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Jun 27

Choosing The Best Apartments In Chennai

All you need is a willingness to do a bit of comparative study between the choices available to you and legally cross verification with government offices charged with property matters and with experts in matters of property laws.

Comparing Between Apartments In Chennai

With Chennai took a new tangent of industrial and commercial progress, the real estate sector began flourishing at a speed and scale never seen before. Real Estate Developers in Chennai began offering a range of Apartments for those that choose Chennai to live and work in. Apartments remain the first choice for a large number of people that make Chennai their home. Thanks to tens and hundreds of responsible real estate developers in Chennai, you today have a rich array of apartments to choose from. Comparitively, of course, remains the universally accepted method for taking a decision.

What do you compare and how?

1. Credibility and credentials of the Developer. 2. Short term and long term advantages of the location where the apartment is built. 3. Legal validity and authenticity of titles, clearances and compliance. 4. The care that goes into the architecture of the apartment that is reflected in the way the apartment is designed, space created for you within the shell and ventilation that allows you to enjoy natural light and air. 5. Utilities and quality of amenities that make your life comfortable, convenient and enjoyable. 6. Environment planning and design standards that have gone into the project to avert human hazards caused by natural calamities such as flood, earthquake and drought. 7. Lung space that allows you to enjoy clean air and common area made available to you. 8. The percentage of Undivided Land Share that you are entitled to. 9. How sensitive and affordable is the apartment price compared to others offering the same quality and quantity? 10. Do you have ample parking space for your vehicles? That’s a checklist for comparison between apartments in Chennai before you decide on one. If you are satisfied with the above, it would mean that you can expect it to appreciate well too. There are many apartments for sale in Chennai as we speak. Alliance, one of the leading developers in Chennai, currently offers luxury apartments or sale in Pallavaram and also in Padi, near Anna Nagar. Alliance has been concentrating on offering luxury apartments in Chennai all along in a successful span of over a decade. It is a given that as a prudent investor or end user, you want to make an investment that earns you the best returns possible. If that describes you, it is advisable to check out Alliance before you take a purchase decision. Alliance stands tall when it comes to luxury apartments in Chennai. Good luck with your home hunt!

Gated Community of Apartments and Villas Chennai

Jun 20

Why Opt For Gated Community Apartments And Villas In Chennai?

Gated communities have been efforts of groups of people with shared identities to live a safe and sound life. From ancient civilizations to modern, gated Communities seek to keep families safe from hostile elements, harmful influences and from marauders and outlaws that respected no law and order. The concept of “gated community” evolved over the years, retaining much of its fundamental features to this day. Gated community apartments and villas reflect and represent a standard of life its members buy into. Neither independent houses nor different types of human settlements enjoy the benefits gated communities offer. Developers identify right locations and develop physical infrastructure required for modern urban living. Developers do it on behalf of people that become part of the commune thus created. Builders in Chennai, as in other parts of India develop and offer gated communities of both Villas and Flats or Apartments in Chennai. Leading Real Estate builders in Chennai such as Alliance offers a good mix of gated communities of luxury apartments and villas to choose from. You would opt for a gated community villas in Chennai for the following reasons:

Quality Of Life 

An ideal gated community is an exclusive preserve of carefully designed habitat that facilitates quality of life otherwise unaffordable to us. In addition to plug and play infrastructure, a premium gated community comes with lush green landscaped gardens, hydroponic gardens, outdoor games arena and sufficient outdoor space for healthy activities such as jogging and stroll through scenic, pollution-free green surroundings.

Safety And Security

Security is one of the key advantages of gated communities. The enclave of Villas and Apartments within the compound wall secures the community of residents from trespassers. Besides, the 24/7 security and surveillance system shields residents from anti-social elements and criminals. It also gives a sense of exclusivity to the community of residents.

Facilities And Amenities

As a commune comprises a cluster of many families, it can afford to cost-effectively maintain its own exclusive club house and other entertainment facilities. You do not have to spend time and money to travel long distances or navigate traffic congestion for entertainment. Gated communities come with engaging options for all age-groups.

Efficient Utilities

Collective investment in utilities makes life in gated communities cost-effective. Power back-up, water supply, garbage disposal system, rainwater harvesting and parking, to name a few, take away a whole lot of the pressures of your head. These are challenges you will have to face all by yourself if you opt for homes other than a gated community apartments in Chennai.

Healthy Habitat

As gated communities generally come with large open space, you get sufficient breathing space and clean air to breathe. Urban houses cannot afford to have their own exclusive open space primarily because of scarcity of land and infeasibility. Click here if you want to check out some of the best-gated communities of Villas and Apartments for sale in Chennai. Alliance, one of the leading Developers in Chennai has great projects for you to choose from such as Alliance Orchid Springss lakefront apartments near Anna Nagar, Alliance Galleria Residences Apartment in Pallavaram, Alliance Humming Gardens on OMR and Alliance Villa Belvedere in Oragadam.

Villas for sale in Chennai

Plots for sale in Chennai


Real Estate in Chennai

Jun 19

Chennai Real Estate Opportunity

The real estate sector is one of the most globally recognized sectors. It is the second largest employer after agriculture. Chennai is one of the many cities where the opportunities for real estate is rising.
Among the thousand various opportunities that are available in Chennai, one can see that there are only very few real estate opportunities that satisfy the customers. Projects in Chennai by the Alliance group has been very successful over time.
Alliance has come with apartments and villas throughout the Chennai city. Apart from their villas in OMR and Porur and apartments in Pallavaram and Annanagar, there are villa plots for sale in Oragadam. These projects in Chennai avail the customers to look into real estate investments in a very different but straightforward manner.
There has never been a clear cut answer to most of the real estate queries that the buyers have. One of the most popular ones being, is it affordable? And my answer to those of you who have decided to invest in an Alliance project, be it a luxury villa or a lake-facing apartment in Chennai, it is affordable and it is definitely worth it.
When looking for an apartment or a villa in Chennai, one always keeps in mind a few important things like, the budget, the location and the amenities. If you look at the luxury villas in OMR and ready to live-in villas in Porur, you already know that they are located in the popular hubs in Chennai. OMR and Porur among other locations are popular because of their close proximity to schools, colleges and shopping malls.
Like mentioned above, apart from villas and apartments in Chennai, villa plots are also available. These villa plots in Oragadam are up for sale and as these plots are located in Oragadam, it is close to the airport and is also close to schools and colleges.
When you talk about amenities, you would say, safety, locality and child friendly. When you are looking into all these aspects, Alliance projects all have these above mentioned amenities. Their villas in OMR have South India’s largest outdoor adventure and gaming arena in a residential enclave, the apartments in Annanagar are lake facing and is a part of a gated community and so there is every measure of safety that is taken into consideration. These are just a few examples out of the many that can be jotted down.
Chennai stands as one among the top five most affordable cities in India to buy a house. And in such a city, where land or houses is affordable, Alliance group of builders has portrayed projects that stand to its peaks of affordability.


Alliance-Leading Builders in Chennai Offers Residential Apartments, Villas And Plots

Oct 5

The environment in which Chennai’s best lakefront apartments are set; truly healthy!

How do you describe a healthy environment, That which helps you stay healthy and live a long life We are on the same page if that’s how you define it too. Needless to say, you and I desire for a dream home in such an environment where air, water and natural light, the essentials of life, are at their desired best. Alliance Orchid Springss, a lakefront apartments in Padi, Chennai, is not just one such home come true, but an Award winning one at that. World Consulting and Research Corporation (WCRC) has awarded Orchid Springss as one of the top 100 real-estate brands in Asia in the year 2015.   Anyone who visits and lives in Orchid Springss would agree it is the best lakefront residential community in Chennai that one can imagine. The 600 acre Korattur Lake which sprawls in front of Orchid Springss, makes a remarkably enduring experience that renders it a unique environment.   The Orchiddians have a lot going for them around the lake. There is, for example, a 2 km stretch of the C-shaped bay around the lake that runs past Orchid Springss. Aptly called Chennai’s Queen ‘s Necklace, it is now being developed into a 20 feet wide jogging track. This jogging track is a boon for not only joggers and fitness buffs, but anyone that would love to take in the waterfront goodness of nature. Moreover, Orchid Springss offers a stunning view of Korattur Lake from its lake-facing apartments and penthouses as well. You do not get such an advantage anywhere else in Chennai. It is a clear advantage because feeding your mind with refreshing sights and sounds has scientifically proven to add to both your mental and physical health. That explains why we generally seek nature-rich and water-rich locations and sights for recharging ourselves. Combine this unique advantage with plenty of space and opportunity for physical activities, there you get Orchid Springss.   Lakefront apartments is ideal for your daily workouts, yoga, meditation and inspiration. Orchid Springss even has an Orchid Deck with a coffee shop which lets you enjoy the lake-view and the refreshing breeze whooshing around it. Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) has taken over Korattur Lake for developing it into a premium tourism spot for boating and other allied attractions. What more can an Orchid Springss owner and resident ask for?   Small wonder, Orchid Springss community is getting livelier as more and more families continue moving in as the project has entered delivery phase. With the pace of handing over to pick up, the current strength of 300 families that live in Orchid Springss is all set to go up soon. In all, it is going to be a community of 2026 luxury apartments.   With the quality of air, water and light around these apartments in Chennai the best one can think of, Orchid Springss towers above the rest of its kind in Chennai. The 50, 000 Sq.ft club house with 5-star amenities add to the quality of lifestyle privy to the community. The club house too provides gym, indoor games courts, outdoor games facilities, swimming pool and more, which are essential for a healthy living. In sum, if you are looking to settle down in Chennai or buy an apartment in Chennai, you cannot miss out on this opportunity to make one of the best, award-winning apartment your home. You may call the marketing executives, take their advice, visit the project, glean all the details you can and take an informed decision as soon as you can. For time and tide, as they say, waits for none.