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Flats in chennai - Fun Things To Do when Home Alone and Bored

Fun Things To Do when Home Alone and Bored

Everyone die to be home alone, but once they are, they literally wanna die. In a serious note, even people always want to be home alone, but they never plan what actually want to do at that moment. And as a result, you get bored within hours of being alone in your apartments in Chennai.

There are hundreds of different entertainment options which you can do when you are home alone or getting bored. Let’s discuss a few which can help you in your bore hours.


1. Pamper yourself

When your house is full of people you may do not have got a chance of pampering yourself. You can take the opportunity of being home alone. Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do in your free time.


(a) Try new look:

Got bored of your look? Give an attempt to change it a little bit. Try different hair style you admire whether it is a pony tail, bun, or plaits. Or just a little change in the way you wear your scarf.

Or get a temporary look, say if you always wear salwar try some of your mother’s saree on that day. If you do not know how to drape a saree, nothing will be better than to learn a new thing.

Or copy your favourite stars. Wear clumsy dresses and flaunt yourself. Remember, it is your day and nobody is there to judge you.

(b) Click pictures of yourself

Without any doubts, selfies are mandatory with all those new trials. Share it in social media checks others opinion on your new look.

(c) Little workout

Do a little exercise, aerobic, yoga, meditation anything you like. Check online videos and copy a few of it. It will engage you for some time, but if you liked it you can do it every day.

(d) Try different face mask

Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do. With all those pollution and stressful weekdays you spent outside can be bartered with one day of rest. Give yourself the full attention whenever you are home alone. Detoxify your face with face mask, steaming or apply cream to make it glow.

(e) Shop online:

Give yourself a treat. Buy something online whatever you like. If you do not have anything in particular, then just scroll down some of the pages of e-commerce sites definitely you will end up liking something.

(f) Cook or Bake

This is the time to show your talent in cooking. And if your mother does not prepare anything for you, then take it as an excuse to give it a try. Do not get scared of the failure. If it does not come out well, clean the area like you never had cooked.

(g) Sleep:

If you are being very lazy to do any of these and need just to relax, then go for a long sleep. Sleeping is a very good remedy to get out from all your stress.


2. Entertain yourself:

(a) Try musically:

Musically is trending day by day. If you have never tried it before, then this is the right time to start it. Copy your favourite actors or your favourite songs and become a model of your own social media page.

(b) Watch a movie

This is the most common thing people do whenever they are home alone. Check what is featured in television. Or download some of your favourite old movies to rewind your memory.

(c) Watch funny video online

Laughter not only will help you to divert your mind, but also effective in burning calories. And who does not want to be fit without working hard.

(d) Sing songs

The bathroom singer inside you can work its talent when you are home alone. Sing as loud as you can, full house is yours.

(e) Listen songs

If you do not want to sing, you can play your favourite music and listen whole day.

(f) Throw a party

Now when you already started with the singing, let’s add some dance to create a concert environ in your small residential apartment in Chennai

(g) Play video game

You can spend your whole day playing video game. Better get a game online and play with a person from another corner of the world.

(h) Read a novel

If you are a bookworm, then there is no need to find your happiness anywhere. Just dig yourself in a novel until anybody comes.


3. Do Productive

Being home alone does not mean you should only find the excuses to waste your time. Let’s see how you can utilize it in a productive manner.

(a) Cleaning

Clean your room, do the laundry, organize your room’s cupboard and throw the waste outside. In this way you can give your parents a shock. Obviously, no parents would ever think that there kid can be this productive when left home alone.

(b) Paint

Give a try to paint some basic things. Or maybe your own portray? Colours will bring your thoughts in the white paper.  You will be amazed to see the beautiful outcome of your new talent.

(c) Try some DIY home décor

Make some DIY with the waste product of your house. Like using papers, wood, stick, etc.

(d) Learn something new

You are never too old to learn new things. See some youtube videos. Whether it is about to increase your educational skills or normal day to day activities. Once learnt will be helpful for years.


4. Catch up

Last but not the least; catch up with the friends or relatives with whom you have not talked for long. Have an hour long conversation or plan to meet them someday to tell your life updates


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