Nov 27

apartments for sale in chennai - Transform your home in Contemporary style

Transform your home in Contemporary style

The energy of the contemporary style is the fresh look and feel. Staying up-to-date means modern but, staying simple, minimalistic, subtle, comfortable and sophisticated is contemporary. The contemporary art of designing your home goes through many phases with color, texture, space, shape, sleek and fresh. These terms may look less, yet recall toning it down would be ideal. Contemporary is mostly in light of the natural components and basic decorative plans, which is less ornamental.

Let’s explore the basic and simple rules of transforming your home to get a brand new contemporary look.
1. Colour:

Contemporary style basically revolves around playing with colors. Yes, focusing on the color you choose is the most fundamental aspect of this style. Playing neutral and pastels are the key source of contemporary design. Painting the walls with neutral and pastel colors gets you in decorating with bold and bright decor items everywhere. If the wall is painted with bright colors, then decorating with neutral elements looks good. Black is the most used color to bring the quintessence of the contemporary style room.

Consider cream, white, black, beige and tan are the basic tones of the contemporary design. The monochromatic colors play an ideal role in transforming your home into one. Say with tone-to-tone theme allows taking the walls as the focal point.

Most people confuse with the neutral colors. It seems pretty much broad as well. To define it with detail, try choosing undertones and earthy colors. Adding a touch of pink, gray, and green makes the room look subtler.

2. Space:

Despite the shape of the walls, contemporary design spices up the look of the house. Square walls are not the only required shape in this style. You can still highlight any geometric shapes of the house. The inflow of natural light and air is the essence of having a fresh and airy look in the house.

Imagine the wall space is bare with a neutral color. It looks unattractive unless you highlight it with some wall art and sculpture. Only neutral colored walls are not enough for this style. Adding a few simplistic details to it would take the walls to another level of liveliness.

Placing a single flower vase on the table looks good. Because every single object here stands out to be individual and unique. With plenty of sunlight and rich wall texture can be welcomed for the boldly colored room. A simple idea can trick the eye into transforming your house into contemporary style.

Example, throwing some colorful pillows on a tan sofa can bring the finest look out of it. Also, hanging a vertical over scaled art on one far wall of a large room looks great its own way.

3. Furniture:

Going for basic, bold, bare and simple structural furniture looks elegant and neat. Basic furniture without big skirts is enough. Bold and heavy furniture with neutral colors like beige, tan, gray and other earthy tones are great choices. Choose furniture with less decorative elements which are smooth and bare. You might think bare elements could put off the style. But no, these contribute more to spice up the contemporary look.

Including few silk, linen, cotton and jute fabrics help to add some texture to the room. Throw pillows with defining the geometric shape with bright colors give a big hand to adding beautiful texture. Most importantly, bare furniture means less floral and geometric shaped prints, carved details, fringes, skirts and other heavy decorative elements.

4. Floors:

Inhabitants who wish to go barefoot in the house would be happy to have the contemporary design. Floors in this style should be of wood, tile, and vinyl. There isn’t any rule to not include any rugs here. You have to choose the right one instead. A simple rug or carpet with good color which stands out the best can be bought. A few geometric shaped patterns look great on it.

The floor must be in maple or ash woodwork. Stone and ceramic is also a great choice for flooring are also good to define contemporary characteristics. Dark colored floors would ruin the look. So consider going for light colored tile or ceramic and even wooden floors look great for contemporary style furniture. Rugs for the floor must be smooth and sleek to look elegant.

5. Accessories:

Minimal accessories are always fine with contemporary interior design. Remember, less is more! This means going minimalistic in decor and accessories is fine to get the exemplary look. Accessories which are well-chosen, agreeable, modern and simple work well with this style. Because every item stands out and shouts individually, without distracting the individualism and beauty of other items. So, a simple geometric shaped mirror with a uniquely styled vase element is good for a dresser table.

Contemporary design is all the rage for most inhabitants these days. People looking for flats and villas are strictly considered about the way home looks. Today, most of the families and IT professionals looking for the contemporary style homes to dwell on an exemplary lifestyle.

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