Nov 4

luxury vill in OMR - Alliance Humming Gardens Villas a right choice for a smart-buyer

What makes Alliance Humming Gardens Villas a right choice for a smart-buyer such as you?

Homebuyers have never had it this good ever before. Empowered with Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA), you can boldly go ahead and make your home purchase decisions fearlessly. And you have quite a few good choices as well in Chennai. How many of them are the right choices, though, is for you to decide. Let us try and check how you tell the right choice from a good choice? How do you decide what home is right for you?

Affordability – Past And Present

If you are a Chennai resident, you don’t have to be told how independent houses have been a favorite of traditional Chennaites. That could also be the case with many others that have made Chennai their home at different times in Independent India. If you are one of those that prizes independence and privacy above everything else you are sure to go for an independent house or Bungalow or Villa. Well, the size of the house depends largely on the size of your family, social and economic status. Luxury of building, owning and bequeathing large independent houses has been affordable only to a few privileged and financially successful in the past.

How Humming Gardens Villas Outsmarts Competition?

Now with an increase in the size of the middle class, more people can afford luxury than before. So, “affordability” is one of the determining criteria of telling a right choice from a good choice. Building or buying an expensive house for social recognition does not make sense any more. If you are one of the modern breed of smart buyers, you know it is maximum value for minimum spend that makes a smart buy. Alliance Humming Gardens Villas on OMR outsmarts competition in this respect.

1. Smart On Price

Alliance Humming Gardens sits bang on OMR. And yet it is very reasonably priced for the location. In fact, it is so well priced that it is even lesser than apartments in the neighbourhood. Why should you, as a smart home buyer, buy an apartment on OMR at a higher price when you can buy a premium Villa at lesser price? So, price plays a key role in deciding where to invest your hard earned money. As a smart buyer you will want to make the right choice rather than pick any from the choices available.

2. Big On Value

Of course, the value you get for the price is what matters next. Premium Villas make a big ticket item. However, Alliance, because of its robust fundamentals, has proven its commendable corporate efficiency in bringing you more value at a reasonable and affordable price. Humming Gardens Villas testify to this fact. As the name suggests, the Villa enclave has over 5 large gardens spread across 3 acres in a 30-acre community. Greenery is clearly a luxury these days in Chennai. You may have many residential choices out there, but when it comes to a nature-rich and oxygen-rich environment, Humming Gardens Villa living towers above others of its kind in such a sought-after location in Chennai as OMR.

3. Dream-Come-True Villas

Humming Gardens includes South India’s largest outdoor gaming arena in a residential enclave. It is obviously a first. And best too. Doesn’t that mean you and your children do not have to confine yourself to your house, as in a conventional apartment? You don’t have to search for adventure games or outing or outdoor activities outside the enclave. You have it all within the community itself. I think, that is a major draw in this day and age when space for quality physical activities is steadily shrinking in Chennai. The gaming arena in Humming Gardens has a range of adventure games infrastructure in addition to regular, common outdoor games. So, if you are a “right-choice-maker”, a Villa in Humming Gardens will be your dream-come-true.

4. Quality Life In A Garden Of Gardens

To make a right choice, you will have to weigh the quality of life your home and community is capable of facilitating. For example, Humming gardens Villas come with a coconut grove of fully grown coconut trees, a mango orchard and a community farm area. How do they translate to quality life? Primarily, all of it adds to the greenery quotient of the Villa enclave. And that means plenty of  pollution-free air to breathe. It also means you and your children get to play around in the grove and orchard as previous generations used to do in the olden days. You can relive the golden days of yore. Community farm allows you to learn and indulge in organic farming along with others in the community that shares the interest. More importantly, community farm serves as a source of organic farm produce for the whole community. Isn’t that a right choice too?

Humming Gardens Villas are designed with ample space for hydroponic garden on the terrace and your balcony. This gives you total control over decisions to grow your favorite plants, shrubs, vegetables and flowers right within your exclusive Villa premises. Alliance will arrange for experts to help you with hydroponic gardening techniques.


In all, you would agree the price and the rich value you get for that price is the key to telling a right choice from a good choice. While a good choice appears good on the outside, it is only when you get into the details that you realize if it is a right choice or not. How well does your home meet your current desires, dreams and needs? How well will it meet them in the foreseeable future? Answers to these questions will help you tell the right choice from a mere choice. You will find a Villa in Humming Gardens Villa community answers these questions to your satisfaction quite ably. I suggest you make that “right choice” today itself. Do not let go of an opportunity to secure a quality life.