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luxury villas and apartments in Chennai - What Makes Luxury Villas And Apartments In Chennai Different From The Regular Ones?

Jul 18

What Makes Luxury Villas And Apartments In Chennai Different From The Regular Ones?

We cannot answer that question without answering what “luxury” and “regular” mean. What is your understanding of “luxury”? The word denotes “something that is not essential, but provides pleasure and comfort”.

It also means “something that is desirable but expensive or hard to obtain or do”. Luxury is considered an indulgence rather than a necessity. It denotes the state of being in which you have a plentiful supply of material goods, comforts and pleasures that are beyond the reach of most people in general.

Having said that, it is easy to understand what luxury villas and apartments mean. They are those that offer you more than the essentials and bare minimum necessities a standard shelter is expected to provide.

Alliance, one of the leading Real Estate Developers in Chennai, currently offers over 3 gated communities of luxury villas in Chennai. Of the three, Orchid Springss in Padi, a lakefront luxury apartment near Anna Nagar, facing Korattur lake has ready-to-move-in apartments for sale as we speak. Whereas, Alliance Galleria Residences; a landmark development of luxury apartments in Pallavaram, stays under construction. It is open for bookings now.

Alliance has over 2 projects of luxury villas in Chennai for sale at present. They include Alliance Humming Gardens, on OMR and Alliance Villa Belvedere; DTCP approved Villa plots in Oragadam. All of the above provide “luxury”. The question is what makes them luxury villas and apartments in Chennai?

If we take Galleria Residences, for example, they are apartments without a common wall between individual units. Now, that’s sheer luxury. How? While you get dime a dozen regular apartments out there, one sticking to the other, separated only by a thin common wall between them, Galleria Residences stand apart as no-common-wall apartments.

The benefits are obvious. These apartments compare with independent houses or villas that open to plenty of breathing space on all three sides except the entrance attached to the corridor. In effect, you get plenty of fresh air and natural light flowing in from all three sides into your apartment. Isn’t that luxury? That’s a desired comfort which ordinary, regular apartments do not give you. There are many more luxuries these apartments in Pallavaram offer you. (Click here  for details).

Similarly, Alliance Humming Gardens; the luxury Villas in OMR, Chennai, gives you the comforts that ordinary villas do not. It comes with features such as South India’s largest Outdoor games arena in a villa enclave ever (click here  for more).

These are luxury villas in OMR for more reasons than one. The landscaped gardens and green environment of over 30 acres in which it is set makes it a cut above the ordinary. These luxury villas in OMR are designed to become a landmark in OMR. The enclave is packed with exciting features (Find out more here).

Real Estate Developers In Chennai

Jul 4

Real Estate Developers In Chennai

There are over 2000 odd real estate developers in Chennai. Alliance stands in the forefront of the leading few of those professionally run credible companies in Chennai. With over a decade in the domain, Alliance remains a leader in the space with a range of real estate offerings, including luxury apartments, premium apartments and architecture-designed plots (plotted developments) in and around Chennai. Alliance properties come with the promise of assuring appreciation to both investors and end-users. Question, then, is what makes them distinct?

Choice Of Location

Alliance foresees the future a given location holds. They do the ground work required to study and understand the growth potential of locations in and around Chennai. They, then, pick the ones that have more value in terms of economic developments happening around them. Once convinced, understandably, they acquire land holdings of large sizes for economies of scale. With a large land bank under their disposal, Alliance develops residential properties cost-effectively. They pass on this advantage in the cost of production, in turn, to customers such as you. This policy and management principle helps Alliance build homes at your dream locations. (Click here for Alliance properties in prime locations)

Villa Plots In Chennai

Chennai traditionally used to be a city of independent houses and bungalows. It was not until after 2010 or so that developers started offering Villa plots and developments in and around Chennai. Villa plots used to be, typically, on the outskirts. However, with the outward expansion of Chennai, most of what used to be in the outskirts now came to be technically a part of the Chennai metropolitan area. Globalization, free movement of talented and skilled people from various parts of India and from around the world demanded corresponding aggressive developments in physical and social infrastructure in Chennai. In many cases, such developments encouraged businesses set shop in Chennai.

As the middle class began to swell and they began to climb higher on the income ladder, demand for the world class standard of life began to soar higher too. Alliance was quick to respond to this demand. As one of the leading developers of Chennai, Alliance allocated its resources for Villa Plots and luxury Villa developments in Chennai. Today, Alliance offers you Humming Gardens, a gated community of premium Villas on OMR and Villa Belvedere, a DTCP approved plotted development of Villas in Oragadam.

Luxury Apartments like Villas

Keeping in mind the shrinking availability of space in Chennai, Alliance directed its resources to develop Villa-like luxury apartments in prime locations in Chennai for the growing Chennai population. Alliance Galleria Residences on Radial Road in Pallavaram (click here  to know more) and Alliance Orchid Springss in Padi, near Anna Nagar (click here to know more) are two of the luxury apartments in Chennai that Alliance currently offers. Apartments in Galleria Residences are built without a common wall between them. All the 3 sides of each of the apartments are open for fresh air circulation and to aid natural light flow into your home. This is how these apartments work as Villas. Orchid Springss is the best lakefront living apartment in Chennai. It faces Korattur lake; a 600-acre natural lake in Padi.


Villas for sale in Chennai - Community Garden: A Villa Neighborhood Bonus!

Jun 30

Luxury Villas And Apartments for sale In Chennai

Looking for Luxury Villas And apartments in Chennai? There are many real estate developers offer Villas and Apartments for sale in Chennai. However, if luxury villas and luxury apartments worth your hard earned money is what you are looking for, there are only a handful to choose from.

What is a luxury Villa?

Luxury villas are those that give you more than the average or standard features a regular villa can offer. First and foremost, a prime location marks out a luxury villa from an ordinary one. Luxury Villas are those that locate you in a place that connects you with everything that you want within easy reach, including your workplace, marketplace, large shopping malls and entertainment centers such as Cineplex besides schools, colleges, bus stand/stop/station, railway station, hospitals and so forth. Luxury Villas in Chennai are generally found in remote locations such as OMR, the IT corridor of Chennai. Luxury Villas come as a part of an elite enclave that gives you world-class amenities which ordinary enclaves hardly do. For instance, Alliance Humming Gardens on OMR, gives you South India’s largest ever outdoor games facility in a Villa enclave. It includes adventure sports for all age-groups. An ordinary villa commune does not give you amenities of this kind. Again, your home in Humming Gardens is literally built in the midst of landscaped gardens, natural groves, community farms, jogging path and plenty of lung space. You may even have your own hydroponic garden in your terrace and balconies at your Humming Gardens Villa or an Apartment. Such provisions and amenities make it a luxury villa or a luxury apartment, far better than regular, ordinary property that are priced higher than the value they offer you.

What is a luxury Apartment?

Like luxury Villas, luxury Apartments in Chennai too comes within a prime location. What are prime locations? They are those suburban pockets in Chennai where a new Chennai can be seen emerging. They are locations that new industries and commercial activities make home. Understandably, social infrastructure, including Hospitals, Educational Institutions and Entertainment avenues that cater to the needs of the dwellers that move to these locations have got to come up to around them. This is the characteristic feature of urban development at all places on earth. Chennai is not any different. Luxury apartments also give you world-class amenities like luxury villas do. They are bigger in scale and spacious in size compared to regular, ordinary apartments. For example, Alliance Galleria Residences on Pallavaram Thoraipakkam Radial Road, near Tambaram gives you a luxury apartment that is designed almost like a Villa. Apartments in Galleria Residences do not have a common wall, separating your apartment from the next-door apartment. With no common-wall between apartments, you enjoy your privacy as in a Villa. In such an apartment you do not feel suffocated with concrete on four all sides. In fact, taking the advantages of natural ventilation, such apartments facilitate free flow of natural light and fresh air into your apartment, as they are open on all three sides to the environment around. No obstructions around. You may take Alliance Orchid Springss apartments in Anna Nagar as another example for a luxury apartment in Chennai. This apartment community is built facing the Korattur lake; a natural fresh water lake spanning over 600 acres. An apartment in Orchid Springss gives you lake view living experience. Alliance has created a community of over 2000+ apartments with amenities at par with gated community of luxury apartments in developing countries. Only 160 flats for sale available in Orchid Springss. These Villas And Apartments in Chennai are all for sale. Orchid Springss is ready to move residential project in Anna Nagar and construction of Galleria Residences and Humming Gardens are in progress. They too will be ready to move in soon. However, this is the best time for you to book, because these premium villas and apartments run out of stock before you know it. Check them out;

Apartments for sale in Chennai

Villas for sale in Chennai


DTCP Approved Plots for Sale in Chennai

Jun 21

DTCP Approved Plots For Sale In Chennai

Want to buy a residential plot in Chennai? First and foremost, you must, then, ascertain that the property is a DTCP approved. A plot refers to an area of land an authorized authority designates for building house. It can come independently or in a layout. A layout represents a development of a cluster of plots in a lot with clearly defined borders, interconnecting roads, sewers, septic tank, water tank, storm water management system and Greenways. Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act of 1971 authorizes Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) in Chennai to verify compliances and approve residential layouts based on the prevailing rules. DTCP approves all layouts in Tamil Nadu, both urban and rural, except the area that comes under the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA). A layout gets DTCP approval for land development (construction of house/building/residential infrastructure). DTCP does not, cannot and need not, however, give approvals for buying or selling land. Urban layouts require DTCP approval only if it is more than 5 acres and rural ones requires it only if it is above 5 acres. DTCP has authority to demolish any house constructed on lots without its approval. You are not entitled to home loans either for building houses on plots without DTCP approval. Typically DTCP approved layouts carry a seal, hand signature and approved number. You may visit DTCP office to ensure if the residential plot you buy is approved by DTCP. In September 2016 Madras High Court imposed a ban on registering residential plots not approved by DTCP. The Court Order put over 5 lakh plots in a freeze. People have not been able to buy and sell such layouts and plots. The Court Order seeks to check the conversion of agricultural land for constructing houses and commercial buildings. Real Estate Developers have been indiscriminately buying and selling agricultural land as housing plots without DTCP approvals. According to the new DTCP rules you need a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the State Agriculture Department and an NOC from Tahisildar before DTCP approves the layout/lot/plot for Development. Property registration is possible only if CMDA or DTCP approves the plot (for the individual owner) and layout (for the developer). The Government is, reportedly, putting together a scheme to regularize unapproved plots. As per the Draft Scheme, unauthorized plots will be regularized with a penalty and high development charge. This move is expected to make over 5 lakh unapproved plots legal. The quantum of development charge is yet to be finalized though. The average development charges for DTCP approval for a 1 Hectare lot stands at Rs.40,000. Alliance, one of the leading developers in Chennai, offers Villa Belvedere, a gated community residential plots development project in Chennai offering DTCP approved plots for sale in Oragadam. With over a decade of proven expertise in the infrastructure development industry, Alliance is one of the names you can trust with your real estate investment. Being DTCP approved, you can buy a Villa Belvedere plot in Oragadam with full confidence. Alliance offers luxury Villas and apartments in Chennai too. Alliance Galleria Residences in Pallavaram and Alliance Orchid Springs in Padi, near Anna Nagar are two luxury apartment projects currently on sale. Besides, Alliance Humming Gardens villas on OMR make a reliable property pick.