phone: 044- 48517880 / 7898 / 7901

E-mail: contactus.omr@psbbmillenniumschool.org

The Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan Millennium School educational institutions have a group of branches in all main cities of Tamilnadu and other states. They follow the CBSE pattern of our educational system in their teachings. It was a well-planned infrastructure and an upgraded technological learning therapy. The school is not only on the view of learning the syllabus but also they focus on tutoring the skillful extra-curricular activities. One of the best schools you are searching for in OMR.

3. SISHYA OMR SCHOOL – (Aspire And Excel)

Address: CLM Sishya OMR School, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR), Thuraipakkam, Chennai-600 097

Phone: +91-44-49503325

Email: admin@sishyaomrschool.org

The vision was emerging from the dedication and perseverance towards learning and exploring of knowledge. Sishya provides the quality education with a professional take off in all other campus activities. The educational excellence and endeavors are wide to talk about and was with a technologically advanced evolution.

4. HIRANANDANI UPSCALE SCHOOL (HUS) – Looking Forward To Turn Vision Into Reality

Address: 5/63, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Opp Sipcot IT Park, Egattur Village, Padur P.O. Kelambakkam, via Kanchipuram Dist., Chennai – 600130.

Phone: +91 7358000736/37/38

Email: info@huschennai.in

Hiranandani, a well-entrenched real estate brand developers in Mumbai, branched out their wings in Chennai by establishing an international standard school. They follow a special set of balanced learning and academic combination made them stand out with excellence. The co-curricular opportunities are encouraged with more training. One of the best schools you can pick up.


Address: IB (PYP, MYP) World School, TOD Ashram, Jabakadal Street, Padur, Kazhipattur Post, OMR, Kelambakkam, Chennai – 603 103.

Phone: + 91 – 8608117700, + 91 – 7871666333

Email: admissionsib@gatewaytheschool.in

The innovative expansion of this organization is meeting up with their future visionaries. They occupy the developmental approach for students to have a learning process. Their proposed technologies are helpful in making experienced discoveries and strong inputs to the student’s knowledge. Predominantly, the school is holding up a potential achievement in a long run.

6. APL GLOBAL SCHOOL – Academy For Personalized Learning

Address: No 697/3, Anand Nagar Main Road, Okkiyam Thoraipakkam, Chennai 600 097, India

Phone: (044) 4076 1199

E-mail: admin@apl.edu.in

They accord an imported and international standard of knowledge. The school ensures an effective and efficient educational model. An experienced and flexible approach with personalized care drives the children to accomplish. It can be the best school environment for a gratified education.


Address: Akshara Matriculation Hr. Sec School, Okkiyam Thorapakkam, Gokilambal Nagar, P.T.C Quarters, Chennai-600 097.

Phone: +91 8012518205, 8754422869, + 91 – 044 – 24581722

The school is best for any people from the society. They financially support the students for their education. The school equipped with all the well-developed facilities, the intelligence and brilliance of the students is the only focus. They also run a charity for students who come from the economically backward community. They also arrange some tuition classes after the school to guide and encourage people with care.


Address: Jeppiaar Nagar, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Semmencherry, Chennai – 600 119.

Phone: +91 44 24502051, +91 44 24502052

Email: office@jeppiaarschool.org

The best school to expand your knowledge and skill, and a safe environment for your children. They encourage the pupil to learn the self-learning discipline, a happy, friendly and positive circle to grab disciplined education. They celebrate diversity in culture, values and language in their learning ambience. Cultivate the cognizant of your kids from the nutritious fields.

OMR is the best hub for IT organizations, as well as one of the best places in Chennai to own a home. We trust this list will enable you to pick the best school for your children when you to move to your new home in OMR.

Let our kids master the education and stay a disciplined life!


luxury villas and apartments in Chennai - What Makes Luxury Villas And Apartments In Chennai Different From The Regular Ones?

Jul 18

What Makes Luxury Villas And Apartments In Chennai Different From The Regular Ones?

We cannot answer that question without answering what “luxury” and “regular” mean. What is your understanding of “luxury”? The word denotes “something that is not essential, but provides pleasure and comfort”.

It also means “something that is desirable but expensive or hard to obtain or do”. Luxury is considered an indulgence rather than a necessity. It denotes the state of being in which you have a plentiful supply of material goods, comforts and pleasures that are beyond the reach of most people in general.

Having said that, it is easy to understand what luxury villas and apartments mean. They are those that offer you more than the essentials and bare minimum necessities a standard shelter is expected to provide.

Alliance, one of the leading Real Estate Developers in Chennai, currently offers over 3 gated communities of luxury villas in Chennai. Of the three, Orchid Springss in Padi, a lakefront luxury apartment near Anna Nagar, facing Korattur lake has ready-to-move-in apartments for sale as we speak. Whereas, Alliance Galleria Residences; a landmark development of luxury apartments in Pallavaram, stays under construction. It is open for bookings now.

Alliance has over 2 projects of luxury villas in Chennai for sale at present. They include Alliance Humming Gardens, on OMR and Alliance Villa Belvedere; DTCP approved Villa plots in Oragadam. All of the above provide “luxury”. The question is what makes them luxury villas and apartments in Chennai?

If we take Galleria Residences, for example, they are apartments without a common wall between individual units. Now, that’s sheer luxury. How? While you get dime a dozen regular apartments out there, one sticking to the other, separated only by a thin common wall between them, Galleria Residences stand apart as no-common-wall apartments.

The benefits are obvious. These apartments compare with independent houses or villas that open to plenty of breathing space on all three sides except the entrance attached to the corridor. In effect, you get plenty of fresh air and natural light flowing in from all three sides into your apartment. Isn’t that luxury? That’s a desired comfort which ordinary, regular apartments do not give you. There are many more luxuries these apartments in Pallavaram offer you. (Click here  for details).

Similarly, Alliance Humming Gardens; the luxury Villas in OMR, Chennai, gives you the comforts that ordinary villas do not. It comes with features such as South India’s largest Outdoor games arena in a villa enclave ever (click here  for more).

These are luxury villas in OMR for more reasons than one. The landscaped gardens and green environment of over 30 acres in which it is set makes it a cut above the ordinary. These luxury villas in OMR are designed to become a landmark in OMR. The enclave is packed with exciting features (Find out more here).