Jul 12

villa in OMR - Few Things To Check Before Moving to New Villa

Villas, Apartments Or Plots In Chennai? What Would You Go For?

If you are like Ratheesh, a self-employed, young IT professional, you would opt for a Villa on OMR, in Chennai’s IT corridor. However, if you are like Vidhya, a young Microbiologist with an MNC in Chennai, you would want to own a luxury Apartment in Chennai in a prime location like Pallavaram or Padi, near Anna Nagar. So, what is the difference? Ratheesh has been an independent-minded person from his childhood. He has always been ahead of the pack. Entrepreneurship was in his blood. Just as financial independence, he wanted to have more space for himself, be it at home or workplace or public place. He does not like anything mediocre. He works for excellence and seeks excellence in everything he does, everything he delivers and everything he buys. He wouldn’t compromise for anything short of excellence. That is why luxury Villas in Chennai such as Alliance Humming Gardens in OMR works for Ratheesh and his likes. On the other hand, Vidhya too is a successful young professional at the prime of her career and life. Mother of a 3-year old, she wants to live close to her workplace and loves to live in a large gated community of luxury apartments in Chennai. She too loves her privacy, a lot of fresh air, light, open space, greenways, indoor and outdoor amenities as Ratheesh does. So she wants an apartment that would look like and work like a Villa. Besides, she is looking for Apartments in Pallavaram. Alliance Galleria Residences, is right there for her. There are luxury apartments for sale in Pallavaram, Chennai. Ratheesh is looking to invest in property too. Preferably in DTCP approved plots in Chennai that promise him assured returns. Alliance Villa Belvedere in Oragadam makes a prudent pick for him. The reasons are obvious. (Check on villas in Chennai for more). The question is what should you go for? If you want to live in a premium gated community of Villas in OMR, Alliance Humming Gardens in the best option you have currently on sale. Primarily because these are Villas located in OMR rather than in some interiors away from OMR proper. Secondly, these Villas come at a lesser price than regular apartments in OMR. Thirdly, a Villa gives you more privacy and Undivided Land Share than an apartment. You are the sole owner of the whole villa and the plot on which it sits. That said, apartments, such as Alliance Galleria Residences and Alliance Orchid Springss combine the benefits of living in a large gated community with privacy and luxury. These luxury apartments for sale in Chennai today stand distinct from regular apartments. They are better than regular apartments in terms of quality of construction, the credibility of the builder, compliance standards, quality and range of amenities plus the price at which you can buy them. What’s more, this is a good time to buy property. Be it flats in Chennai or Villas or plots in Chennai. Do not miss out on the best bargains available in the market today. But make your moves cautiously and with sufficient information. Base your purchase on studied information. Happy purchase! For further information, please go through the Alliance projects .