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apartment in chennai - Solutions To Avoid Water Scarcity in your Apartment

Oct 24

Solutions To Avoid Water Scarcity in your Apartment

Water is an essential aspect of life in Chennai. If one is residing in Chennai, they he/she has to know how to manage water well. Water management has to be done at vast level but we have to manage to do our best to save water. Water restrictions are now mandatory for every apartment in Chennai as metro water is made available in limited quantity, but few times not at all. Every apartment complex finds it difficult to meet the needs of occupants as they don’t make alternate arrangements such as bore well tank or rainwater harvesting.

Nowadays the quality of the groundwater is mostly hardened water and are mixed with salt for human survival. As apartment owners are spending on other resources like water tankers because of inadequate water supply. It is a measure that there is an apartment complex which comprises of 300 flats in which they need some lakhs per month to buy water. It is equally shared between the occupants as this adds up to the few amount per square feet. A healthy apartment can give the healthy living you desire.

Here are a few thoughts for flat occupants to avoid water scarcity and stay away from a water emergency:


1. Put off the tap after your personal use.

Fill water in a mug and use to flush out your mouth subsequent to brushing teeth, or for washing face so that as you wash, the water from the tap should not continue streaming without purpose, into the canal.


2. Affix your tap leaks

A little dribble may seem to cause an unnecessary misuse of water yet after some time it turns out to be somewhat critical. In the event that your tap has a little trickle and dribbles 5 times each moment then, an aggregate of around 2 and a half liters of water is squandered in a day. Everything includes!


3. Re-utilize your rice washing fluid without simply depleting

Water which is used for cooking can be reused for watering plants, making curries and for washing utensils. The rice water is even said to expel foul smell from stinking holders to let them remain for thirty minutes.


4. Pick low-stream water fixtures

Because of the present enhanced highly innovative technology, low stream water installations help give a superior cleaning (utilizing far less water) than older, less proficient fixtures.


5. Use less water for flushing

By sinking a half gallon container of water in the latrine tank one can significantly lessen the measure of water released in each flush. Obviously, two-chamber flush tanks are accessible today that gives you the choice to pick a more prominent water release and a lesser water release.


6. Water open-air plants at a young hour in the morning

As less water dissipates at very few hours for water plants in the morning. Less water is expected to address the issues of your garden when the day has not turned to warm.


7. Fix water meters

Frequently there is debate among flat complex occupants over water utilization. Some faithful occupants who make a huge effort to moderate water in their homes may have a grievance with different inhabitants who are inefficient with water. To stay away from such issues may apartments in Anna Nagar have water meters for independent homes that screen the amount of water utilized per family unit. In an investigation led, the establishment of water meters brought water utilization in a flat complex around 85% and there was no wastage of water by any stretch of the imagination.

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Villas for sale in Chennai - Community Garden: A Villa Neighborhood Bonus!

Sep 20

Are you going to construct villas in OMR? Do contribute these add-ons

OMR- (The Old Mahabalipuram Road), Which takes a parallel road through the East Coast Road elevated its pride to a better grade. Though we found a little outer from the city, we could inhale the fresh and peaceful life over there. So, you might dream about making a habitat in OMR. This article guides you in contributing the best add-ons of today’s life needs.

As the whole OMR stretch occupies an, IT express highway, in which resting the best IT sector seam. To be mentioned, the TIDEL and IT SEZ are the top technological colossal shell representing it. The IT employees are widespread around, start to hunt owning property near to their workstation. It is easy to own a residential villas in OMR or apartment, but you have to propose elements to add-ons to the constructions. One wise application helps to travel with the time shift.


What are the new add-ons can reform your survival in your new home?

Build-In Technology

The new catchword people are relying on is “Go wireless”. Yes, we need a wireless integral form of electrical setup in our home. Try to propose your ideas to the builders and make a consideration. These architecture specifications clarifies the plan as recommended. Now, in today’s scenario, a must built-in technology is necessary to go with the current technological scene. The automatic the face or fingerprint recognition door lock, voice detecting switch control, embedded mobile control, HDTV and DTH distribution and the Wifi connection. Make a whole configured the system with built-in technology for your home.

Eco-Friendly Design

Whatever technology, we install to our home environment. We need to take up nature’s side too. It needs to play some part in our day-to-day life to lead a happy and healthy life from end to end out. There are lots of natural options in the replacement of technology. Why don’t we hire some nature in the construction, building and living? The way we choose our paint, the flooring, the wood materials for our villas in Chennai. Mostly, stick on to the Eco-friendly objects to fill your room.

Built-In Storage

Storage is like a lunge for the pure air. You can have the built-in storage system for your new home. The imperative tactics are when you introduce more of it in your home, it gives an organised and feels tidy look. Your home may give a spacious appearance, but if it lacks closets, then you could find difficult to manage the kinds of stuff around. So, having closets, shelves to have a proper arrangement.

Electrical Vehicle Outlet

It can be the feature going to be available in the near future. Having a vehicle outlet with the electrical support could help to secure your vehicle. As the growing population of the city increases, we know that the safety of the vehicles is not guaranteed. It is better to have an electric vehicle outlet to update your home settings prior.

Radiant Heat

Your feet should feel the warmth, that is going to give a healthy boost. Installing a radiant heat is a good choice. It does not cost high, you can easily affordable along with your construction budget. It is also an eco-friendly way of living your life. You can also have other options of installing after the completion of the construction of your villas in OMR, but it cost high than the former version.

Features For Your Pet

If you have a pet, it needs a secure environment to grow up. It needs a separate room, carpets, doors, to accord them with a complete home. It is wise to keep up small construction work for them, instead of struggling for spaces in the future.

Central Vaccum

Why do you want to strain to move around your home, carrying the mobile vacuum device? The central vacuum device will be instantly ready to obey your order to clean your villas in OMR. The centralised motor functioning will do wonders for your room. Hope you are getting one for your home too.

Personalize your home with a prior notion. Getting fully-furnished and organized homes to reduce the cost of spending on later days. Obtain technological installation in your home during the construction process that would help you. Have a happy home engaged with immaculate lifestyle.