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Buying a Villa in Chennai - Useful Tips on Renovating and Remodeling Your Home

Jun 15

Things to Consider Before Buying a Villa in Chennai

Villa; an aristocratic residential concept that originated in ancient Rome, has come a long way since its advent. Villas used to be Roman upper-class country houses. Today, “Villa” refers to independent luxury houses in spacious sub-urban zones. Untouched pockets of land in the outskirts make perfect locale for Villa living. With steadily swelling urban population, urban development in most of India has inevitably been expanding to suburban pockets of land. As far as Chennai is concerned, OMR has been one of the most sought-after residential and commercial locations of all. Builders such as Alliance offer luxury villas in Chennai in OMR. The question most people such as you ask is why should you buy a Villa rather than an apartment? What really are the advantages of buying a Villa? Are there any?

1. A Villa Gives You An Elite Identity

Traditionally Villas hold a pride of place in all societies and cultures around the world. It is only the cream of the society that lives in luxury villas in prime locations. They alone can afford villas. It follows that owning a Villa invariably elevates your status and class.

2. Luxury Villas Differ From Generic Villas

Many a time, many people confuse regular villas with luxury villas. Regular, generic villas do not come with amenities, architectural and construction quality that luxury villas come with. It is in your best interest to list down the number of amenities the Villa you have decided upon provide before you sign on those dotted lines.

3. Precise Location And Habitat

You need to ascertain how close your Villa enclave is to social infrastructure, transport facilities and your workplace. Of course, location and the surroundings in which you live impact your daily life and the quality of life you live.

4. Price Tag 

Weigh the quality of construction, surroundings and number of amenities the builder provides you for the price he quotes for the Villa. Ask the Developer how much Undivided Land Share you are entitled to when you buy a Villa. It is invariably a larger share than what you get with an apartment. Factor in UDS as well in the net price you pay.

5. Quality Of Neighbourhood

Who you share your neighborhood with adds to your life in more ways than one. Rubbing shoulders with people with shared values, lifestyle, professional background and financial accomplishment influences not only the quality of life you live but also that of your young ones. So it is important that you know the class and caliber of people your Villa enclave targets and attracts.

6. Credentials Of The Developer

You need to know the Developer behind the Villa you buy. What other projects have they delivered so far? How professional and capable are they as a Developer? What is their technical expertise level? How ethical and trustworthy are they? You need to satisfy yourself with reliable answers to these and other equally important questions about the team behind your dream Villa. Check out Alliance Humming Gardens; luxury villas in OMR in Chennai if it is a Villa that you have in mind.